Having All You Want

Having All You Want

Whoa! Hold on a minute, you may be thinking as you look at that headline. Yes, I know the objections, but come with me as I show you how the statement does hold up under spiritual scrutiny.

As many of us on a metaphysical path, I started my training with visualization, programming and positive affirmations. And yes, after much practice learning to "go to the alpha or theta level," relax my physical body, quiet my mind and go within, I was able to see concrete manifestations of my inner visualizations appear in my life.

Then I was faced with the limitations created by my own belief systems. I faced my feelings that I didn't deserve a level of material comfort and that I had to work hard for every single thing I received, etc. ad nauseum. As I continued my search, I read many books, listened to tapes, and even attended seminars on prosperity consciousness. These were useful in my project of dissecting my old belief systems and shoring myself up.

In addition, my understanding of the basis of reality shifted to a theological/philosophical perspective, which can be summarized as, "things are not what they seem to be" and "everything is Spirit or consciousness." I began to understand the greater purpose behind human existence besides the accumulation of wealth and pleasurable and stimulating experiences. When I examined the events of my life and my emotional and psychological growth, I was able to really appreciate all of my situations as teaching tools to assist me in the lessons I was learning. For example, I had issues about power and control, ranging from feeling helpless and seeing myself as a victim, to being afraid of my own skills and potentials to create change and influence others. Thus, I found myself in a job and academic situation in which I felt I had no control.

Around this time, my meditation style was changing into a more passive (or feminine) versus active (or masculine) approach. I would go into meditation with no preconceived notions and simply quiet the conscious monkey-mind and listen for insights and observe the imagery that came to me. It helped me at that time to be in a weekly meditation group for this purpose. I was excited when beautiful poetry would flow forth at the end of these sessions. My affirmations had expanded, from "I desire, believe, and expect X, Y. or Z to come to me or occur in my life," to include God—to help me know what is in my highest good.

I began to see my conditions of economic imbalance (my increasing red ink) as indications that I still had many lessons to learn about the physical plane and my relationship with money, and ultimately myself. As ego would have it, I began to justify my seeming inability to create prosperity, balance or comfort by saying that it must be for my highest good to learn lessons this way (along with the discomfort, fear, and anguish), and here is the kicker. If I received a million dollars (you know, that telephone call from Ed McMahon), I might have to learn my lessons in a harder way that would take me off the path of my personal and spiritual growth. For example, I might give up my goal of getting a Ph.D., quit working, and thereby miss the chance to develop my skills and contribute in those ways.

I believe that it is true that if you live with awareness of the world as a mirror of your consciousness, then you will not avoid learning your lessons. As far as whether I can say that it is in my highest good to be wealthy, or if I will somehow learn my lessons more efficiently if I am faced with lack in my finances, I cannot say. Either of those two choices is a judgment call that I can only pretend to make. In the end, it is my Higher Self who calls all the shots.

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I started out asking for a change in the conditions of my environment (I desire a new car), to ultimately be faced with the limitations of my consciousness. Now I am aware that the conditions of my environment are in no way random and indicate to me those spaces where my consciousness is not in alignment with Divine Will. What I am truly seeking is not merely the ability to use my will to decide and receive what I want in my life. I already have that skill. What I am seeking is to increasingly know more of what the Divine has in store for me, what purpose I am here to enjoy. As my Will and God's Will approach a unity, it is then that abundance in all its forms will occur. True abundance never wavers and will require no proof and no guarantees because all doubts will be removed forever from my mind. No desire would take hold in me that is not meant to be fulfilled in physical form. I would have everything I want.

Until that time arrives on this plane, I hold on to the positive images of a prosperous, rich, healthy, and abundant life for myself. I practice gratefulness and acceptance for all of the experiences that are created by and for me, forgiving and releasing those that I might continue to perceive and feel as painful. Every experience is for the good of our soul's growth. I live in the knowledge that God sees only the truth that we are completely healed and whole. We have returned to our home in the house of the Lord only because, in reality, we have never left in the first place.

About The Author

Larry Mark Honig is a spiritual traveler & freelance writer. The above was first printed in the "Quartus Report," The Report is a teaching sharing guide for members of the Quartus Society founded by John & Jan Price. You can write to Quartus at: P.O. Box 1768, Boerne, Texas 78006.


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