Become Abundant by Realizing Your Greater Potential

Become Abundant by Realizing Your Greater Potential

Whether you are consciously aware of it or not, deep inside you are seeking growth and aliveness, wanting to manifest your potential, and be all you can be. Most people are seeking a life filled with joy, love, security, creative self-expression, enjoyable and meaningful activities, and self-esteem. The desire to create something new, whether it is a pair of shoes, a new house, or a large sum of money, comes because you are ready to grow and achieve more of your potential. Most people think that having money will fill a need, allowing them to experience a feeling, quality, or situation they don't now have.

Some people think a large sum of money will give them feelings of aliveness, well-being, self-esteem, inner peace, love, power, or security. They think with money they will be free from worry and will be able to relax and play, or not do activities they don't want to do.

Tools to Help Fully Express Your Potential

Money and objects by themselves will not automatically fill your needs, or give you the feelings you want. If you think that having more money will give you inner peace, allowing the quality of inner peace into your life is your key to becoming magnetic to more money. Whatever you think having more money will give you — that is the quality you need to develop to become more magnetic to money and abundance. View money and things not as something you create to fill a lack, but as tools to help you more fully express yourself and realize your potential.

You can start satisfying those needs right now. You can have a joyful, fulfilling life, and realize your greater potential without the material things you want to create. The essence of anything that will serve your higher good is within your reach. The universe doesn't say you can have what is good for you only after you make a million dollars. The universe says that whatever is for your higher good you can have right now, today. Ask yourself what you want money to give you, and then think of ways you could have the essence of those things right now.

For instance, some people think that having money will make their lives simpler. You can have a simpler life right now by developing and expressing the qualities that will allow you to do so, such as inner peace, well-being, or inner silence. Money will not give you a simpler life. In fact, if you do not learn to bring those qualities into your life that make your life simpler, money may make your life more complex rather than simplify it. If you have been wanting a simpler life, what could you do right now to begin to simplify your life?

Be Who You Want to Be and Live How You Want to Live

Some people hope that when they have money they will be able to stop doing the things they don't enjoy. To begin to let go of doing things you don't enjoy, learn to honor and respect yourself more. You can begin by learning how to stop doing the small things you don't enjoy right now; as you do, you gain more honor and respect for yourself, and will build up to doing only things you enjoy.

Some people are motivated to make money because they think that having it will take away their problems and lessons. You cannot live on earth and avoid lessons; but you can learn them easily and with joy, rather than struggle. Developing the qualities of inner wisdom and peace will help you see your problems as opportunities for growth, which will help you deal with them more easily than having money ever will.

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You may want a large sum of money in order to feel secure. Security does not come from accumulating wealth. Some people have created multi-million-dollar empires, and still do not feel secure. In fact, if they do not learn to feel secure, more money may amplify their feelings of insecurity or intensify their fears. For you, feeling secure might come from developing qualities such as courage and trusting your inner guidance. If you have a feeling of security within, you will be able to create a life that reflects that feeling. If you want more security in your life, stop for a moment, get quiet, and ask yourself what quality you could develop that would help you feel more secure.

Some people want money because they think it will make them feel more powerful. We are not referring to ego power, the kind that manipulates or controls others, but true power, which comes from reaching upward, gaining inner peace, manifesting your potential, and operating from the light of your soul rather than from your personality. What qualities, if you experienced them more often, would assist you in experiencing more personal power? Find ways to express these qualities, and do these activities more often.

Money is Not the Goal - Happiness is the Goal

Become Abundant by Realizing Your Greater PotentialOne man's goal for fifteen years was to create a million dollars, retire, and take life easy. One day he realized that he was hardly any closer to having this sum than he had been years earlier. He had tried in every way he knew to get rich. He had made various investments with mixed results, had worked as hard as he could at his job, and had saved a small sum for his retirement.

He took the time to think about what a million dollars would give him, and decided it would allow him time to relax and give him freedom to do some of the activities he loved. He decided to start finding time for relaxation and the activities he loved, without having the money first, since it appeared that if he waited for the money he might never live the life he wanted.

After trying several approaches to relaxing, he realized that he needed to develop the quality of self-respect, for every time he tried to take time to relax or do the activities he loved, other obligations and duties would stop him. He looked at what self-respect meant to him, and decided it meant giving himself permission to spend quiet time alone and to pursue some hobbies that gave him joy.

He started playing a musical instrument he had loved playing earlier in his life As he spent more time alone, many wonderful melodies and lyrics went through his mind and he recorded them. As he pursued his music, he found his creativity opening up in other areas of his life. His self-respect began to increase. He got a promotion at work and a job offer for much more pay which he took. Eventually he sold the music he composed to several movie companies, and he was on his way to greater wealth than he had ever known. By developing self-respect he created not only the money he wanted, but many other wonderful things as well — a job he loved, a life that was fulfilling and satisfying, and an opportunity to realize his greater potential and skills.

Attaining Joy and Self-Fulfillment

If you are in touch with the needs you want money to fulfill and the higher qualities you hope it will bring you, and you work on developing those qualities, the money you attract will bring you joy and self-fulfillment. If you don't know what deeper needs and higher qualities you want to express by having something, you may or may not be satisfied with it when you receive it, even though you are able to attract it. You may be making more money right now than at another time of your life, and yet not feel any more abundant or rich than you did at a lower income. If your inner needs are not satisfied, no amount of money will feel like enough.

A woman decided that the quality she wanted was a feeling of aliveness, and she realized that for her it came through taking classes at the local college, spending an hour several times a week reading a book, and treating herself to frequent, long, warm soaks in the bathtub. Another man wanted more inner peace, and he realized that what gave it to him was frequent exercise, an occasional weekend spent fishing, and time to build a small workshop for himself where he could put his tools and build things.

As you express the higher qualities you think more money will give you, radiating those qualities outward with your words, actions, and being, you will become magnetic to money and objects that are physical expressions of your new level of consciousness. Developing any higher quality — be it love, inner peace, well-being, happiness, courage, personal power, or self-respect, will change your vibration and make you magnetic to whatever matches your new vibration. You will become magnetic not only to more money, but to all the forms that will help you express your new level of growth. You will draw to you the things you know you want, as well as having things come to you before you are aware you need them. You will attract things that are better than what you ask for and everything around you will fit who you are.

You are a magnificent and powerful being. Believe that you deserve to have the best life you can imagine!

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Excerpted with permission from "Creating Money"
by Sanaya Roman and Duane Packer,
©1988, published by H J Kramer, Inc.

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Creating Money: Keys to Abundance
by Sanaya Roman & Duane Parker.

Creating Money: Keys to Abundance by Sanaya Roman & Duane Parker.This book is a course in manifesting and creating abundance in your life. Section I, Creating Money, is a step-by-step guide to the art of manifesting. The second section, Developing Mastery, will help you learn to work with and move through any blocks you may have about allowing abundance into your life. The third section, Creating Your Life's Work, will help you learn to make money and create abundance through doing the things you love. The fourth section, Having Money, is about having and increasing money and abundance in your life. You will learn how to create joy, peace, harmony, clarity, and self-love with your money, letting it flow and increase.

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