You Are Worthy and You Deserve the Best! Really!!!

You Are Worthy and You Deserve the Best! Really!We must be clear on our vision of who we are, the goals we hold most sacred, and what we deserve. When you seek to attain any goal, Abraham suggests that you focus on two questions: “Why do I want this?” and “Why do I deserve this?”  When you are clear on those two answers...

Been Downsized? Fired? Limit The Stress of Job Loss

Been Downsized? Fired? Need to Find a Job?-job loss

Whether or not your own job is in jeopardy in the near future, at some point in your career, you may become a victim of downsizing (if you haven’t already). Being laid off is one of the most traumatic events we can experience. Getting fired is the eighth most stressful life experience, behind the...

A Kid Teaching Kids How To Make Apps

Thomas Suarez and his apps

There are apps for many things these days, and one assumes that apps are created by computer programmers whose job it is to do this. But some apps are being created by a 12 year old boy and his apps club.

Is Persistence The Key to Success?

Persistence Is The Key to SuccessThere are four simple steps which lead to the habit of persistence. They call for no great amount of intelligence, no particular amount of education, and but little time or effort. 

Don't Say A Word!

Don't Say A Word!

When we decide to go on a diet, or quit smoking, etc. we tell our friends. We think that this will help us attain our goals more easily. After all, we told our friends and family, so we try harder to succeed... Well, new research shows that the opposite is true! You're better off not saying a word! Read this article to find out more.

Missed Opportunities: Refusing the Flow

Missed Opportunities: Refusing the FlowHow many of us have dreams, or things we've always wanted to do, but never have? What is it that stops us even when the Universe keeps sending us reminders and pointers? "...a man who had just retired at 70 had been an engineer, and he’d always wanted to write poetry, but..."

Mastering the Power of Adversity: It Can Be Done!

mastering adversityThere are over six billion people on the face of the earth. Virtually every one of them is currently enduring some form of adversity, from professional setbacks, relationship problems, and varying degrees of physical or mental illness, to misplaced car keys...

Are You Wasting Energy on Goals That Suck?

Wasting Energy on Goals That SuckClever ingenious creatures that we are, we can attain anything we set our mind to. Before you set your mind to anything, however, make sure it is something you want. Many people in our culture are clamoring for fame and fortune...

The Ebb and Flow of Life: The Tide Always Comes Back In

The Tide Always Comes Back In

by Alan Cohen. A coaching client told me about a friend of hers who was freaking out because “the economy is never going to recover.” I suggested to her that her friend was suffering not from economic distress, but simple nearsightedness. Of course the economy is...

Earth Money

Earth Money

by Judy Gins. Many of us who walk on this earth have obsessed about money and materialism in such a way that too much negativity and unpleasantness have been the result. We have forgotten that the earth is our temple, our home and our gift, and when we abuse it in this way, we miss the magical and transformational powers of it. Often we want to donate and give back to the earth but...

Banking On Micro-Credit

Banking On Micro-Credit

by Gail E. Neumann. Sometimes a new way of thinking is required to effectively address old problems which have seemed hopeless, unsolvable. In the Bible it says the poor will always be with us. Maybe... but there's no excuse for the depths of poverty experienced in the world today. It is unconscionable that the poorest in developing countries were actually better off...

Balancing Life's Choices: How to Be Happy With Your Job

Balancing Lifes Choices: How to Be Happy With Your Job?Important consideration has been given to money earned, retirement benefits, chances of advancement, etc. Considering that most of us spend half of our waking hours working at a job, it might serve to pay  attention to one's level of job satisfaction. In other words, do you enjoy your work?

Are You a Winner? Are You Ready & Willing to Win?

Are You a Winner? Are You Ready & Willing to Win?

by Marie T. Russell. Every year, I watch the Academy Awards. As I think back upon those evenings, I realize that much of the Academy Awards can be a reflection on our own attitude towards winning and losing, and also to our attitude about success -- whether we are talking about success in our careers, relationships, health and fitness program...

How to Develop Spiritual Balance

Q: In your tape series "Loving Relationships" you explain how females have a natural spiritual balance. You also mention that when women figure that out and stop trying to compete with male energies, they will begin to know their power. Do you have any thoughts...

How False Money Myths Work and How to Dismantle Them

Money MythsWe live in a sea of beliefs and assumptions that govern how we see the world. Implicit and unspoken, they subtly determine all aspects of our lives. When we act on the basis of these beliefs, our actions are programmed by them and the results we obtain reflect them.

Enhance Your Career With Self-Discovery of Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness Throgh Self-Discovery

by Stuart Wilde. Our life's journey of self-discovery is not a straight line rising from one level of consciousness to another. Instead, it is a series of steep climbs and flat plateaus that take place within our spiritual perception and psychology. The plane of day-to-day existence that...

Vanity and Pride vs. Prosperity and Being of Service to Others

Vanity & Pride vs. Prosperity & Serving Others

by James Dillehay. Vanity means pride or self-worship, which is different from self-love. In the effervescence of gaining achievement, it is easy to become enamored with oneself. Feeling good about yourself is healthy. When self-love turns to self-worship...

Being Lost: But Not Lost In Life

Being Lost: But Not Lost In LifeWhat does it mean, exactly, to be "lost"? Perhaps this: we don't know how to get from where we are to where we want to be. I may know where I am physically but be lost because I have no idea what I want to do next in my life...

Don't Worry, Be Happy! Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!

Don't Worry, Be Happy! Don't Sweat the Small Stuff!

People have an innate capacity for happiness. When we are happy, we are more competent, productive, and creative. Without the internal distractions of anger, depression, frustration, and especially worry, our relationships flourish, stress diminished, new doors opened, and...

Being True to Your Passion or Feeling Burnt Out?

Are You Burnt Out?

by Alan H. Cohen. People who have found their true calling report that they are having so much fun, they feel like they should be paying people to let them do it. Their gifts go far beyond the obvious service they perform; they are teaching (by example) authentic self-expression...

Radically Redefining Success: Being Better Than Yourself

Radically Redefining Success: Being Better Than Yourself

by Phil Cousineau. According to H. A. Harris, the ancient Olympic Games were an integrated preparation for a life of quality. "Players fifty years ago wanted to win just as much as players today," writes legendary basketball coach John Wooden. "In classical times, the courageous struggle for a noble cause was considered success in itself."

Bridging The Values Generation Gap

Bridging The Values Generation Gap

by Rebecca Barnett. Our parents teach us right from wrong, though sometimes our grandparents or an exceptional teacher makes an impact. These values become integrated in all you do and carry into all parts of your life. Today, work has become the main connector in our search for values...

Living from Love or Living from Fear?

Living from Love or Living from Fear?

by William R. Yoder Ph.D., D.C.  Any approach that makes peace and happiness dependent on a particular outcome or circumstances is implicitly saying that you are not enough just as you are — that to experience a truly happy and successful life, you must "achieve" and "earn" and "attain" and "acquire" (fame, power, wealth, accomplishments, etc.). 

A Case for Courage


by Rebecca Barnett. James Bregman, 1964 Olympian, says, "The real courage is what you do on a daily basis, how you conduct yourself to the standards you have set. That will lead to doing the right thing. The more times you do the next right thing, the more ingrained proper conduct becomes. It starts with little things..."

Excuses for Not Setting Goals

Excuses for Not Setting Goals

by Dawn Groves. Some lucky folks have only one aspiration weighing on their minds, making it easy to choose a goal. Others can't seem to focus on anything specific. In either case, there are many ways to get around it...

Stress and Spiritual Goal Setting

Stress and Spiritual Goal Setting

by Dawn Groves. Modern life can be deeply stressful and confusing because of its complexity. Like a maze with too many directions, life fosters anxiety because it is difficult to know which way to go. This chapter can help you navigate...

Self-Help Success

We desire success almost as much as we need to breathe. From the moment we are born we want to do more, get more, be more. Success can be described as the courage to let out the potent dreams and potentialities already in us, simply to give them air. Most people don't do this because it seems dangerous. Yet those who have gone this way do see it simply as the normal path of life.

Visionary Mustard Seed

I was asked to write a short article in which I both explain how I came to be a publisher of spiritual, self-help, and natural health books and disclose my publishing mission. The story itself is quite fascinating. Behind the chronological storyline is the unseen thread of spiritual intent which was the invisible weaver...

The Power Of Passion

What geniuses do is straightforward enough — they recognize their gifts, and then they fully and completely embrace their craft. These people have achieved success because they surrendered fully and completely to their passion. Their first and utmost priority in their life is their work, and they give themselves to it without question.

Big Visions for Small Businesses

Big Visions for Small Businesses

by Jamie S. Walters. Unlike many companies that seem to have a significant gap between espoused principles and actual decisions and effects, big-vision small-business owners may opt to avoid quantitative growth, turn away a profitable account, or forego entry into a hot new market if it means casting aside the core values upon which their business is based.

Attaining Right Livelihood

Attaining Right Livelihood

by Rick Lewis. The straight-up and simple standard for right livelihood is that we find work that does not harm others and, ideally, which serves others with maximum benefit. If the work we engage gives us some degree of satisfaction and serves in general as a point of connection and opportunity for cooperation...

Values in the Workplace

Values in the Workplace

by Lenedra J. Carroll. An understanding of values is essential in business operation: not as a semantic discussion about the difference between a value and a principle or a quality, but rather as discussion about what we value. What do we value and how are those values operating in our families, our work, or our communities?

Dreams Happen

Dreams Happen

by Lynn A. Robinson. One of the biggest challenges facing many of my clients is that they talk themselves out of their hopes and dreams before they even begin. They do this because they can't figure out how to get to where they want to go. I'd like to propose a radical alternative. Don't try to figure out how to reach your goal; let the Universe help you.

A Simple Plan for Success

I'm a true fan of self-help books. I keep a stack of five or six of them by my bed and read them before going to sleep at night. Following is my distillation of some of these ideas, but with an intuitive spin on them...

How I Found My Own Life Path

Career Management, life path,career choice, life change

For many dissatisfaction with career or current employment is leading them to search for a new path or direction. John Benson shares his experience and insights on this process. Though no doubt a lifelong process, my journey toward a metaphysical perspective began to accelerate in late 1988, in response to my employment situation...

Business, God, and Magic

I made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God, as I understand God. That's it, in a nutshell -- at least for me: Just keep turning it over to God, asking to do God's will. That's the one simple solution. Whenever you have a problem, turn it over to God...

Competing for Life

Competition has become so much a part of how we work, live, and love that it is difficult to consider a life not based upon it. We are so immersed in our toxic competition to be successful that those who are not driven by this obsession are seen as 'out of it,' not fully engaged in the game of life, or even cowardly.

Difficult Behavior in the Workplace

Difficult Behavior in the Workplace

by Kathleen Hawkins. In the process of living, people may feel frustrated, angry, depressed, or other emotions that we might consider difficult. This behavior can thwart or complicate our best intentions at work. How can you keep a positive perspective when less-than-professional behavior bogs down business? Here are 12 ideas...

Life's Sweet Nectar

by Marcus Robinson. Many of us are confused about the nature of values. Because of this vague understanding of values, it is not surprising to find that even well educated, highly trained, and somewhat wealthy adults often rate themselves moderate to low on the scale of...

Gaining Time: Prioritizing, Multitasking, Planning

Gaining Time: Prioritizing, Multitasking, Planning

Humans invented the measurement of hours fairly early on in our history. Then we added minutes and seconds. We've only recently conceived of the nanosecond. We've forgotten that time is fiction, a simple measuring device we created. We imbue time with significance, judge it as being "quality" or not, and race against it.

Achieving Your Dreams by Working Your Goals

Achieving Your Dreams by Working Your GoalsI was about eight years old when I announced that I was going to play for the Yankees. My parents were receptive to my dream and talked about what it would take to achieve such a difficult goal. They told me hat I could do anything I wanted in life if I worked hard enough and stayed dedicated to it.

Take What'cha Got and Make What'cha Want

Take What'cha Got and Make What'cha WantMany years ago my mentor told me, Take whatcha got and make whatcha want. We all want to change our lives for the better. The question is, how? There are two ways you can change your life...

Conscious Workplace: One Action at a Time

conscious workplaceAt the office, we can demonstrate our personal relationship with, to quote Ernest Holmes, the "Unity behind all things," by having integrity, ethics, compassion for others, and respect for the planet. By doing so, we re-enact our divine nature in the workplace.

Surviving External Pressures & Resolving Conflict Positively

preventing conflict

Our belief systems are very real and solid to us and filled with myriad preconceptions about what is "right" and what is "wrong". When something occurs that contradicts our preconceptions, we immediately react defensively. This defensiveness is the seed of conflict...

Understanding and Applying the Three Keys to Success

Understanding and Applying the Three Keys to SuccessI can tell you that learning effective human-relations skills completely changed and dramatically improved my life. Since getting along with people is crucial, it's important to learn how to get along early in your life. Human-relations skills should be taught from kindergarten through college...

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! by Marie T. Russell

It is good to have a fresh start on January 1st... this gives us the needed motivation to release our previous beliefs and behaviors. Although the difference between Dec. 31st and January 1st is only one day, our psyche measures it as a major milestone in our existence...

Maximize Your Business Success

Business Success

In this time of high unemployment, many people will turn to starting their own small business. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 new businesses fail within the first three years. However, following these basic principles will give you a better chance of success...

Humble Pie? No Thanks! I Gave It My Best Shot!

Humble Pie? No Thanks!I've given myself permission to be proud of who I am, of what I've accomplished, and the greatness that is in store for me. Now, some of you may have a strong reaction to this "who does she think she is anyway?" That's easy enough to answer. I am...

Don't Worry! Stop Being Such a Perfectionist!

Don't Worry! Stop Being Such a Perfectionist!

A way of preventing worry is to stop being such a perfectionist. You don't have to do everything flawlessly. It's mainly in the mind that you worry about doing everything just right. I've learned to replace perfectionism with permission to be human...