Natural Approach To Prostate Health

Dr. Elson Haas

It appears that common diseases among men over 50 involve the prostate sex organ (and the colon and cardiovascular system). The modern lifestyle of stress; long hours of sitting, driving or TV watching; stuffing food and emotions; eating fast food, flesh and milk products; regular intake of sugar, caffeine, and alcohol; and environmental toxicity all set the stage for chronic, debilitating and degenerative diseases, including prostate enlargement (BPH Benign Prostatic Hypertrophy) and prostate cancer.

It ultimately is much better to stay young and in prostatic shape by maintaining sexual activity, getting regular exercise, managing stress levels, taking stretch and activity (and breathing) breaks from long periods of sitting and computer work, eating a low fat, higher-fiber, more vegetarian and wholesome diet; and avoiding excess use of refined sugars, red meats and alcohol, while obtaining adequate essential fatty acids daily, such as from two teaspoons of flaxseed oil. Zinc, Vitamins C and E and the B vitamins, particularly B6 are important for a healthy prostate.

There are two herbs that are specifically useful in preventing and treating prostate diseases. They are Serona repens and Pygeum Africanum.

Helpful Herbs For Prostate Health

Saw Palmetto berry (Serona repens)

Saw Palmetto berry (Serenoa repens and serrulata) has been shown to effectively diminish pain, inflammation and enlargement of the prostate. It may work by inhibiting dihydrotestosterone, thereby reducing its stimulation for cell multiplication. Saw palmetto has been used for centuries and is also thought to have a mild aphrodisiac effect, as well as increasing sperm production and sexual vitality.

African evergreen tree (Pygeum africanum)

An herb from an African evergreen tree, Pygeum africanum, has been shown in research to reduce prostatic enlargement and inflammation; it may also help stimulate libido. Pygeum has many natural chemicals that have anti-inflammatory and other positive effects on energy and bodily functions.

These herbs work very well and offer less expense and less potential harm than the new drug, Proscar, which is used to treat BPH. It is conceivable that if you follow the aforementioned lifestyle advice you can avoid prostate problems. Taking a test every couple of years is a good way to detect any problems early.

We can truly alter the aging process by the way we choose to live. Whether we can ultimately alter our longevity may not be as important as enhancing our health and vitality as we age.


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Dr. Elson Haas is the author of the "Seasonal Food Guide" and "Staying Healthy With The Seasons". He also directs an integrated general practice at the Marin Clinic of Preventive Medicine. The above was reprinted with permission from Dr. Haas' newsletter, NEWS, in California. He can be reached at: 25 Mitchell Blvd., Suite 8, San Rafael, CA 94903.

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