We Are Not Beggars! We Are Adventurers

We Are Not Beggars! We Are Adventurers

One of the keys to receiving what you ask for or what you need, is in the asking. We've all heard of ask and you shall receive and I've been an avid proponent of that method myself.

However, there is asking and there is expecting. Now on the surface, those may seem to go hand in hand, yet they don't always do so. And they don't even necessarily have to go together -- you can expect something without even asking and unfortunately we sometimes use that to our detriment, as in "expecting things to go wrong".

We Are Not Beggars!

If we are Gods in Training, or Children of God  and thus Adult Gods in Training (or perhaps more aptly, Adolescent Gods), when we ask for something, who are we asking from? Are we like small children going to their parents and saying, "please, mommy (or daddy), please give me what I want... please, please, pleeeeeze".

Or rather are we like adults who are working on a project (in this case, our life). As are working on this project we notice what we need and just say to ourselves, I need this. For example, if you're working on a construction project, you have all your tools and materials around you. You're focused on the task at hand, and as you finish one part, then you say to yourself (or your Self), now I need the nails to affix this board to that one. And you reach over and grab some nails.

Recognizing What You Want

After your initial recognition, I need some nails, you didn't go on to say, please, oh please, please, please, I need some nails. You simply noticed that you needed nails, and made a statement or a thought, I need some nails. In this instance, what you wanted was right next to you, so you just reached over and took what you needed. Now in some other instances, it might have been necessary to go to the store, or to wait until the person you had sent came back from the store with what you had asked for.

So the process was: you noticed you needed something, made a statement or formed a thought, I need this thing, and then went on to do what you needed to do to get it, or you simply expected it to show up because you had sent someone (or the Universe) to get it.

Doubting That We Will Receive...

Now this is where manifestation gets tricky for a lot of us. We say I need this thing, and rather than either doing what we need to do to get it, or waiting until we discover where the Universe has placed it for us, we go around doubting: I asked for something but I wonder when it's going to get here, if at all. Maybe I should ask again, maybe my message didn't get through the first time. Or maybe I need to figure out something else, because it may never come. Maybe, maybe, maybe...

Mike Dooley, in his book Manifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier, compares the manifestation process to the way MapQuest works. I loved this explanation because it portrays how I see the Universe working, and now I see it much more clearly thanks to his explanation.

Now, as you may know, when you want directions on MapQuest.com, you only need two things: know where you are and know where you want to go. You type in the "start" and the "end" location and push the "Get Directions" button.

In life, the Universe is our copy of Mapquest: except since it actually knows where you are, you only need to tell it where you want to go or your "end result". Then you hit Send! And the Universe (à la MapQuest), goes through an infinite number of possibilities and comes up with the complete route on how you get from where you are to where you want to go. And all you have to do is "show up"... and it may even suggest a few alternate ways you can use to get there so you can pick the one you prefer.

Wrong Turn? The GPS Has It Covered!

We Are Not Beggars! We Are Adventurers with our very own GPSAnd just like your GPS system, if you take a "wrong turn", the Universe immediately starts to tell you how to get back on track, or if you've really gotten "way off" the planned route, it proceeds to recalculate and provides you with another way you can go -- with the same end location you had previously specified.

Now, what I love the most about this concept is that it shows so clearly that the road map and the connections are all there, just waiting for us to show up. The Universe has already examined the thousands (or millions) of possibilities, and mapped out the perfect route to get from A to B. You don't have to go out and study the map, compare the mileage, figure out which roads are dirt roads and which are toll roads, which will get you there sooner, etc. The Universe calculates all that for you. All you have to do is pay attention to the directions and take action.

So once you declare or realize what you want, you simply go about your business. You watch for road signs (synchronicities, synergies, coincidences, "random" connections, etc.), listen to the directions (turn here NOW / be here NOW), and enjoy the ride. You don't have to plan each and every move. You simply have to go with the flow and make sure you're present for the action you need to take.

Trust and Go

When you place a request with the Universe, you need to trust and know that it will get you to your desired destination. Place the request and go about your business, listening to your intuition, keeping your eyes open for the connections that the Universe has set in your path, and overall, generally enjoy being alive.

Don't waste your time checking the tracking every other minute, or like the child in the back seat, asking continuously are we there yet? Just make sure you're paying attention and following the directions that are being provided to you, constantly and free of charge, courtesy of the ultimate G.P.S. (God's Perfect Solution).

So What's the Problem?

Our problem is that after we state what we want, we go on to state things like "but I know this will never work", "I'll never reach my goal", "This is going to be hard if not impossible". So our trusty GPS system responds accordingly.

If we say that we'll never reach our goal, it takes that as instructions and goes into re-planning mode and finds all kinds of ways and detours to keep us from reaching our destination. If we believe that it's going to be hard, it (in a very non-judgmental way) reroutes us to all kind of difficulties, bumpy roads, roads under construction, and those with traffic jams.

This is why it is so important for us to watch our words and our thoughts, because our supportive GPS system only wants to give us what we desire. And if it believes that we want to struggle, or not reach our intended destination, it will do everything it can to assist us in making it so.

Depressing? Discouraging? Not at all, since it's in our power to control the words out of our mouth, and make course corrections on the thoughts in our head. Whenever you find yourself giving false or off-road directions (either through your words or your thoughts/beliefs), say "Cancel". (I repeat it three times to make sure the message got through.) Then restate your intended destination, the one that will bring you joy and love... and let the Universe recalculate your route. And pay attention to the directions as you go along, confident that if you make a wrong turn, the Universe's GPS system will be there to recalculate and set you back on track.

Recommended book:

Recommended book: Manifesting Change by Mike DooleyManifesting Change: It Couldn't Be Easier
by Mike Dooley.

Click here for more info and/or to order this book on Amazon.

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