The Physical Body + The Higher Self = The Body's Intelligence?

The Body's Intelligence = The Physical + The Higher Self?

Your life began as a single living cell that divided countless times as your physical body was grown according to the blueprint contained in your DNA. Your entire physical body is made up of intelligent, connected, living cells. Your cells grow and replicate and repair and age. Everything that happens to your body is controlled by your body intelligence and its cells. But it is far more than a biological machine. It is an incredibly complex, interactive, and dynamic living organism.

Scientists and doctors look upon this elegant and sophisticated structure with awe. They know a great deal about how it works, but not how the living cells of the body are connected or how to perform complex actions in response to subtle stimuli and need.

The Body's Intelligence & Strength: Phenomenal

The body healing intelligence and cellular intelligence are phenomenal. Every cell of the physical body is dynamically connected. They communicate and just know what to do and when to do it in any given situation. Damage the body and it plugs the leaks and repairs the flesh and skin. Get friction blisters and your body repairs the skin and makes it thicker with calluses, so that part will not blister so easily. Walk in bare feet for a few days and the soles of your feet will thicken like leather. Get pregnant and the cells of your body will create a brand new human being, cell by cell.

There is much more to your body than just cellular growing, repairing, and rebuilding mechanisms. For example, slip on a mountainside and your body will instantly develop superhuman strength. The strength of ten men can appear in you in a split second.

I experienced this once myself when a ladder broke as I started climbing down into a ship's cargo hold. I weighed over two hundred pounds (100 kilos) at the time and was not particularly fit. I caught myself with one hand and hung for several minutes, dangling over a sixty-foot drop that meant certain death. I used only one hand as the other was holding my jacket. This was effortless. I could not normally hold my own body weight for a few seconds, let alone for several minutes.

The super strength phenomena is fairly well known. Martial artists have been trying to access this potential for centuries. You hear stories of mothers lifting motor cars off their children. This happens, but few believe it because it is so unusual. It is also impossible to repeat or test outside of the crisis moment. You need a genuine life or death situation to activate this. Scientists have unsuccessfully tried to recreate this by faking life or death situations. But the higher self and body intelligence cannot be fooled.

The Physical Body is an Aspect of Higher Self

It is my considered opinion that the cells of the physical body are the first level of a collective of aspects that comprise the higher self. The superconscious level is only one of these aspects. The higher self goes by many names: God, Holy Spirit, Monad, Inner Daemon, Spirit Guide, Guardian Angel, et cetera. It is clear to me that the higher self does not mind what it is called. It just is.

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The higher self model I present here is a logical gradient that goes from the cells of the physical body all the way up to Source. In this way, all units of higher self (all living beings) are connected. And like the cells of the human body, all higher self units communicate and interact with each other dynamically. Beyond this, all living things are also connected — animal, vegetable, mineral, and spiritual. We do not fully understand the mechanisms of the processes involved, but we occasionally glimpse them in action.

The Self as a Collective

The Body's Intelligence = The Physical + The Higher Self?The model I work with has six main aspects. This is a practical model that includes all the main aspects of being, from the physical body's cells to the superconscious level.

There are likely aspects above super consciousness, but to even consider that requires a great deal of speculation. I must proceed through personal experience only.

This model also does not include subtle body aspects like etheric, astral, and mental bodies.

1. Super Consciousness

2. Normal Awake Consciousness

3. Subconscious Mind

4. Physical Body

5. Cellular Intelligence

6. Subtle Energy Body

Each aspect of a higher self unit (a living being) profoundly affects every other aspect of that being (that person) from the highest to the lowest.

The above model hints at logical explanations for many things — the nature of healing, for example. All acts of healing are acts of self healing. When drugs are given to a person, the cells of that person's body are stimulated to perform self healing changes and repairs. When a healer gives healing to a person, the intention of the healer's collective self transmits subtle life energy into the collective that is the patient. This energy and intention stimulates the patient's collective self on all levels. The cells of the patient's body are galvanized into action and self healing (self repair) is performed.

Each Higher Self is Connected with Others Through Source

The law of attraction and the act of manifestation (how this works) are also explained by this model. As said, all higher self units (all living beings and things) are connected through Source. And like the cells of the human body, they interact with each other dynamically. This relates to how all healing works.

When a person forms a strong intention and performs affirmations to manifest something, whether this be for money or for self healing, this affects all other higher self units — all other living beings and things. When this intention is expressed strongly enough, life appears to magically conspire to manifest the intention. This is the foundation of not only the act of manifestation, but of prayer, positive thinking, and all magical systems.

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