The Dreams Your Soul Longs to Manifest

Let Life Give You the Dreams Your Soul Longs to Manifest

I know that it may be tempting sometimes to give up when Life just seems to be too tough, but the moment we give up, our inner life-energy starts to drain away and it then becomes even harder to move through Life’s challenging times.

Instead we have to just keep on going, keep on believing, just like Edison kept on believing in his vision, enabling him to never see his attempts at inventing the light bulb as failures, only as learnings, helping him to fine-tune his skill until his dream became a reality. He captures this perfectly in the following quote:

Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize
how close they were to success when they gave up.
Thomas Edison

From A Higher and Wiser Perspective

It is important for us to have enough life-energy within, so we can move through these ‘failures’ and challenges, until we learn how we can fly over the huge stone boulders blocking our path. By learning how to do this we increase our strength and flexibility, we become wiser and develop more endurance, and we need these qualities in order to succeed in making our dreams come true.

When the stone boulders are blocking our path, we can choose to perceive them from a higher, lighter and more positive perspective. As Einstein said: “A problem cannot be solved at the same level it was created.” When we choose to view all that is happening in our lives from a higher and wiser perspective it becomes so much easier to find the positive learnings and solutions to the ‘problematic stone boulders’ in our lives. When we can choose to think:

Something good will come out of this.

Everyone is doing the best they can with the resources they have available.

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I can choose to view this through loving eyes.

What are the positive learnings here for me?

What do I need to know and learn for me to heal this?

How does my Soul want me to be, and what does my Soul want me to do, right now?

By doing this we transform the stone boulders to opportunities for learnings and wisdom, which strengthen our ability to make our dreams come true. Remember, the stronger we are, the bigger dreams we can manifest.

Louise Hay, the founder of Hay House Publications, says that behind every ‘overnight success’ is 10 years of hard work. Work where the person has had to develop inner strength, flexibility and adaptability, making the ‘sudden’ success a possibility. And she is one who knows! She self-published her own book when she was 58 years of age. She personally delivered it to several bookstores, and when she later wrote a second book, she added her first book at the end of her second book. This second book was called You Can Heal Your Life.

During one of her seminars, Louise told us that this book only made a few dollars in its first year. Nearly 30 years later it has sold more than 40 million copies, and Hay House is one of the world’s largest publishers in the field of Body, Mind and Spirit. Louise just continued to believe in what her Soul whispered to her, with the result that millions of people have been able to benefit from her passion, wisdom and light.

Relax and Have Faith Before Your Dream Becomes A Reality

The hardest part, and the most important is to be able to relax and have faith before our dream becomes a reality, because often we want to have guarantees that what we do will bring a result. And while we wait to see proof of these results, we become frustrated, anxious and stressed that nothing seems to have happened as yet.

The moment we tense up, we drain ourselves of our inner life-energy again, and of course it then becomes harder for us to get the results we want. This is logical. The more we get stressed, anxious and frustrated, the more we tense up, the more we strangle our life-energy – and since this life-energy is our link with the higher Divine Intelligence that guides all life, then the more we strangle this flow, the harder it becomes for Life to give us what we want, because Life can only flow through us, so the more tense we are the less of Life becomes available to us.

Let Life Give You the Dreams Your Soul Longs to ManifestIn contrast, the more we relax, the more we open up our flow of inner life-energy, the easier it becomes for Life to give us what we want, because a greater flow of life-energy is moving through us, which means a larger part of this higher Divine Intelligence becomes available to us for the manifestation of our dreams.

How To Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being

1. Supercharge Your Divine Life-Energy

Supercharge your body by eating healthily, listening to your body’s needs, drinking an antioxidant smoothie or a green juice every day, by practising a morning routine that helps to stimulate your life-energy and by practising some form of regular exercise that you love doing.

Supercharge your mind by practising meditation, letting go of negative thoughts, choosing to forgive and by focusing on being grateful and accepting what is.

2. Magic Dream Process

Remember: you are destined to manifest all the dreams your Soul longs for you to create, because these dreams are your Soul’s gifts to the world. Your Soul will whisper to you what these dreams are, through your passions, hopes, heartfelt longings and dreams.

So allow yourself to dream, keep your dream open, follow your heart and Soul, make sure your dream creates more balance and harmony in your life, and that your dream has a positive intention.

Visualise your dream – as if it is happening right now – and then thank the Universe for the manifestation of your dream before it has become real for you. The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like, and by forming a mental image of your dream, creating a positive inner energy of gratitude within you, sprinkled with trust and faith that indeed this will become true for you, fuelled with all the positive feelings you will feel within having manifested your dream – well all of that combined will allow the Law of Attraction to work at full speed, bringing your dreams into being.

Surrender your dream, so you free it completely from any fears – and any hold your ego has on it, and instead let your Soul, and the Universe, get free reins to help you manifest your dream – or something even better, for the highest good of all concerned.

3. Start To Magnetise Your Dream Into Being

To enable your dream to be pulled into your reality from the Divine Field of Infinite Possibilities, it is important to learn to be flexible and view challenges as opportunities so you can improve your strength, flexibility and endurance.

It is also vital to plan your time well so Life is in balance.

You need to use your own Magical Dream Manifestation Formula.

Then you need to honour this planning by actually following it. In this way you develop strength and discipline. The key to succeed is to follow the dreams that fill you with passion, make a balanced plan that helps to improve your whole life and leave plenty of room for unplanned times.

One of the most important aspects is to allow yourself, already in the here and now, to bring in the ingredients of your dreams. Remember my client who wanted to meet a man, live on a farm with chickens and pigs, grow her own vegetables and bake, whilst the reality was she had very little money, had been single for 18 years and lived in a house with a tiny garden. One year later she had a fiancé, an allotment and chickens living in her garden (she had moved to a bigger house), and 2 1/2 years later they had got married and had bought a house with a large garden and kitchen. The magic she had applied, allowing her to manifest so much in such a short space of time, was that she had started to bring the ingredients of her dream into her life, in the here and now. This allowed her to be happier, relax more, and by doing this Life’s Divine Intelligence could then flow through her, giving her even more of what she wanted.

Let these ingredients form the basis of the various specific steps (goals) you need to take, enabling you to start to pull into your life the energetic frequency of your dream. This will help you to align yourself with your dream, making it easier for the Universe to show you the steps you need to take – steps that will lead you to the manifestation of your dream.

4. Relax, Have Fun and Enjoy The Journey!

The more we relax, the more we open up the flow of our own life-energy and the easier it becomes for Life to flow through us, which results in us manifesting our dreams quicker, because we are working in harmony with Life itself. And it makes the journey so much more fun!

5. Be Willing to Receive

The more you are willing to recognise all the goodness your Soul brings to you through Life, the more energy you will receive from Life – and the more you have to give. But if you block yourself from receiving, you will stop this flow. So the key is to be open, loving, trusting and willing to receive all the goodness Life has in store for you.

6. Have Faith and Trust that Life Loves and Supports You!

You are a part of Life and Life wants you to be happy. In your essence you are love, you are happiness, you are a magnificent being and the life force running through your veins is the same life force that holds the galaxies together. This is the creative spark of the Universe and you are connected with it! Just trust that all is well, whatever Life brings you.

Remember that when we are experiencing challenges they may be exactly what our Soul wants us to experience, so we can grow, develop in strength and wisdom, enabling us to fold out our wings even more. And the bigger our wings, the greater the distance we can fly – all the way up to the moon and the stars! So relax and have faith that all is well. Your Soul wants you to manifest your dreams, because that is what you came here to do. TRUST IT!

I believe we are all meant to use our life-energy to create the most amazing lives ever and to manifest our dreams by tuning in to our Soul’s inner guidance. Our Soul’s dreams that our heart holds in safe storage for us are the sparks of God’s Highest Divine Plan for our lives. These dreams do not belong to us. They are meant to be gifts we give to others. Gifts where we share of our Soul’s inner passion, love, happiness, light, wisdom, inspiration and enthusiasm. So let us connect fully with our divinity and allow ourselves to give our dreams to the world.

The biggest adventure you can take
is to live the life of your dreams. 
Oprah Winfrey

©2013 Cissi Williams. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission. Published by O Books,
an imprint of John Hunt Publishing Ltd.

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Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being: By Trusting Your Soul's Inner Guidance by Cissi Williams.Supercharge Your Dreams Into Being: By Trusting Your Soul's Inner Guidance
by Cissi Williams.

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Cissi Williams, author of: Supercharge Your Dreams Into BeingCissi Williams is an NLP Trainer, Transformational Soul Coach, Master Practitioner of Hypnosis, Osteopath and Naturopath specializing in Spiritual Transformation. She is passionate about sharing tools, techniques and wisdom, so that others can learn to listen to their own healing wisdom. She runs professional trainings and courses in Transformational NLP and Healing with the Spirit, as well as short courses in personal and spiritual development (she runs the courses in English as she has many students coming to Sweden from the UK). Cissi continues to work in her private practice in Sigtuna, Stockholm, Sweden. Visit her website at:

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