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Balancing Spirituality

I have always believed that separating spirituality from the rest of our lives is like shooting ourselves in the foot. Your spiritual life should be reflected in the way you run your business, the way you treat those with whom you work, and the way you treat your competitors. Honor, honesty, and integrity are essential ingredients in spiritual and material abundance.

As the Blues Bothers used to say, "I'm on a mission from God!" I believe that providing for and raising my family is my spiritual calling. When I stay focused on that fact I find my balance. If you stay focused on your Higher Calling, all the hard work and adversity becomes part of a greater spiritual quest.

Financial success and spirituality directly support each other when we direct our thoughts and actions appropriately. Once we begin to cultivate an attitude of continual thankfulness and gratitude, we naturally begin to look beyond ourselves and become more aware of the needs of others.

Having An Attitude of Gratitude

A grateful heart will bring you riches from within. If you have gratitude, you are like a bright light shining the way for others to follow. This attitude in turn leads to successful relationships, successful parenting, and successful careers. With a grateful heart you'll be successful in influencing others, and more important, you'll be successful in influencing yourself.

The obstacles that hold us back from succeeding are always internal. The key to unlocking our unlimited potential is the ability to master our emotional state. Success and spirituality are completely intertwined, yet most people compartmentalize their walk with God and their idea of a successful career. But it's all part of the same picture. All the shapes and colors complement one another.

Over the years my definition of success has dramatically changed. Wouldn't you agree that we tend to admire people who are

* willing to sacrifice for others

* willing to go the extra mile

* trustworthy

* dependable

* passionate

* cheerful

* positive

* ourageous

* fearless

* honest?

So when you think about what makes someone successful, remember that true success goes far beyond talent and achievement. It always comes down to who we are as people -- our spirit.

That quality then becomes reflected in everything we do and ultimately translates to our success personally and professionally.


One day my friend Mike Rayburn said in passing, "It's impossible to give more than you receive." I've been quoting him ever since. If we lived by this statement and focused on how much we could give to others, our lives would be rich beyond measure. Ironically, following this spiritual principle is the essence of becoming successful in building material wealth as well!

Happiness is like the air we breathe. We can't see it, we can't buy or sell it, we can't horde it. No one can put it in a box or behind glass. It is, rather, a gift from God to be experienced, to be savored, to be enjoyed.

And sometimes happiness is disguised as sacrifice. Nancy and I have three boys and a little girl. They all depend on us to be good providers and to offer solid leadership. This continual responsibility is sometimes overwhelming, but it's the richest part of my life, the part that brings me the deepest joy.

As any parent would agree, the rewards that come from raising a family far outweigh any of the sacrifices involved. By letting go of our self-centered desires to focus on the needs of our family, we begin to discover the secret to happiness. Perhaps we can only attain it by giving it away. Happiness and success will come from the blessings we bring to others.

Remember, happiness is spiritual, not material. Happiness is discovered as we spend our energy giving to others. Happiness is the cultivation of a grateful heart.

The obstacles that hold us back from succeeding are almost always internal. Honor, honesty, and integrity are essential ingredients in cultivating abundance and happiness.

Remember, happiness doesn't depend upon who you are
or what you have; it depends solely upon what you think.

                                                                         -- Dale Carnegie

Reprinted with permission of the publisher, New World Library. ©2002.

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Jump and the Net Will Appear: Discovering the Art of Achievement and the Rhythm of Success
by Robin Crow.

Jump and the Net Will Appear by Robin Crow. Robin Crow reveals how he transformed himself from a struggling musician to a world famous motivational speaker, entrepreneur, and author. His secrets are self-control, discipline, persistence, and perseverance.

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About the Author

Robin CrowRobin Crow is an author, speaker, entrepreneur, and one of the world's most innovative guitarists. He has forged an extraordinary career, releasing nine albums, performing more than two thousand concerts, and appearing on national television dozens of times. Robin continues to appear before audiences of thousands throughout the country with his unique blend of speaking and musical performance. Robin lives on his farm in Franklin, Tennessee, with his wife and four children. For information about Robin Crow performances and Dark Horse Recording, visit and

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