Is There a Mind/Body/Money Connection?

5 Kinds of Money and the Mind/Body/Money Connection

People tend to lump all money issues together, but they can actually be divided into five categories, each representing a different aspect of how you deal with and manage your money and wealth.

It’s important to look at these categories individually, since each elicits its own set of feelings and beliefs, and when examined, reveals a whole set of programming that has been downloaded into you from childhood to the present, each playing a very specific role in your life and financial picture.

1) Income

Income is the direct flow of money into your life that’s received in exchange for your time and energy. It represents both survival and the level at which you value yourself: your energy, time, training, and experience. It indicates how you were taught to view your ability to thrive or just survive and what socioeconomic class you’re in. Thinking about income triggers both the emotion around survival and a self-definition of your worth.

You may blame people or circumstances for your economic situation, but that needs to stop if you want to increase your income. The key to your income level is your belief in your personal worth and the value of what you do or give.

2) Savings

Savings is a cushion of money that goes beyond what you earn and what you spend; it provides a buffer against emergencies and increases security. Having savings helps you feel safe, secure, and calmer about your finances.

The energy around a lack of savings reflects loss, abandonment, or feeling totally unsupported. While it’s simple to create a savings account by implementing a plan, it’s unlikely to work if old emotional content is mixed up in your feelings about it.

3) Debt

Debit is the accumulated sum of money that is owed on your behalf. It can be an energetic manifestation of subconscious old memories of shame and feeling that you’re not good enough to be financially solvent. In our society, it’s universally accepted that talking about your debt is tantamount to admitting you’re a financial failure, bringing up some of the darkest emotions one can experience: overwhelming shame, embarrassment, failure, anxiety, fear and sadness.

Create positive thoughts about being in debt. If you have debt, it means that a lending institution or person gave you credit by loaning you money. Raise your positive vibration with an enthusiastic version of, “YES, I am a person of integrity and excellent when it comes credit!”

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Not all debt is bad. There may be times that you want or need a loan, and that’s okay if you frame it in a positive way. People borrow money for good reasons all the time and repay it in ways that improve their credit rating.

4) Income and Wealth Goals

These are your ambitions and structured plans to increase your income and wealth.

When you set a goal for your income, it reveals a whole new set of emotions, limiting beliefs, and fears. No matter how high or low your current income is, it matches your inner belief about the value of your time and energy. When you try to go beyond that to increase your income with a goal in mind, you’ll feel resistance. Even with a good level of success, you can still be held back by your feelings about setting goals for making more money.

There’s an infinite number of ways your income could double, triple, or quadruple. It happens all the time and can happen to you—IF you allow it. Setting an income goal is the first step to changing your financial picture.

5) Toxic Money

Toxic money is essential cash you need to survive that comes with a negative emotional price or battle, usually from a source you’d love to be rid of but depend on for survival. It creates an energy of having to prove you need the money to survive or having to counter arguments that you don’t need it. This dependency creates an association between money and anger, guilt, and the need to battle, inducing the feeling of helplessness and self-loathing. Your every feeling about money may go to negative places because of it.

Recognizing any toxic money you depend on and taking steps to clear the connection to negative emotions will transform your life far beyond just your money situation. That said, this could be the most difficult kind of money dysfunction to change, if you think it’s necessary to stay in your situation to survive. It’s extremely difficult to step out of a codependent relationship or a battle over money and feel completely free to start creating more. In many cases, people believe that if their situation remains dire, there’s more hope that they will be given their due.

Take Control

Understanding the dynamics of the thoughts and beliefs surrounding your financial situation gives you power to change it. Clearing your specific blocks around all five areas of money will not only completely shift what you create and attract in your financial picture, but it will also begin a massive transformation in the power you feel over your life.

©2016 by Margaret M. Lynch.

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