A Kid Teaching Kids How To Make Apps

Thomas Suarez and his apps

There are apps for many things these days, and one assumes that apps are created by computer programmers whose job it is to do this.

When Apple released the iPhone they also released an iPhone Software Development kit and, a 12 year old named Thomas Suarez loved working with this and created his first app, Earth Fortune.

He has now invented a series of apps and has decided to teach other kids how to make apps. He has founded an "app club" at his school so that, as he says, "he could share his experiences with others".

He also convinced his parents to put up the $99 to join the App Store so that he could put his apps up for sale. He's now working with a third-party company to make an app and he continues working with his app club to make more apps and share his knowledge. The funds that come from the sales of the "apps club" creations are donated to the local education foundation.

Watch this video and be bowled over, not only by this young boy's knowledge, but by his presentation, self-confidence, and professionalism. Wow! Great going and good luck Thomas in the rest of your career.

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