How Do You Clear Away the Blocks to Your Success?

How Do You Clear Away the Blocks to Your Success?

As Dorothy travelled along the yellow brick road she came to a crossroads. Out loud she wondered which way to go and she got a reply from a scarecrow that had been tied to a stake in the middle of a cornfield. He told her that he had no choice but to stay there as he believed that he didn’t have a brain. Without a brain he was unable to think about, or understand, what he needed to do with his life and so he just stayed there, afraid to move. They decided he should join her on her quest to meet the Wizard to see if he could help him get the brain he so longed for, and the intelligence that went with it.

Further along the way they met the Tin Man; he believed that he didn’t have a heart and was afraid that he was unable to love anyone fully. He joined them too, delighted at the thought that the wizard could grant his wish and bestow upon him the heart he had always yearned for. Their final companion was to be the cowardly lion, who believed that he lacked the one thing that he needed to be the king of the forest: courage.

Limiting Beliefs and Fears on the Yellow Brick Road to Success

All three believed that they lacked what they needed to succeed in their lives and as a result were too afraid to move on. They were all stuck, destined to repeat the same old experiences over and over again. They told themselves, repeatedly, that if only they had what they needed – a brain, a heart, the nerve – then all would have been fine. At least that is what they believed, and these beliefs led them to be stuck and full of fear. They had focused on what they thought was missing from inside them, and these thoughts led to them telling all kinds of stories about why they were stuck – all kinds of great excuses.

These thoughts had conjured up all kinds of negative im­ages inside their minds about what could go wrong if they did something else, and these images led to all kinds of negative thoughts, which in turn led to more fear; they went around and around until they really were paralyzed and completely blocked from going anywhere. Ultimately, it was just the fear that they were not good enough, or that some­thing was missing, that held them back.

As Dorothy and her companions travelled together, they were forced to confront these limiting beliefs and to face their greatest fears. It was only when they refused to be held back and really confronted these fears and the limiting ideas they had about themselves, that they learnt the truth: The truth that they already possessed the qualities they needed. They were within them all along.

What blocks people from achieving the success they desire, limiting their life experience?

The first thing is fear. Often people are paralyzed with fear before anything bad has ever happened; just the fear of the fear stops them from moving forward and an inability to trust themselves to get things right. The saddest thing about it is that there are often simple solutions to overcoming those fears. Most people are just not taught what they are.

What is the second thing?

Limiting beliefs. Once you recognize what your limiting beliefs are, you can do what needs to be done to remove them once and for all.

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What are the main unhelpful beliefs that people hold?

How Do You Clear Away the Blocks to Your Success?So many people believe that only if they had more confidence, more money, more education, more time, were younger, or had more luck then they would be able to succeed. An inner voice that assures them that they are not good enough or do not have what they need. This inner voice, the negative inner critic, is often referred to as a chattering monkey. It is probably no coincidence at all that the army that the witch uses to finally capture Dorothy and Toto is made up of noisy, winged, flying monkeys.

This inner voice, which is made up of your own subconscious ramblings, can change the way you feel in an instant. It is almost like a recording that you listen to day in and day out; unfortunately, the words that are used by this inner critic part of you are not always very helpful, and the majority of people are completely unaware that it is there. It is only when you bring it into full conscious awareness that you can get a sense of how badly you treat yourself.

How do you know what these unhelpful thoughts are?

You have to pay attention. The main thing that holds you back are the thoughts that you keep thinking over and over again, albeit that they are being played out in the back of your mind.

Whatever the thoughts are, be they thoughts of not being good enough, not being worthy, never having enough time or money or the courage to do what needs to be done, the worst thing about them is that they produce a kind of self-fulfilling prophecy; if people keep focusing on what doesn’t work they will find it, and then the belief that lies behind the thought, gets reinforced over and over again until they think it must be true.

If a negative belief is something that we hold to be true, how can it be changed?

Just because you keep repeating a thought it doesn’t mean that it is true. All it takes is a counter example, or an understanding of where it originally came from, and the whole belief comes crashing down and no longer has any power. You may need to make a very conscious effort to monitor any unhelpful thinking and stop giving yourself a hard time.

Your outer world is a mirror of your inner world. So if your external world needs to change, you can be sure that there is work to be done on the inside.

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by Lorraine Flaherty

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