Can You Learn Life Lessons by Playing Dice?

Learning Life Lessons by Playing Dice

I started this journey feeling that miracles were rare and wonderful events. I felt mostly that we prayed for them and, if deemed worthy of such grace, a miracle might descend upon us.

I now feel that we swim in a sea of constant miracles. They abound with such great frequency that we lose track of them quite easily. If you are aware that you are living in a world of constant miracle, then the miracles of psychokinesis, energy healing, and manifesting wondrous experiences become a natural part of who you are and what we do.

Risk Is How We Learn And Grow

Having been raised in a conservative Catholic family with parents who experienced the Great Depression of the 1930s, I was taught that risk was dangerous and mostly to be avoided. Hearing, “Oh, that is risky” about something was equivalent to “better not do that, you will be hurt.” Through my learning in Vegas I have realized that risk is good. Risk is how we learn and grow and how we advance as individuals and society.

I have also learned that, pardon my pun, risk is fraught with risk. This is because we were never taught how to risk wisely. And our natural abilities to accurately gauge levels of risk-reward are quite easily distorted by fear, other peoples’ opinions and actions, and many other factors. But with better knowledge of the factors involved in the situation and better energy and attitudes applied, most risky situations can reward us very handsomely with something of value, be it money, experience, relationships, or new creativity.

Trust The Cycle: Accept The Present Moment

Many natural processes move along in cyclical patterns. There are small up and down movements usually, and large swings occasionally. Relative quiet is followed by bursts of activity. Dice, slots, real estate, stock markets, weather patterns, health, personal growth, interpersonal relationships, creativity, job opportunities, etc., are examples of these cyclical phenomena. PK dice throwing can teach you to be content and accepting of the present moment and trusting of the cycle and your energy within it.

In the two decades of playing with PK another thing that surprised me is just how effective dice throwing in Vegas is to train a person toward more enlightened behavior. Classical conditioning in psychology relies on reward to increase desired behavior and punishment to extinguish undesired behavior. We also know that the closer the effect is to the behavior, the faster the conditioning. Conditioning results in very deep, stable, and automatic responses.

With money on the table as the reward and the loss of it as the punishment, I paid careful attention. Conscious dice play conditions us very well in qualities and behaviors that are highly useful for an exciting and abundant life, as well as for spiritual advancement.

The Reward: Getting Paid At Once

At the dice table I am instantly rewarded with money for the behaviors and attitudes that I want to manifest in my life. If I am happy, trusting, in high energy, and focused, I usually get paid at once. The useful life skills of intuition, discernment, awareness, emotional balance, letting go, knowing what is enough, and decisive action when appropriate, are often rewarded immediately at the dice table. And I am fined instantly for expressing attitudes that I want to extinguish.

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If I am greedy, fearful, unfocused, or irritated, the casino gladly takes my chips. Impatience, worrying about the past or future. fear of taking risks, greed, confusion, anger about loss, and many other undesired behaviors are punished swiftly. I am being psychologically conditioned (rewarded and punished) in the direction that I want to go.

Playing Dice For Money & Real-World Issues

I found that for me and most others, playing dice for money brings up real-world issues. And the craps table can be an ideal place to learn how to better handle these issues without having to risk our health, career, relationships, or retirement accounts. We can play with alternative approaches and viewpoints, get immediate feedback as to what feels and works better, and then practice our desired new behaviors and attitudes.

Some of these issues are huge existential questions such as:

* What is our true nature and capacities as human beings?

* What is the reason that we are here?

* What will make us happy?

* How do we define what is a great life for us personally?

* What is our proper relationship to other people and to the larger world that includes other creatures and all of nature?

* What is God? How can we approach such an energy, and can we be in communion with God?

Other issues that surface at the dice table also impinge upon us as we try to live well in our greater lives. We can use PK activities to become aware at a deep level as to how we feel and operate with these issues, and also play with alternatives that may enhance our lives because the dice table and other PK challenges will give us clear feedback. These concerns include:

* Having trouble staying in the present moment because of worry about the past or future.

* Fears about the loss of money and concerns about how we generate money. We often don’t want to work too hard for money but are suspicious about it coming too easily or being too much, under the cultural beliefs such as, “Nothing good comes easy,” “Easy come easy go,” and “Filthy rich.”

* Most of us have issues with personal power and how much power is okay to have and to use. We may have fear that we will abuse power or harbor wounds from others abusing their power over us. PK represents unknown power and we often fear the unknown.

* We can apply our skills learned with PK to other more important areas of our lives, to financial investments, to relationships and health, and to personal growth for spiritual advancement and joy.

©2013 by Joseph Gallenberger. Reprinted with permission.
Published by Rainbow Ridge Books.

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Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance, and Health 
by Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.

Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance, and Health by Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D.Inner Vegas is a guide to using scientifically-proven psychic abilities to create miracles in your life. It is grounded in science, experience, and astounding stories of success. Dr. Joe's surprising discoveries take place in university laboratories, mysterious meditation centers, and even casinos. Inner Vegas shows you to apply the energy of the heart to create health and good fortune, how to tame the dragons that you may encounter along the way, and how to be the master of your own happiness and success.

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Joseph Gallenberger, Ph.D., author of -- Inner Vegas: Creating Miracles, Abundance, and HealthDr. Joe Gallenberger is a clinical psychologist with 30 years experience. A dynamic, heart-driven speaker, Dr. Gallenberger is in demand internationally on topics such as psychokinesis, energy healing, and manisfestation. He is a senior facilitator at the Monroe Institute and created its highly successful MC2 program. He developedSyncCreation®: a Home Study Course in Manifestation, and he teaches his Inner Vegas Adventure™ workshops in Las Vegas. Visit his websites at and

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