As You Reap, So Will You Sow

As You Reap, So Will You Sow by Pamela Jo McQuade

The spiritual law of giving is that you get what you give and reap what you sow. You attract more of what you give, so it's imperative to give from a place of the purest intentions.

If you are anything like I was, at home on the weekends with my kids, feeling unhappy, unhealed and barely surviving emotionally, you need an upgrade in your routines. Sure, I was playing with them, caring for them and going through the motions, but I was not really present and available in the way I needed to be.

Quite honestly, my spiritual light was barely flickering. As a result, I would have moments of extreme anger that seemed to come out of nowhere. Others experience depression, sickness, lack of energy or motivation, and crying. I had a small taste of it all and needed to take charge of my life — for my own sake and the sake of my loved ones.

The Blues: A Spiritual Unbalance

There are doctors who suggest antidepressants to help us with “the blues.” Although these medications may be of help, I felt it would be like applying a Band-Aid to a shotgun blast. I wasn't chemically unbalanced, but spiritually unbalanced, and no drug in the world was going to clear it up.

I loved my boys with an intensity I had never known, and my intentions were good. However, all the love and intention in the world weren't yielding positive results, because my gas tank was registering empty.

So if you find yourself with great intentions, but seem to be falling short, you need to examine your heart. If you are trapped and giving from inside prison walls of any kind, your intentions will reap limited blessings. You have the ability to open the gates and free yourself, which will enable you to give from a place of love and joy and amass golden rewards.

Happy Heart = Happy Home

When your heart is happy, so is your home. As I began to grow, heal, and come into balance, my children also began to thrive. Once you are able to master the art of bringing your life into a harmonious, uplifted state, your giving will take on an entirely different meaning. Through pure intentions, you will give what you desire to receive.

Please understand that you are abundant in every way. There is no shortage of what you have to give. Give to others from your heart and what you are good at. If you like to cook, have people whom you know are down on their luck over for dinner. Mow an elderly person's yard or if you know a single mom or dad, offer to babysit for free one weekend a month.

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So many people are caught up in donating or giving time to charities, and this is wonderful. However, I want to point out that there probably are many people you know who you can benefit directly. Be creative and enjoy yourself! The spirit of giving becomes contagious and is lots of fun.

Giving with Pure Intentions

Giving just so you can receive comes from the wrong kind of energy and will not work as effectively. Find out what you love to share, decide which individuals or organizations you want to share it with, and do so lavishly. When I was working at my corporate job, the company supported a huge organization that helps all over the world. Employees were heavily pressured to support this group. We were told there would be no negative repercussions if we didn't donate, but the rumor around the office was that this was debatable.

I never felt compelled to give money to the organization we sponsored, but I did out of guilt and fear. After a few years, I decided to stop. Instead, I started giving to a charity that felt more in line with what inspired me. Luckily, Big Brother of the corporate world didn't seem to notice, and I finally felt good about where my money was going.

Do yourself a favor, be consistent and give with pure intention, meaning that you have no thought about receiving, but are filled with love and a desire to help. If you are giving begrudgingly because you feel you have to or want to be recognized, you will not receive the abundance you desire.

Clearing Your "Giving Channel"

As You Reap, So Will You Sow by Pamela Jo McQuadeIs love what you seek, but you can't seem to open your heart to others? If so, you'll find that, until you heal your fears of hurt and pain, you will attract only people who are closed off and shut down, just as you are. If it is peace you seek but find yourself in the midst of chaos, it is because you must calm the waters of your own mind first before you can radiate a peaceful existence.

You would be wise to face your fears and clear your channels, so that you are giving from the higher consciousness of love, which attracts beautiful energy right back to you. Giving from the lower consciousness of fear attracts limitation and struggle. Cleansing and healing your energetic blocks and beliefs, entraining to positive emotions and rebalancing your life are the key factors that open the door for you to get yourself back on track.

Allowing Yourself to Receive

Once you have successfully opened this doorway to the richness of giving from your heart, allow yourself to receive the many gifts that are awaiting delivery to your doorstep. What I am saying is that you may have an energetic block that inhibits you from receiving the infinite prosperity that is meant for you. You may be an incredible giver, but unwittingly hold yourself back from receiving, because you may not feel worthy or have been trained to think receiving wealth is wrong or bad in some way.

The energy of giving and receiving is reciprocal in nature. You are meant to give lavishly, as you are meant to receive lavishly. It is Divine will for all children of the Kingdom to be wealthy, happy and healthy.

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Spiritually Rich and Sexy
by Pamela Jo McQuade.

This article is excerpted from the book: Spiritually Rich and Sexy by Pamela Jo McQuade.Are you enchanted with the beauty of your life--the beauty of you? Or like many women, do you think you need to be thinner, look younger, drive a luxury car, or attain a lofty position on the corporate ladder to be happy and complete? This book, which is dedicated to the heart and soul of every woman, lights your way, step by step, to the spiritual understanding that beauty, abundance, love, joy and freedom are your birthrights. In Spiritually Rich and Sexy, Pamela McQuade lets the secret out of the designer bag:

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About the Author

Pamela Jo McQuade, author of the article: As You Reap, So Will You SowPamela Jo McQuade lived a shell-shocked existence, moving from experience to experience in a state of struggle and adversity. She was living in a destructive relationship, was a banker in the midst of financial devastation, and was entrenched in a battle of empowerment versus unworthiness. She quit her long held corporate career and spent half a decade following the call of her heart and soul. Pamela is now a Reiki Master, a student of A Course in Light, extensively trained in Holographic Healing techniques, and a Reverend with the Universal Life Church. She is a dynamic, soulful speaker and a sought after expert in helping others raise their consciousness, cleanse and heal their body and fill their heart with love. "Spiritually Rich & Sexy" was an award-winning finalist in the New Age: Non Fiction category of the USA "Best Books 2011" Awards. as well as Award Finalist in the New Age Category 2012 Next Generation Indie Book Awards contest, Visit Pamela's website at


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