Always Wanting More... Can This Be A Good Thing?

Always Wanting More... Can This Be A Good Thing?

One of the characteristics of humankind seems to be a desire to have more. Many experience the feeling, or have the belief or attitude of never having enough. We sometimes seem to view this as a "negative" experience, as in the case of not having enough money, love, clothes, or a myriad of other "possessions". We never seem to be satisfied, to always need more to enable us to reach that elusive point of total satisfaction.

This drive of always wanting more does have its positive side -- it is what leads us ever onward. 'Not having enough' can be the motivation to keep on going, to grow to our full potential, to have more happiness, more well-being, more fulfillment, and attain self-realization.

"Needing" Something and Being Attached to our Desire

There also is a catch to be aware of. If this desire for "more" becomes a need, or an obsession, then it can be a hindrance rather that a helper. If we are attached to our desire for more, whether it be for material goodies or spiritual ones, we may lose sight of our true goal in the process. A good analogy for this is being so concerned with not having any fruit on the kitchen table, that we neglect to look out the window to see the tree loaded with fruit ready and waiting to be picked. Sometimes, we can be so caught up in seeing what we don't have, that we don't see what we do have.

It serves to remember that we always have enough if we are but willing to accept what is. Possibly there is only one orange in the fruit basket, and some part of us may feel that one is not enough... yet, with a higher perspective, we can see that one orange is all we need at the moment, that one is enough, and that when we require more, more will indeed be available.

Being Disappointed Over Things in the Future...

Always Wanting More... Can This Be A Good Thing?I sometimes find myself choosing to be unhappy over an imagined lack in my life. For example, possibly the rent or mortgage payment is due on the 1st of the month, and it is the 28th, and the money is not yet to be seen. The choice lies in accepting what is and trusting that the money will indeed be present when it is the proper time, or, choosing to be unhappy now (on the 28th of the month) about an imagined lack coming a few days later.

The more comfortable choice lies in choosing to accept what is, desiring the money to be there when the time is right, trusting and letting go of the fears and doubts, and then doing what needs to be done to ensure that the money does indeed arrive.

We often make ourselves wrong for not having what we see as a need. We cry about not having the money to participate in a workshop that will be happening in a month's time. The alternative? Choosing to enroll in the workshop, asking the Universe (Source, God, or whatever name you apply to the Divine Energy) to supply you with the way to attend the workshop, then relaxing and trusting that the Universe already has it all worked out. Pay attention to your intuition as to ways to manifest your goal.

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I personally have experienced such situations of money arriving on time to meet the need, and I know of others who have also. It does work. The money somehow materializes, and sometimes in ways you do not even expect. When we are willing to let go of the fear, the self-pity, we can open ourselves up to receiving the abundance of the universe.

What Is The Real Goal?

Another aspect to remember is that your goal (in this example) is attending the workshop, not raising the money. The difference lays in the fact that you may get free tickets to the workshop, or you may trade volunteer hours for attendance, etc. If you are asking and looking for more money, you may miss out on what you really want -- the workshop.

The moral of my story is that it is fine to desire, and to ask for what you want, and that the secret to getting what you want is to have a relaxed open hand to receiving. The world is full of gifts. Let go of the fear you have been hanging on to, and make room for the goodness to enter.

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