Twelve Steps to Abundance and Prosperity

Twelve Steps to Abundance and Prosperity

Something extraordinary emerges when we piece together Edgar Cayce’s statements made to many different people on the subject of material resources: We discover a twelve-step program for working in conscious harmony with the law of supply and abundance.

If you follow these steps, you can attract needed resources to start achieving the highest purpose of your life. Think of this approach as a series of exercises through which you will cycle many times in your life. It’s not a method you follow just once. These steps need ongoing application in order to change your experience of material supply.

1. Determine an overall purpose for your life; recognize your mission.

A sense of mission is important because it defines a use for abundance. Once you have a mission clearly in mind, abundance, which will come in many different forms, can be used for constructive, creative purposes.

2. Identify shortages in your life.

Try to stand aside and objectively observe all the situations you currently face. Pay special attention to areas in which you’re feeling frustration or disappointment. Notice where you experience a lack of some sort. It could be a shortage of money, knowledge, health, friendship, free time, or any other resource for living. Make note, either mentally or written, of the shortages you see.

3. Recognize the purpose or lesson in each shortage.

Every kind of scarcity has the potential to be a spiritual lesson. Listen to the condition. Let it be your teacher. Ask Yourself, “What is it showing me?”

4. Use what you have at hand.

Make the best possible use of what you already have. Something remarkable happens whenever you take the best possible care of even your most inconsequential possessions: You put yourself in harmony with the law of supply and abundance—you show that you can be trusted with more.

Proper timing is a second way to make good use of what is at hand. At its best, this idea means responding immediately instead of delaying, procrastinating, and indirectly hoarding what you have. If someone else’s experience of supply depends directly on your payment of a bill, keep the flow going in as timely a manner as you can.

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A third method involves investing in your ideals. You support and in a sense vote for certain things in the world around you by the way you spend your money, time, and energy. Support your values and ideals.

5. Dispel fear, doubt, and anxiety.

These emotions prevent the law of supply and abundance from making your life more prosperous. A major contributor to this problem may be negative statements repeated silently as a form of inner talk.

Usually the best way to get rid of a troublesome attitude or emotion is replacement rather than repression. What outlook on life is the finest substitute for fear, doubt, or anxiety? The answer is the next step in this twelve-part approach.

6. Maintain a thankful attitude.

Genuine appreciation is a powerful tool to put you in harmony with the law of abundance. Deeply felt appreciation is an affirmation of the goodness of life. It’s a refusal to let the inevitable challenges of life obscure one’s sight of blessings and wonderful moments.

7. Give a regular percentage of your resources (monetary and otherwise).

Sharing your resources is a key to the law of abundance. Giving makes room for more to come into your life. Of course, the principle works not only for money, but for any form of supply.

8. Remove any competitive attitude. Help others toward success.

As you help friends and associates experience the positive aspect of the law of abundance, it brings the same thing into your life.

9. Hold an attitude of positive expectancy.

Feel with your whole self that the law of abundance is reliable. Expect that you will receive exactly what you need in order to take the next steps toward your soul’s purpose. Expect a miracle. Anticipate that as you give out, resources will flow back to you.

10. Affirm that you will have what you need to grow spiritually and fulfill your mission.

The law of abundance can provide all that you need to fulfill your mission in life. That may not be the same thing as all you want. Some desires come from your personality self.

11. Trust that God gives the increase.

You will reach a point with each shortage situation where you know you have done all you can do. With optimism and enthusiasm, simply trust. You’ve done your part; now let God add to what you’ve done and manifest an abundance for you. Trust also that the timing will be right.

12. Receive the good that comes to you.

Some people get stuck right after step 11. As abundance begins to flow into their lives they find it hard to accept. Perhaps they don’t feel worthy or they worry that somehow strings are attached.

Be assured that the good that flows into your life is meant for you. The only strings attached are responsibilities that come with the resources. Use them creatively and constructively to fulfill your spiritual purpose.

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Discovering Your Soul's Purpose: Finding Your Path in Life, Work, and Personal Mission the Edgar Cayce Way, Second Edition
by Mark Thurston

Discovering Your Soul's Purpose: Finding Your Path in Life, Work, and Personal Mission the Edgar Cayce Way, Second Edition by Mark ThurstonThe most significant teacher of Cayce's teachings, Mark Thurston, updates and revises his classic book, Discovering Your Soul's Purpose, to help you use the Cayce teachings in the twenty-first century to find greater purpose in your relationships, career, and overall mission in life.

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Mark Thurston, Ph.D.Mark Thurston, Ph.D. is an educator, psychologist, and author of more than a dozen books about personal spirituality, dream psychology, meditation, and mind-body well-being.  Among his publications are The Essential Edgar Cayce (2004) and Willing to Change: The Journey of Personal Transformation (2005). Mark worked for the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) and Atlantic University in Virginia Beach, Virginia, for 36 years.  In 2009 he moved into a new phase of his own soul's purpose, becoming the Director of Educational Programs for George Mason University's Center for the Advancement of Well-Being. In that capacity he focuses on teaching undergraduate and graduate courses about consciousness, mindfulness, and the science of well-being. Mark and his wife of many decades Mary Elizabeth Lynch are co-founders of the Personal Transformation and Courage Institute, a non-profit educational organization begun in 2000 which offers small-group learning intensives.


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