Money is a State of Mind and Flows in Channels

Money is a State of Mind and Flows in Channels

Money is only a state of Mind; not a reality in, of, or for, itself. Many people often seek it as if it were the real or the only ends to be obtained through one's efforts. If money remains a state of Mind, therefore a spiritual reality and not an end in itself, then you always will have what you truly need and deserve. Money as an energy principle of spiritual reality, naturally flows to us as we earn a right livelihood. Be concerned with the quality of the service you give to others, not about any rewards you may receive for the service, and you will be working with the flow.

Money Flows in Channels Like Electricity

Money flows in unseen channels like electricity flows through wires. Because it is spiritual energy in motion, we never really have "possession" of it. To be preoccupied with possessing it, in order to provide ourselves with security, squanders our own Life energy. Security is a state of Mind. It is an affirmation of the Universe's abundance.

(The ideas above are adapted from: Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth; The Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes; and The Seven Laws of Money by Mike Phillips.)

Understanding Money

Step One: Consider for a moment all the reasons why money may be important to you and other people you know. A few of the most common reasons are listed below. If you have others that are not included, please list them as well.

  • 1. for security—now

  • 2. for security—in the future

  • 3. as a reward for a job well done

  • 4. for freedom to do as I please

  • 5. so I can give to my favorite charities

  • 6. to buy the necessities of life

  • 7. to buy things to make my life more comfortable or convenient

  • 8. (other, please specify)

Step Two: Once you have considered these reasons and any others that you may have listed, reflect upon the ideas (mentioned in the first two paragraphs) from Thoreau, Butterworth, Holmes, and Phillips (or others). Next, starting with the first reason why money seems to be important to people, jot down any insights that you now have about that reason in light of the principles reviewed above. What does this reason really tell me? What are the primary concerns of a person having this as a reason for money's importance? What problems might a person encounter who gives this as a reason? What sacrifices will a person believing this occasionally have to make? Will money "flow" naturally in this person's life?

Step Three: When you have finished exploring the first reason, continue with the others. After exploring all the reasons, consider what have you learned about money and your relationship with it by this exercise. List ways you can apply this information in living deliberately. Periodically review your relationship with money.

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