The Trick to Money is Having Some

The Trick to Money is Having Some

Money is a symbol of energy and as such it has no real, intrinsic value. It is neither good nor bad, positive nor negative. It is impartial. The guy who wrote that "money is the root of all evil" just flat out didn't have any! You can't make it through the physical plane without it. And whereas sometimes the love of money can cause people to become evil and weird, it is a fact that without money you cannot be free. Poverty is a restriction and, as such, it is the greatest injustice you can perpetrate upon yourself.

Yet, when you look at nature and you see the abundance and flow that are naturally a part of our environment, it is hard to understand why people take up poverty as a way of life. It seems that in order to be poor, a person has to work so hard. It takes a constant effort of mind to avoid the abundance that life offers naturally. In the same way that joy is natural and God-given, so too is abundance; everything else is a drag.

If you were to carefully analyze the feelings of a tramp and a mega-millionaire, you would be amazed to find only a very slight variation in how each feels about abundance. Then if you look at the people you know and compare the successes to the failures, you will again find that the difference between them is only that of a thoughtform. The successful ones often started off as failures and then one day changed their minds and never looked back.

My question to you is: how are you going to change your feelings so that you make lots of money quickly, reclaim your power and trot off into the sunset absolutely free? You should realize that the acquisition of money is not a serious business; it's a game that you play. At first it may seem that it is a game that you play with forces outside of yourself the economies of the marketplace so to speak but as you proceed you discover it is actually a game you play with yourself. How you play that game affects the quality of your life and determines the extent to which you can liberate yourself.

To liberate yourself, you have to review what it is you believe about abundance and finances so that you can fashion an appropriate battle plan which will take you from struggle into flow, from skimpy into lush.

Money is Not Spiritual? Bah, Humbug!

Now if you have any thoughts about money not being spiritual I hope to pummel them out of you, because that idea is absolutely ludicrous. It is a handy ego trip for all those who are too apathetic to do anything about their condition.

I believe that in life we are all on a quest. You may not necessarily describe your life in those terms, but I believe we are here to understand ourselves: that means physical body, intellect, emotions, spirituality, sexuality, love, motherhood, fatherhood, and cash. You have to have it -- otherwise the tail wags the dog.

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The whole trick to money is having some. There is really nothing else to it. That might sound a bit glib, but only to a person who doesn't have any. If you have money, you will know that how you got it was by having it. I will explain the subtlety of this later.

Ways of Becoming Rich

The Trick to Money is Having SomeThere are loads of ways of becoming rich. Let us eliminate some of the obvious ones so that we can concentrate on those circumstances in which most of us find ourselves.

First, you can inherit it. But if you were not born into a wealthy family, acquiring relatives who are loaded is not a simple process, although it is not impossible. You could be adopted. You could hang out with wealthy folk and become so valuable to them and affect their feelings so dramatically that they consider you a relative even though you are not. You could marry into money. Perhaps you already have, and the fellow keeled over after a year or so and you are sitting on a beach in Hawaii sipping Margaritas, thinking, "Simple, really."

Of course, you could become rich by stealing the money. That achieves the end result for you but with it comes certain nasty implications. You would be a little disappointed to discover that, once you had filched the million you set your heart on, it did not in fact set you free. Most likely, you would find yourself in the emotional trap of constantly listening for footsteps up the stairs, wondering when the heat was going to show.

Further, if you steal money, it has karmic implications and, as the money came easily to you, there will be a tendency for you to let it go the same way. Life has a balance of its own.

The Problem with Theft: Karma Comes Calling

A man I knew committed, with others, one of the most famous robberies in the history of British crime. His mates were caught and went to prison, but he remained a free man because of an incredible fluke. The police made a clerical error early in their investigations and got his identity confused with another's. So as the case wrapped up, the police were satisfied that they had all the perpetrators under lock and key. In the confusion, my friend got away.

The pack of money he stole, however, brought him no comfort, and eventually he drifted into drugs and became a heroin addict. Whatever became of him I do not know, but when I last saw him, his condition was pitiful and his life a disaster. The problem with theft is that it is an affirmation of lack. It affirms that you do not believe that you have it in you to "play the game" and do well no matter what.

The motivations of larceny are so destructive. They carry with them an implied disease that eventually shows up in the thief's life as weakness, and causes him or her misery. In a world where there are so many crooks and chiselers, where so often people are out to make a quick buck, it is satisfying to set rules for oneself that are honorable and fair. Perhaps, by living by these rules, the point of your eventual financial freedom is delayed somewhat; but in reaching it eventually, you can look back and see that each step added to the goodness of the world, and that each move allowed you to become a better human being.

Understanding Money

The Trick to Money is Having SomeThe reason why making money is such a joy is that it allows you to grow spiritually, to understand the finer subtleties of life and to come to grips with many aspects of yourself. This does not imply that rich people are necessarily spiritual, but it does infer that poor people probably are not.

Spiritual means integration with the God Force in all things and, as the God Force is abundant, it is impossible to consider oneself truly integrated if one does not have the same qualities as the God Force. All philosophies which teach that poverty is groovy, do so as a cop out. It keeps the non-performing members happy for they can live in the ego-trip of thinking that somehow their lack of creativity and effort will be blessed at a later date. I think they are in for a rude awakening but that is irrelevant.

What is important is that you agree with yourself that what you are going to contribute to the world is energy.

One of those forms of energy is money money that you can give away, money with which you can empower others, money that you can use to make the world a better place, money to set you free. Of course money is only one form of abundance. There is also the abundance of happiness, of love, of opportunity, of friendship. But it is often true that a person who is lacking in money is also lacking in other forms of abundance. It is various aspects of their feelings that cut them off from the supply.

As was said, the difference between having money and not having it is not great. It is a very small but subtle shift in consciousness -- that's all. You can see it clearly on a large scale by watching corporations that are doing fine one minute, making fifty to a hundred million a year. Then, the next day there is a small shift someplace and they are paying more for their materials, getting less in return and what they have is not as valuable as it was the day before. Suddenly, they are losing ten million a month. Watching money at that level shows you how a small shift can make a huge difference.

The name of the game is to shift yourself to the positive side and step up and collect. Of course, people who don't have money will tell you that the world is short of the stuff. Nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, on any given working day there are many hundreds of millions of dollars created that were not there twenty-four hours earlier. To get into the action, you only have to agree to play the game, the rules of which were written some time ago. You may have to adapt to how the game is played; but, once you understand that it is a game and agree to join, it is only a matter of time before the system declares you in!

See Yourself Rich

Now if you do not currently see yourself as a part of great wealth, think about this: most large financial transactions travel by satellite communications. Billions of dollars are flying through the air at close to the speed of light at any given moment. Those signals, like TV and radio signals, are constantly moving through your body. At this moment, there is enough money passing through you to keep you in clover for the rest of your days. Nice affirmation? The only problem is that the money isn't yours! But that's just a minor technicality. The fact is, it is there! You are close to the goal. All it takes for it to become yours, is for you and your actions to agree with that affirmation.

Of course, you could win a lottery but most people don't believe that they can do that. However, in any lottery there has to be a winner. Deciding that the person should be you sets you ahead of the others who, you can be sure, have agreed with themselves that their chances of winning are remote.

The Trick to Money is Having SomeI know a woman in Maryland who needed a lot of money quickly. She bought my book, Miracles, which shows you how to lay out a miracle "action plan" and she visualized and affirmed and followed the plan. Now, this lady must have agreed with her inner self that it was time for her situation to change, for on the same day that she wrote out her plan, she bought $30 of tickets in the Maryland lottery. The lottery officials called on her a few days later to congratulate her on winning first prize. I don't remember exactly how much she won, but the figure of one million seven hundred thousand sticks in my mind. Mind you, $1.7 million sticks in anyone's mind!

I met her again a couple of months after her win and asked her how she did it. She told me that she had been affirming her abundance for some time, that the miracle action plan served as a focus of her energy and that, as she decided to buy the tickets, she agreed to win. Better still, she knew she had won.

Now this lady was very unusual, for most people who need money allow the emotions arising from their lack to swamp them into negative patterns that only confirm that lack. But, in spite of the fact that her situation looked desperate, she did not buy into the desperation. Instead she bought into the solution.

Trusting in Yourself and in Your Dreams

Another person whom I had met at a seminar called me and said that she'd had a dream in which she had dreamt the winning numbers in the Arizona lottery. The next day, she drove from Colorado to Arizona to buy her tickets. On the way over, she changed her mind about the last two numbers in the dream; and, instead of backing the dream numbers, she opted for three of the numbers in her dream and two others.

The numbers in her dream won. Three prize winners each got $800,000. She got nothing. I asked her why she had not invested an extra dollar in the dream numbers. She did not know. In talking to her, I genuinely felt that she could do it again.

But I could also tell from the conversation that, though she had accepted the idea of being rich intellectually, her inner mind did not agree with the idea, so it constantly sabotaged her efforts. Sometime in the past she must have agreed with herself that poverty would be her perpetual state, so her actions were constantly bent on ensuring that to be the fact.

Follow Your Hunches!

The other way that you can acquire lots of money quickly is to find it.

Every moment of every day vast sums of money are lost. Much of that money is found sooner or later. All you have to do is set it up in your mind that you are open to finding money, and that you agree to allow your intuition to place you always in the right place at the right time. Bit by bit money starts to find you.

We are all interconnected by one energy. Jung called it the collective unconscious. Others might say that it is spirit or the grace of God, but that connection is there. All information is available to us through inner knowing; and there is hardly a person alive who has not had an ESP experience at some time or other in their life. Now, rather than seeing your dead granny drifting through the hallways of your house, why not agree with yourself that the next ESP experience you have should be a money-making proposition?

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The Trick to Money is Having Some
by Stuart Wilde.

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Stuart WildeStuart Wilde was an entrepreneur, author and lecturer and one of the real characters of the self-help, human potential movement. His style is humorous, controversial, poignant, and transformational. He wrote several books including "Miracles", "The Force", "Affirmations", and "The Quickening". He is the creator of the successful "Warrior's Wisdom" seminars. Visit his website at Stuart died of a heart attack on May 1, 2013.


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