Using Essential Oils To Open Lines Of Communication

Using Essential Oils To Open Lines Of CommunicationImage by Devanath from Pixabay

The 5th chakra (Visuddha) is located at the throat. Balancing this chakra allows us to effectively com­municate with those around us. The throat chakra is responsible for speaking, listen­ing, writing, and all forms of communication.

These oils and recipes are sure to assist us with opening lines of communication between our loved ones and us. Communi­cation is the key to a successful relationship between you and humanity. Communica­tion, feelings, desires, and repressed anger come from the throat chakra.

Communication Powder

Essential Oils: Blue chamomile, cosmos, geranium, hyssop, lemongrass, sage and trumpet vine

These essential oils are reputed to open communication skills to enable us to get our thoughts across to another person. This powder will make talking easier and help to calm your racing thoughts and tumultuous emotions. Bring your throat chakra into balance while you sleep with this recipe and wake up ready to speak your thoughts clearly and precisely. Therapeutic properties in this blend include antidepressant, tonic, nervine, and sudorific attributes.

Yield: 1/4 cup


8 drops geranium oil
4 drops sage oil
3 drops hyssop oil
4 drops vitamin E oil
1/4 cup cornstarch

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Place the ingredients into a mason jar, stirring well with a whisk. Carefully poke holes into the lid, use this as a shaker, and shake the ingredients into pillowcases or under sheet areas as needed.

Store in a glass jar or container with a tight-fitting lid in a cool, dark, and dry area for up to 3 months. You can get a piece of plastic wrap and place it over the jar and under the lid to keep powder from spilling out when not in use. 

Clear The Air

Run this diffuser when you are planning on communicating with others, arguing your side, or trying to get your point across. These essential oils are known for opening the lines of communication and balancing the throat chakra, but more importantly for making it easier for others to listen with an open heart while you are speaking your truth.

Yield: 1 application


6 drops geranium oil
2 drops sage oil
2 drops lavender oil

Follow your diffuser directions for using essential oils in your particular brand of dif­fuser. Ensure that your diffuser does not use heat, but runs by vibration, sound waves, or another cold-steam type of process.

Choose the essential oils needed for your con­dition, then add water and oils to diffuser. Run your diffuser as needed to permeate the air with therapeutic properties and achieve the results you desire.

Tell It To Me Spray

These essential oils are reputed to help you to be a better listener, and to be able to walk in another person’s shoes. Open your mind and soul with this blend and receive communication from the universe and those around you. This empathy-inducing blend is helpful when dealing with drama and angst-filled teenagers; these oils will have them listening to you and you listening to them without judgment.

Yield: 2 fluid ounces


3 drops cosmos oil
5 drops hyssop oil
2 drops trumpet vine
1 drop blue chamomile oil
3 drops vitamin E oil
1 tablespoon witch hazel
2 fl. oz. water

Add all ingredients to a dark-colored spray bottle. Shake the bottle and spray onto area desired, such as body, hair, home, car, or office. Do not spray into or on open wounds, genitals, eyes, or mucus membranes.

Store in a cool, dark area for up to 3 months. Shake well before each use to combine the ingredients.

Communication Bath

Bathe in the essential oils that are said to help you to speak, think, talk, and listen to your utmost ability by healing your throat chakra. Working on the throat chakra is one of the most important gifts you can give to yourself, your friends, and your fam­ily. These amazing aromas not only have you feeling like you’ve spent the day at the spa, but will relax and open the lines of communication between you and those you meet all day.

Yield: 1 application


3 drops hyssop oil
3 drops lemongrass oil
5 drops geranium oil
1 tablespoon carrier oil
1 tablespoon milk (optional for adults, recommended for children)

As you begin to fill the tub with water, pour the chosen essential oils and carrier oil into the running water. Run a warm, not hot, bath. Water that is too hot will cause the essential oils to dissipate. You may add one tablespoon of milk to the water; this ensures that the essential oils will not stick to your skin, but will mix with the water.

Soak in the water as long as you are comfortable. Dry your feet well once you get out of the water, as the oils will cause them to be slippery, increasing your chances of falling. Rinse the tub of any remaining oils.

Throat Bath Salts

Not only do the salts and the warm bath water help you to focus on your thoughts, but these essential oils will also help you have the ability to communicate those thoughts to others.

While relaxing in this essential oil blend, think about whom you need to talk to, what you need to say, and what you want others to think about your delivery. These oils will help you to achieve that goal while bringing your throat chakra into balance.

Yield: 3 cups


8 drops blue chamomile oil
5 drops hyssop oil
5 drops geranium oil
2 tablespoons carrier oil
4 drops vitamin E oil
3 cups bath salts
1 tablespoon milk (optional for adults, recommended for children)

Use any type of salt you prefer: pink Himalayan salt, sea salt, Epsom salts, etc. In a small container, add the essential oils to the desired type of salt. Stir until essential oil and salt mixture is well blended. Screw lid onto container tightly. Leave mixture in a dark area for 24 hours and then stir mixture again.

Run the bathwater. Once the tub is full of water, you can add the milk, and then add 1/2 cup of the bath salt mixture to bathwater as you get into the tub. You may stay in the tub as long as the tempera­ture is comfortable. Dry your feet well when you get out of the bath, as the oils are slippery and can cause you to fall.

Store remainder in a glass jar or container with a tight-fitting lid in a cool, dark area for up to 3 months. These jars make attractive, inexpensive, and healing gifts!

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