Saw Palmetto Berries: A Reproductive Tonic for Men

Saw Palmetto Berries: A Reproductive Tonic for Men

Saw Palmetto Berries is an herb which is needed in the U.S. today. The average male over age 50 may suffer from a variety of reproductive ailments, such as prostate problems, low back pain, and diminishing sexual vitality—this herb can help in alleviating some, if not all, of these symptoms. Likewise, women who may experience dysmenorrhea, ovarian enlargement and frigidity would do well to see if Saw Palmetto Berries can help them.

The causes of these problems are due to incorrect diet, overweight, lack of exercise, stress and over indulgence in sexual activity, particularly excessive ejaculation for men. Saw Palmetto Berries is classified as a reproductive tonic, has a pungent, sweet taste, and has a warming affect on the body. It strongly influences the kidneys, spleen, and liver. The fruit of the herb is used, as it tonifies both the yang and the yin, which facilitates its use in a wide range of symptoms as well as individuals.

This herb is also a diuretic, expectorant, and aphrodisiac. It treats wasting diseases (such as diabetes), impotence, frigidity, dysmenorrhea, ovarian enlargement, sexual neurasthenia, and prostate problems, especially with echinacea. It helps the body build muscles, and is good for colds, asthma, bronchitis and catarrh due to hypofunctioning and coldness in the body.

Saw Palmetto Berries has a diverse use, detoxifying the reproductive system, moving phlegm out of the body, and adding strength or yang energy. It can be taken as a tincture, decoction or extract.

To increase effectiveness of healing of any of the above symptoms, or as a preventative or tonic, one should do their best to maintain a clean diet (no meat, dairy or fried foods), avoid drugs and caffeine. Also it is recommended that one begin a regular practice of either meditation, yoga, tai chi chuan or chi kung. Remember, maintaining moderation in all activities is a key to healthy living.

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