Is There Such A Thing As Normal Aging?

Is There Such A Thing As Normal Aging?
Caroline Mayer, with her husband, Ed, visits the Cape Cod Canal earlier this year.
(Courtesy of Caroline Mayer)

For 93-year-old Joseph Brown, the clearest sign of aging was his inability the other day to remember he had to have his pants unzipped to pull them on.

For 95-year-old Caroline Mayer, it was deciding at age 80 to put away her skis, after two hip replacements.

And for 56-year-old Dr. Thomas Gill, a geriatric professor at Yale University, it’s accepting that his daily 5½-mile jog now takes him upward of 50 minutes — never mind that he long prided himself on running the distance in well under that time.

Is there such a thing as normal aging?

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