How To Shut Off the Body's Source of Toxins

How To Shut Off the Body's Source of Toxins


The principal source of toxins is our diet. If an illness has appeared, it is because the foods we consume supply and produce a greater quantity of toxins than our eliminatory organs can remove. It is therefore imperative to reduce our consumption. This can be a broad restriction. The main goal is to reduce the intake of all foodstuffs. In this way we counter general overeating with a generalized restriction. But the restriction can also target much more specific food categories.

For example, one may seek to generally reduce the consumption of fats, meats, or sugars. This involves specific restrictions that are implemented to counter the overconsumption of clearly defined foodstuffs. The rest of the individual’s diet may be perfectly normal and healthy, and it is the overeating of one single kind of food that is responsible for the fouling of the terrain.

The degree of restriction can vary. It can be light when the clogged state of the terrain is not very pronounced. Conversely, the dietary restriction can be quite severe, involving even total abstinence from a particular food, when a massive overload exists and the resulting health problems require urgent attention.

The Elimination of Those Toxins Already Present

To restore health, the terrain that has been overloaded with toxins must be cleared of the wastes that have collected there. The only path that these toxins can use to leave the body is that provided by the eliminatory organs: the liver, kidneys, intestines, skin, and respiratory tract. These are in fact the only organs in our bodies that have the ability to cleanse the blood of wastes and to carry them out of the body.

The only path that toxins can use to leave the body is that provided by the eliminatory organs.

When the terrain is overloaded, the eliminatory organs are generally fatigued and cannot function at full capacity. They must therefore be stimulated and sustained so they may recover their normal working rhythm. But simply implementing this measure is not enough. It only allows the elimination process to return to normal, but it does not help it catch up with what ­collected when the organs were not working normally. To achieve this second goal—catching up with the excess accumulation of wastes—it is essential to make the eliminatory organs work at a higher rate than normal. By doing this, over time, not only will the daily accumulation of toxins be eliminated, but so will those that collected in the past.

The stimulation of the eliminatory organs can be achieved by:

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• Taking medicinal plants (hepatic or diuretic herbs)

• Hydrotherapy (warm baths, saunas)

• Massage of the appropriate reflex zones

• Physical exercise

Eliminating Toxins for Healing Purposes

How To Shut Off the Body's Source of ToxinsGetting rid of toxins in order to preserve or restore health is a universal process. In the plant kingdom, for example, trees collect their metabolic wastes in their leaves. These toxin-charged leaves fall off in autumn when trees traditionally lose their leaves. This also takes place with conifers and indoor plants that regularly lose some of their thorns or leaves over the course of the year.

It is common knowledge that dogs and cats will eat grass to heal themselves of sickness. This is not just any kind of grass but particular kinds of herbs or grasses that have laxative, diuretic, or emetic properties. Apes and elephants do the same thing, but with different plants and sometimes with clay.

The blood purification cure performed with the help of purgative plants that folk healers recommend as an annual spring health procedure is along these same lines. This cure allows the body to get rid of the wastes produced by the richer and more concentrated foods we normally eat in winter. All the major religions have also advocated periods of diet or fasting as a means of forcing the body to burn away the toxins that have collected in its tissues. Sessions of intense sweating are practiced throughout the world for this purpose as well. We have the sauna in Nordic countries, the Arabic hamman, and the sweat lodge of Native Americans.

But, in addition to these folk practices, the greatest doctors throughout history have stated that the excess of toxins in the terrain constitutes the profound nature of disease. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, who lived two centuries before Christ, wrote: “All diseases are resolved either by the mouth, the bowels, the bladder, or some other such organ. Sweat is a common form of resolution in all these cases.”

Disease is the Body's Efforts to Rid Itself of Toxins

The seventeenth-century British doctor, Thomas Sydenham, who was nicknamed the English Hippocrates, stated: “A disease, however much its cause may be adverse to the human body, is nothing more than an effort of Nature, who strives with might and main to restore the health of the patient by the elimination of the morbific [disease-causing] humor.”

Doctor Paul Carton, the pioneer of natural medicine in France at the beginning of the twentieth century, was equally convinced that “disease was the expression of an effort of purification.”

Closer to the present day, Doctor Jean Seignalet wrote in his book L’alimentation ou la troisième médicine (Diet or the third medicine): “The extremely numerous food and bacterial molecules in the small intestine are, in my opinion, the primary culprits for 90 percent of diseases . . . barely curable if at all by standard methods.”

Doctor Catherine Kousmine, meanwhile, also stated: “Whether it is cancer, chronic evolving polyarthritis, or multiple sclerosis, my basis treatment is the same. It involves eliminating as quickly as possible what I consider to be the source of disease, in other words poisoning . . . of intestinal origin.”

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Optimal Detox: How to Cleanse Your Body of Colloidal and Crystalline Toxins by Christopher Vasey, N.D.With clear, practical instructions and guidance, Dr. Vasey explains how to identify which type of toxin is triggering your illness and which medicinal herbs, hydrotherapy techniques, or nutritional options are the best choice for each specific condition or combination of ailments. He reveals which foods produce colloidal and crystalline toxins and should therefore be avoided. This targeted method of detoxification enables each of us to cleanse our bodies of accumulated toxins safely, accurately, and successfully.

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