How To Access The Power of Actively Living with Energy

How To Access The Power of Actively Living with Energy

Life begins with a first breath and ends with a last breath. Air contains the electricity that charges our vital capacitor with energy. Breathing, posture, physiology, and function are interrelated in expressing our vital potential energy. Energy is infinite and is universally available to the one with greater order. Higher-ordered breathing transforms and liberates energy. Disordered breathing stifles and imprisons energy.

Breathing only from the chest is short, shallow, disordered breathing that depends upon several muscles of the neck to elevate the rib cage. It is the 80% effort that returns 20% results. It can literally be a pain in the neck because the muscles manifest tension due to the stressful breathing. Symmetrical, diaphragmatic breathing, which will be described shortly, is the 20% effort that returns 80% results.

Greater inhalations than exhalations excite. Greater exhalations than inhalations sedate. Balance inhalations with exhalations. Balance long slow breaths with short fast breaths. Both are useful.

Balanced, even, symmetrical breathing generates great energy and brings the power within and the power below into synergistic present-now consciousness with the Power on High. Uneven, unbalanced, asymmetrical breathing brings the higher minded power within and the lower-minded power below into a consciousness of guilt about the past or fear of the future.

The higher-minded power within directs our striated skeletal muscles. The lower-minded power below directs our smooth, involuntary muscles. If you are in future fear and past guilt, the lower-minded power below rules the higher-minded power within you and you omit what is purposeful and commit what is perpendicular or tangential to what is purposeful.

Balanced, diaphragmatic breathing keeps you on purpose.

Have you ever noticed how a baby breathes? Babies "belly breathe" by innately utilizing their diaphragm. They continue their diaphragmatic breathing until they are about 12 years of age. Perhaps it contributes to their boundless energy.

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The diaphragm is the heart of the lymphatic system. Symmetrical, diaphragmatic breathing cycles pump the lymphocytes and fatty plasma through the lymphatic system, and surround and block off foreign invaders such as bacteria.

Symmetrical breathing cycles, which begin and end with the diaphragm, balance and bring order between the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Symmetrical diaphragmatic breathing balances acid and alkaline pH. Symmetrical diaphragmatic breathing stimulates both the left and right cerebral hemispheres and activates the corpus callosum, the highest evolved, higher-minded part of the brain.

Practice Perfect Breathing

You can easily learn diaphragmatic breathing as you practice perfect breathing a little each day:

* Begin by standing erect or lying supine. Place your hands upon your abdomen.

* As you inhale through your nose for a slow count of seven, let your abdomen protrude. Feel it move with your hands.

* Hold your air for a slow count of seven.

* As you exhale through your nose for a slow count of seven, use your hands to feel your abdomen pull in.

* Continue pulling your abdomen in and tighten it for a slow count of seven.

* Repeat this cycle for a total of seven cycles.

Practice this exercise perfectly for one week and begin to add cycles until you can complete 12 perfect cycles. Keep practicing for 21 consecutive days. After 21 days of practice, you will have mastered diaphragmatic breathing to the point that you can easily experiment with both slow and fast cycles of breathing.

Practice diaphragmatic breathing for periods of five, ten, fifteen minutes, or more. If you feel like you are going to fall backwards, put your back against a wall. Notice the feeling you experience as you complete the exercise. Realize that as you control your breathing, you control your mental magnetic power to take action with energy now.

Water - A Precious Nutrient

Water is the basic constituent of all living things. It is the source from which nature comes and nature goes. Scientists estimate that our bodies are composed of between 70 and 90% water. Our cells, tissues, organs, vital fluids, and secretions are largely water.

Water is our most precious nutrient and oldest remedy. It promotes regularity, replenishes lost fluids, and dilutes the minerals that pass through the kidneys, helping to prevent kidney stones. Water bathes our cells, tissues, and organs, and cleans and rejuvenates us in a number of ways, within and without. Water is better than low-calorie: it has no calories!

If you were to drink two 8-ounce glasses upon arising you would be giving your power below a great gift. Properly watered, it can more purposefully serve you. Drinking seven 8-ounce glasses a day is wise.

Living with Rhythm

Developing rhythms in sleeping, eating, and eliminating brings greater order. Eating before the sun goes down, and rising before the sun comes up, allows the power within and the power below to align with the circadian rhythms of the sun.

When our neuroendocrine systems are aligned with the circadian rhythms of the sun, there is greater order, and therefore abundance of energy liberated purposefully. Benjamin Franklin spoke wisely when he said, "Early to bed, early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy, and wise."

If we are arrhythmic in our cycles, we align our neuroendocrine systems with the ultradian rhythms of the moon. How surprised would you be to discover that in ancient times the sun was revered for its dependability and rhythm, while the moon was considered to be flighty and erratic in its cycles? No wonder that someone who is extremely emotional, erratic, and impulsive to the point of irresponsible conduct is called a "lunatic."

High Energy Foods

Have you ever eaten a fat-laden meal and discovered that you suddenly felt groggy and sleepy? You can easily understand that a greasy or fat-laden meal taxes the smooth muscles of the digestive system controlled by the lower-minded power below, causing it to draw energy from the higher-minded power within that controls the striated skeletal muscles which take action on your purpose.

I invite you to consider that the highest energy-generating foods are those that seek the sun. A wise intake ratio is approximately 20% greens, 20% grains, 20% legumes, 20% fruit, and the other 20% a combination of nuts, fish, flesh, eggs, or dairy.

* Life-generating foods — such as soaked and germinated seeds, nuts, grains, and legumes — are highly life-sustaining and energy-generating.

* Fresh, unprocessed raw fruits and vegetables are life- and energy-sustaining.

* Foods that are cooked are life-decaying yet energy sustaining.

* Any raw or cooked food that is not fresh is life decaying and energy-draining.

* Foods with additives, or those that have been processed, refined, or preserved are bioacidic and life and energy-decaying.

For optimum energy, eat a balance of fresh raw and fresh cooked foods. Eat foods that rot, but eat them while they are fresh. Raw foods stimulate red blood cell production. Cooked foods stimulate white blood cell production. Both are necessary and balance the other for optimum energy. Remember, eat to live for your purpose; do not live for the pleasure or pain of eating.

Prioritizing Your Actions

Prioritized actions, ordered breathing, and abundant pure water form a tripod that stands you up on the vertical plane toward your purpose. If you were to add regular body rhythms and balanced, moderate food intake, you would have five spokes on a wheel, making you so well rounded you could immediately move toward your purpose with incredible energy now.

Prioritize your actions to your core purpose and align your physical habits to support it. You can easily find yourself breathing diaphragmatically and drinking plenty of water.

Suppose that following your purpose required you to lose some sleep or travel extensively, breaking your daily rhythm. Or perhaps you find yourself in circumstances that do not allow for the best or wisest food intake. Improvise and adapt to whatever is available to you at the present time.

All things in moderation, including moderation. If you were to be obsessive about something, be obsessive about writing, reading, listening to and saying your words of power, and asking yourself what action you are taking with energy immediately to accomplish your purpose.

I encourage you to prioritize and link your goals and action steps to your purpose today. You, the power within, and your lower-minded power below have a divinely inspired mission. The power within that is you is immortal. As you can clearly see, you — the higher-minded power within — are connected to the Power on High. The Power on High is the ocean and you — the power within — are the wave.

As you begin to become aware that you — the higher-minded power within — are infinitely connected to the Power on High, and that the Power on High is beyond time and space, I invite you to realize that the lower minded power below is mortal and exists in time and space.

The Choice

Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to follow the pole star of purpose in time and space as you live your earthly life. In a sense, you only have so much time and energy, so prioritize your goals and action steps to your purpose. Do what is most on purpose, delegate what is necessary to support your purpose if you can, and forsake what is left with love.

Nothing can give your life more meaning than your purpose, so waste no energy on tangents, and if you do, realize that maximum evolution toward your purpose occurs at the transition from lower order to higher order. Even in your chaotic entropic mistakes, there is a divinely blessed system seeking syntropic higher order, guiding you toward a conservation of energy toward your purpose from:

Unconsciously unconscious to

Semiconsciously unconscious to

Semiconsciously semiconscious to

Consciously semiconscious to

Consciously conscious to

Super consciously conscious to

Super consciously super conscious.

You have a choice. You may not want to accelerate your evolution of consciousness toward your vision, inspiration, and purpose now. But if you did choose to do so, you can easily see the incredible higher-ordered energy and power you would generate toward your purposeful goal.

Imagine what it would feel like if you were to liberate higher and higher orders of energy, empowering you to take prioritized action steps on your purposeful goals today. Imagine what would happen if you were to take immediate action while you continue to feel the incredibly empowering feeling that energizes you from above, down, inside, and outside of you as you magnetically move toward and attract the perfect people, ideas, and circumstances to fulfill your purposeful goals now.

\I encourage you to take purposeful action with energy on the matter at hand today.

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