Will Wild Mustangs Be On Your Menu?

Will Wild Mustangs Be On Your Menu?

Madeleine Pickens, Mustang Monument & Saving America's Mustangs Foundation joins Thom Hartmann. Last month - news broke that nearly 50,000 tons of meat supplied by two Dutch meat processing companies and sold across Europe since January of 2011 may have contained horse meat.

The discovery startled Europeans and people across the globe - and many Americans began worrying if they might be eating horsemeat in their hamburgers. The revelations out of Europe and the horsemeat concerns have re-ignited the debate over whether or not horse slaughter should be legalized in the United States.

While no horse slaughterhouses are currently in operation in the United States - it is technically still legal to slaughter horses in the US - thanks to horse slaughter inspection funding being passed in 2011. And now - it appears that the first operational horse slaughterhouse in America may be very close to opening its doors.

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