Succeeding with your Vision, Project, or Goal

Succeeding with your Vision, Project, or Goal 

When you are inspired by some great purpose, some extraordinary project, all your thoughts break their bonds: Your mind transcends limitations, your consciousness expands in every direction, and you find yourself in a new, great and wonderful world. Dormant forces, faculties and talents become alive, and you discover yourself to be a greater person by far than you ever dreamed yourself to be.  — Patañjali, father of yoga

Bring to your awareness a vision, project, or goal, either from your personal life or related to your work. What wants to happen through that vision or project? What is the potential waiting to unfold?

Once you have identified the potential, begin by focusing your attention on your Thought. What do you think about this potential? What is the story you tell yourself about it? What does your intellect tell you? Make no judgment about what you discover. Just observe. What are your thoughts?

Which Emotion is Connected to Your Project's Success: Love or Fear?

Now drop down into your body and focus all of your awareness on what Emotion has to say about the potential and this project. What emotions do you experience when you focus your attention on this potential? What story does Emotion tell you about it? Just observe. Is your Emotion based in love or fear? Again, make no judgment on what you discover. You don’t have to do anything about what you observe. Just notice.

Now go to your heart center. What is your Truth about this project or vision and its potential? What do you know in your heart? Breathe into the overall energy being created by Thought, Emotion, and Truth. This energy is your current reality field for this vi­sion or project. That reality field is now being reflected out through the holographic universe.

Do Your Thoughts, Emotions, & Truth Support the Success of Your Project?

How would you describe the reality field that is being created right now? Are Thought, Emotion, and Truth in alignment with one another? Does this reality field serve you and support your project?

If so, continue to breathe into that reality field, reinforcing the en­ergy so that it can continue to strengthen and sustain your project.

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If not, let’s discover what needs to shift in order for these three components to be brought into alignment with one another and create a reality field that will best support you.

Choosing Fear Instead of Love: Make Love Your Intention

Begin by dropping back down into Emotion. Is the fundamental Emotion love or fear? If it is fear, choose love instead. Don’t fret over how to do it. Just intend it — choose love — and notice how the reality field starts to shift.Then, while staying anchored in the Emotion of love, go back to your Thought, to your head.

What are your thoughts telling you now? They may have already shifted somewhat when you chose love as your fundamental Emotion. Whatever your thoughts are, do they serve you? Again, make no judgment; just observe.

Are Your Thoughts Serving Your Success?

How to Succeed with your Vision, Project, or GoalIf your thoughts are not serving you, be curious and listen to their concern, the story your Thought is telling. Does that story belong to the present mo­ment or to another time? Is that story true today? If it is true, what is the story asking you to reconsider about your project? If it is not true today, what story do you choose now?

In most cases, if the Emotion is love and Truth tells you that this is the right path, then the resistance coming from your thoughts is actually no longer relevant, nor is the story that goes with that resist­ance. They belong to another time — a time when that resistance and story may have served you well — but they do not apply to today. So the question becomes, how do you choose to think about this project and its potential now?

Finally, return to the heart. What is your Truth now? If anything is unsettled here, take time to explore that feeling. Be curious. Does some aspect of the project need to be reconsidered, or does the Truth feel uncomfortable because it is asking you to stretch or make a break­through? Either one could be the case. Pay attention and be honest with yourself.

Aligning Thought, Emotion, & Truth with Your Goal or Project's Success

Having done your work in the heart, bring your awareness back to all three intelligences. Are they in alignment now? Do they cre­ate a reality field that serves you? If so, continue to reinforce this reality field. If not, continue your dialogue with Thought, Emotion, and Truth, being curious and compassionate, as well as diligent, until you reach a reality field that will carry you forward to the greatest potential.

Just as your Thought, Emotion, and Truth are constantly re-creat­ing or reinforcing your reality field, your current reality field, regard­less of whether or not you are aware of it, is constantly re-creating or reinforcing your Thought, Emotion, and Truth. To the degree that you let them, outside influences constantly affect you as well. This leads to an ongoing cycle.

However, you are fully responsible for the reality field in which you live. If you allow someone or something else to create your reality field, you have given away your power to create your own reality. You must be honest about the source of your current reality field before you can create a different one.

Coming up against reality fields created by daily experiences is a part of life in the horizontal world. From time to time, another real­ity field may take you by surprise and throw you off balance. When it does, pause, take a deep breath, acknowledge what is going on around you and inside you, choose the alternate reality field that will serve you in the moment, and work through your Thought, Emotion, and Truth to reinforce and sustain it.

How to Succeed? Focusing on Your Choice of Thoughts, Emotions, and Truth

When you first create a new reality field, it will not yet be your habitual way of living. You must vigilantly reinforce the new field un­til it becomes your default. The new reality field will then guide you through each choice, decision, or action. Again, the most effective action comes out of being. Embody the new reality, and it will begin to show you the steps to take.

We must continue to be aware that our own Thought, Emotion, and Truth are creating our personal reality fields in every moment. Which lane of the highway are we traveling in? What is the reality field we are creating? And will our current reality field support and sustain the greater potential that is wanting to unfold?

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