How To Release Yourself From Your Money and Power Habits

Money and Power: Release Yourself From Habit

Take out a pad of paper. Sit in a quiet, comfortable place. Meditate, or take a few minutes to relax.

Give yourself as much time as you need to clear your mind and become still. Make sure you will not be disturbed, and that the surroundings are conducive to a quiet, inward experience.

Now imagine that money is in the room with you. Notice how you feel around money. With your dominant hand, write a message introducing yourself to money. 

Find How You Really Feel About Money

Now ask money a question. Shift to your non-dominant hand and write down the answer that money gives. Ask money questions about its role and history in your life. Ask it how you can change that relationship if you want to. Ask money if it has any information it wishes to share with you about the money history exercise you just completed. (See article Money Myths as well as Patricia's book Money Freedom.) Ask money if it has any gifts it might like to give you. 

Once you feel that your interview with money is complete, thank money and allow it to leave the room. Be still for a few minutes, and appreciate the feelings that your encounter with money has left you with.

Now, imagine that power has come into the room. Write a message introducing yourself to power. 

Find How You Really Feel About Power

Ask power a question. With your non-dominant hand, write down the answer that power gives. Ask as many questions as you like. Ask power if it has any observations or insights into your personal power history or that of your family. Allow power to give you any other messages or objects that it wishes to impart. 

When you feel that your interview with power is complete, thank power and allow it to leave. Spend a few minutes letting the feeling of the experience with power settle. Write down how you picture the two figures that have come to you. Describe their dress and faces if you have a clear picture of them. 

Once you are done, look around the room carefully to orient yourself in time and space again. As you leave your interviews with money and power, remember that you take with you any knowledge or gifts they might have given you. Also remember that you can always come back and ask more questions, or get deeper explanations, at a later time.

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Money Freedom - Finding Your Inner Source of Wealth
by Patricia Remele.

Money and Power: Release Yourself From HabitProviding practical exercises, quizzes, and worksheets, Money Freedom: Finding Your Inner Source of Wealth and Power examines and explodes our cultural awe of money, shows how to evoke an attitude of abundance, and facilitates both self-mastery and money-mastery.

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About The Author

Patricia Remele is a successful real estate entrepreneur who has worked for the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and the Senate Finance Committee. She currently does private prosperity counseling and resides in McLean, Virginia. The above was excerpted with permission from her book, "Money Freedom -- Finding Your Inner Source of Wealth", 1995, published by ARE Press, P.O. Box 656, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.

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