You Have Ideas for a Reason

You Have Ideas for a Reason

Did you ever have the experience of seeing a movie for which you had a very similar or even exact idea?

Did you ever think of an invention, and then a year or so later, that exact invention came out, created by someone else?

Perhaps a book you “wrote” in your mind but never put on paper suddenly appeared in the bookstores?

Ideas Come and Go, Literally

One of two things is possible:

1. You could have originated the idea, fully developed it in your mind (thus making it even more real) and then never took action on it . . . but the idea had been created. You did not just erase it — so the energy of the idea was just floating around out there. Eventually, someone else might have worked themselves into vibrational resonance with that energy and literally attracted your idea into their consciousness! They then took action on the idea and facilitated its coming into the physical.

2. Maybe it happened the other way around. Someone else originated the idea, did nothing with it, and it found its way to you, in search of some means to come into the physical. You thought it was “your idea,” but it was out there already. You just experienced that it was your idea. Either way, you attracted it!

So now that you know this, what do you do with it?

Inspired Ideas Are Opportunities

You first must realize that your inspired ideas are opportunities for you to fulfill your desires. They come to you at the perfect time and will hang around for the perfect duration for you to take action on them to fulfill your desires. If you do not act within that time-frame, the idea may very well move on to someone else as they become in resonance with it. You will always have this “residual memory” of this idea you had but never acted on, so when you see someone else fulfill your idea, you think, “Hey, that was my idea!”

So what is the lesson? If you have an idea, act on it, or understand that you are intentionally passing up an opportunity for your ultimate desires to be fulfilled.

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Remember that ideas are energy. Depending on how long and hard you focus on an idea, its energy is going to become all the stronger. The idea is destined for manifestation! You have the option of being its conduit into the physical. The Universe has determined that this is one of the more efficient ways for you to realize your goal.

Take Action, Or Not... It's Your Choice

You Have Ideas for a Reason, article by Bob DoyleYou can opt to take advantage of the opportunity or let your Ego give you a thousand reasons why you cannot or should not take action on it. There is not anything good or bad about either option. It is entirely your choice to create whatever you want, when you want!

Is every little stray thought a road sign from the Universe? Probably not (although it is an indication of what you’re vibrating). I think you understand the types of thoughts I am talking about. The ones that seem inspired . . . or the ones that really get you excited . . . the ones about which you spend the most time thinking.

These are the ideas with the power.

Let The Universe Figure Out the Details

By the way, it does not mean that you have to figure out everything about how to act on that idea. Just claim it and “be” that it has already happened. Feel that you have already facilitated the manifestation of that idea into the physical, and then allow the Universe to figure out the details regarding delivery.

You do not have to figure out where the money is coming from to build any prototypes. You do not have to worry about how Steven Spielberg is going to see your script. You do not have to worry about anything. Be that it has already happened and the Universe will lay the path out in front of you.

Do not complicate things by trying to intellectualize the whole process from beginning to end. Frankly, the Universe is going to provide a much better plan than we could probably ever figure out ourselves.

Can't Give Up Control? Just Pretend!

If you find it hard to totally give up control over the manifestation process, then just pretend you do not have a problem with giving up that control. It’s a simple little trick, but you will be amazed at how effective it is.

So if you have an idea, no matter what it is, and it really lights you up, do not just stop at thinking about the idea all the time. Add energy to it by thinking that you have already seen this idea through to completion and that it is a wild success. Then do not worry about how things will happen. Just start taking action as ideas occur to you.

Taking Action... One Step At a Time

If you start this process, and then seem suddenly bombarded with ideas that begin to propagate into others more quickly than you could possibly take action on, simply choose the one that seems most appealing to you and take action on it. Be totally okay with putting the other ideas on hold or letting them go completely.

You see, you could say to the Universe, “I desire this,” whatever it is, and then suddenly the Universe could bombard you with a vast array of possible ways to do that thing. Just choose one of those ways, and the Universe will keep giving you the nudges that will help you continue that particular path (remembering, of course, that sometimes you’ll be nudged in a completely different direction.)

You are going to have your desire fulfilled. You are simply choosing the path to get there. There aren’t any “wrong” choices. All choices will get you there in the most efficient manner possible — based on the choices you make along the way.

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Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power: Everything You Need to Know about the Law of Attraction
by Bob Doyle.

this article was excerpted from: Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power by Bob DoyleMotivational coach Bob Doyle, one of the teachers featured in the film version of The Secret, dispels the misconceptions and myths about the Law of Attraction and offers a practical, easy-to-use program for creating abundance and happiness. Follow Your Passion, Find Your Power is a down-to-earth, no-hype, motivational approach to get clear on your vision for your life, and follow a step-by-step plan to live your life by design.

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