From the Mundane to the "Quality of Being" Bucket List

From the Mundane to the "Experiencing Love" Bucket List

An advantage of manifestation work is that for things that are important to you, the motivation to succeed is high. Another advantage is that often the universe cooperates with you strongly, if what you desire will be something that expands your growth and has positive impact on others. There is also the advantage that it is often easier to visualize just what success can look and feel like, particularly if it is something as concrete as a new car.

In MC2 (see author's bio) we do treasure maps that put in pictorial form just what we want to manifest. Often we receive reports that everything on the map has been manifested in a few months.

The Challenges of Manifestation Work

Manifestation work has its own unique challenges. First, you must have the concept of what you desire and that it is possible to achieve it. Another challenge can be to feel deserving of the positive manifestation.

Fear of change in any form is also a challenge because it presents us with the unknown and a divergence from our comfortable (or not so comfortable, but at least familiar) status quo. For manifestation to occur your desire has to be greater than your fear, and often the speed of manifestation relates to just how much higher your desire is than your fear.

From the Mundane to the "Quality of Being" Bucket List

Popularized by the movie, The Bucket List, people are making a list of things that they want to experience before finishing this incarnation. Being a teacher of manifestation skills, it is interesting to see these lists because they suggest what people would most like to create.

While people often say in casual conversation that they would like to manifest a new car, house, etc., on their bucket lists, usually there are no such things. Rather, bucket lists include experiences such as running a marathon, or learning to paint. This indicates to me that experiences are treasured more highly than things.

This can be deepened further. How about considering qualities of being for one’s bucket list and then making them the direct and clear target of our manifestation practice? Increased happiness, deeper unconditional love toward ourselves and others, greater trust, and many more life-enhancing qualities can be exciting manifestation targets.

From the Lofty to the Practical

Practical Manifestation Tips: Overcoming The Challenges of ManifestationEmerson defined a successful life as follows: “To laugh often and much; to win the respect of intelligent people and the affection of children; to earn the appreciation of honest critics and to endure the betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty; to find the best in others; to leave the world a bit better whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a redeemed social condition; to know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived. This is to have succeeded.”

The task is to translate this lofty statement into practicality. For example, a business partner shared with me that as a frequent traveler, he transforms his airport experiences from the usual hectic and hassled event by seeing to whom he can be of even small service, raising his own energy by helping others.

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There are many sources for ideas for your deeper bucket list, helping you answer the query, “What would I really like to experience in this life?” You are free in this incarnation to focus upon and create whatever you desire. There is nothing wrong with material things, but making a bucket list might lead you to even more fulfilling creations.

I would like to end this section by offering some brief manifestation guidelines.

Joe’s Manifestation Tips

* Before starting, invite your intentions to have surprisingly positive results. Be open to the delightfully unexpected.

* View the physical world as delicate and changeable — and the spiritual world as solid, strong, real, and constant. Spirit is the foundation from which to change the physical.

* Manifestation power is enhanced by energy. Raise a high energy through open-hearted gratitude, and praise yourself, all others, and the universe.

* Affirm that “I am in brother-sisterhood with all, I release all supplication and victim energy — I now grow up and claim my power.

* Being well-grounded is a key secret to strong creation. Bring your spirit fully into your body, suffuse your body with energy and light, encourage your body and emotions to speak to you freely, fully feel your connection with the earth, and receive her sacred energy — so that you are fully spirit and flesh at the same time.

* Form your goal. Visualize what would make your heart sing without being held back by limits. See and feel your dream as real right now, fully experiencing how good this manifestation will make you feel and how it will benefit others.

* Send your energy before you — affirming that synchronicity and intuition will take you toward your goal or something better.

* Detach from results with full trust that goodness will come to you and knowing that you are already are a sacred being to whom all good is available.

* Send positive energy to all others, seeing them in their maximum soul potential. Allow others to help and guide you. Be abundantly generous with yourself and others, and the universe will be generous with you. This includes being joyfully generous with your money, smiles, time, attention, and positive thoughts.

* Make sure that your desire to succeed is greater than your fear of failure. For example, are you are more afraid of being jobless than you desire the best job in the universe for you? Fear truly is a prayer for what you do not want. Remember: Fear is expensive and love is priceless — choose wisely.

* Fear in all its forms — from procrastination, boredom, doubt, cynicism, impatience, self-criticism, laziness, etc. — can be very challenging to release especially if it is held in life-long patterns. Use meditation, friends, coaches, and workshops to help you identify and release these limits.

* Refresh your energy and repeat your visualizations organically when it feels right. Obsessing about this through over-repetition implies lack of trust and is counterproductive.

Happy Manifesting!

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