Does Life Gives You Exactly What You Ask For?

Does Life Gives You Exactly What You Ask For?

Life gives you exactly what you ask for and this is why you must start by asking for exactly what you want.

Someone said to me recently; "I'm not asking for much!" Well, her mind has given her exactly what she wanted...she hasn't got much.

If you don't ask for much you won't get much. Your unconscious mind will give you exactly what it has understood (if you haven't asked it for anything) or exactly what you told it, nothing more, nothing less.

You Must Know How To Ask

Write down on a sheet of paper precisely: "How much do I need to live each month?" Precision is the main quality required here and the fact of putting it down in black and white with amounts and deadlines will be the first step towards big change.

When we don't know where to go, there is a very good chance that we'll go nowhere. It is the same where money is concerned.

How much do you want to earn and how long do you give yourself to get to that figure? The first condition is to write it down. People take quite a long time to answer when you ask them how much they want to earn next year, how much they deserve or how much they think they are worth.

They're unable to answer on the spot. How can you expect your unconscious mind to give you anything at all if you don't know how much you want?

Getting Specific About What You Want

Be precise in what you want. Write clearly on a piece of paper the amount you need to live comfortably (plus your intention).

On the same page, make a list of all the costs and overheads that justify earning this amount of money. Do not forget a house cleaner, the hairdresser and small gifts for your family. Go into detail (be specific).

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On another sheet of paper, write down what you think you can earn. This is paramount. Write down the figure that comes to mind. You should think of the amount you think you're able to earn. Fix your deadline at one year. In one year, to this day, I want to be earning this much.

The figure you have written represents exactly what you think you are worth and a figure will be inaccessible for you as long as you continue to believe it is inaccessible. Why not enlarge the image you have of yourself in an instant? Now try writing down a figure that is much more satisfying for you.

Put this piece of paper with the amount you need to live comfortably on a shelf or a piece of furniture, along with the list justifying that amount. This concerns your everyday life.

Writing Down Your Dream or Vision

On a third piece of paper, write down everything you would like in life. To succeed in life you have to start by dreaming (Vision).

  • A car, what specifically?
  • A house, what specifically?
  • Helping the children, how specifically?
  • And so on

Remember that the notion of "difficult" or "easy" doesn't exist for your unconscious mind. Making out this list will enable you to measure how broad your mind is.

So make a list of all your dreams. At the top or bottom of this list, write: in 7 years, to this day, I will live in abundance. This idea will become part of you and will impregnate your unconscious mind.

Thinking in Terms of Solutions

Life Gives You Exactly What You Ask ForI can imagine many people already scratching their head and saying: "There's no way I can become affluent in 7 years. Doing what and in what field? And how can I convince myself I can become affluent because I have got nothing?" Well, use the same technique you used to convince yourself that you could not earn more, that you've used for years: repeating words and going over and over the same old thing.

Everything is in your thought. The stronger your thoughts, the quicker they will appear. Strong desire (the creation of emotion) gives strength to thought.

Every time your mind is slowed down by a problem, you push affluence away. Think in terms of "solutions". Entrust your unconscious mind and your energy with your problem and believe that it will sort it out. It will solve itself. Let it go.

What About Negative Thoughts?

Think in a calm and collected manner about what you want. Don't feel guilty if you have negative thoughts. You are only human and you are not used to trusting your unconscious mind.

Imagine I come to your home, I ring but you don't open the door. I ring and knock but you don't open. I knock louder and louder and still you don't answer. What do I do? I go away. It is the same for a negative thought.

"We will always have negative thoughts because we are human. There are those that take thought as being the truth and act accordingly. I am in the second category: I take that thought, throw it out and forbid it to come back." -- Winston Churchill

Let Your Unconscious Mind Find the Solutions

Have you noticed that it's your imagination acting inside you? You can do so much with your imagination! You can use it to create anxiety, problems and so on. Use your imagination to change your thoughts and create a new image of yourself.

If you want to turn what you have written into reality, tell yourself that if other people have managed to earn the quantity of money you are dreaming of, then why can't you? Entrust your unconscious mind with this request in a loud voice. It will send you ideas. Follow your intuitions.

You will be surprised to discover that your unconscious mind easily manages to do what you cannot do consciously. This means that the solutions it finds for you will always be in your best interests and those of others. Remember this presupposition of NLP: "we are perfectly capable of succeeding whilst at the same time preserving the interests of others". Your unconscious mind is an expert in this field — ecology — let yourself be guided and dance with it.

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