The Science of Getting What You Want

The Science of Getting What You Want

Success is attaining your goals in all aspects of your life, not just in your finances or career. "Follow out these principles of action and you cannot fail to get what you want; for the universe is so constructed that all things must work together for your good."

Learning Outside the Academy (and Outside the Box)

Learning Outside the Academy (and Outside the Box)

Too many people think you need permission to learn something or that difficult things have to be learned in school. However, the prevalence of this attitude is much lower among entrepreneurs than practically any other group. Hopefully by explaining alternative strategies for learning I can help...

Feeling Down? Give to Feel Good

Feeling Down? Give to Feel Good

Many people say that they would love to help others in need but can’t because they have to get through their own personal crisis/situation first. How can I give to others when I don’t have much myself? Once they are taken care of, then they will help others. Sorry; that’s not how it works...

How to Reduce Anxiety Ahead of Time

How to Reduce & Combat Anxiety by Eric Maisel

A great deal of the anxiety we experience is anticipatory. Carefully preparing for situations that provoke anxiety in you is the key to reducing this kind of anxiety. If public speaking makes you anxious and you’re about to give interviews, preparing answers beforehand will help...

Financial Freedom: What Is It Really?

Financial Freedom: What Is It Really?

by Suze Orman. What do you want from your money? College tuition for your kids? A bigger house? Security when you retire? Wouldn't it be great simply to have enough money so you don't have to worry? The "enough money" part of that equation is easy. The "so you don't have to worry" part is much more complex...

The Trick to Money is Having Some

The Trick to Money is Having Some

Money is a symbol of energy and as such it has no real, intrinsic value. It is neither good nor bad, positive nor negative. It is impartial. The guy who wrote that "money is the root of all evil" just flat out didn't...

Desire: The Starting Point of All Achievement

Desire: The Starting Point of All Achievement

Edwin C. Barnes’ desire was not a hope! It was not a wish! It was a keen, pulsating desire, which transcended everything else. It was definite. It had been Barnes’ dominating desire for a long time. In the beginning, it may have...

Reasons for Failure: Fatal Alibis That Prevent Success

Reasons for Failure: Fatal Alibis That Prevent Success

People who do not succeed have one distinguishing trait in common. They know all the reasons for failure, and have what they believe to be airtight alibis to explain away their own lack of achievement. As you read the list, examine...

The Universe of Infinite Plenty: Abundance Unveiled

abundant money

by John Randolph Price. The universe of infinite plenty assures us that enjoying wealth on the material plane is not only our right and duty, but is the law. In other words, we must be rich -- not as a possibility, but as a certainty. Of course, it is possible to overcome or break the law...

Been Downsized? Fired? Limit The Stress of Job Loss

Been Downsized? Fired? Need to Find a Job?-job loss

Whether or not your own job is in jeopardy in the near future, at some point in your career, you may become a victim of downsizing (if you haven’t already). Being laid off is one of the most traumatic events we can experience. Getting fired is the eighth most stressful life experience, behind the...

A Kid Teaching Kids How To Make Apps

Thomas Suarez and his apps

There are apps for many things these days, and one assumes that apps are created by computer programmers whose job it is to do this. But some apps are being created by a 12 year old boy and his apps club.

Maximize Your Business Success

Business Success

In this time of high unemployment, many people will turn to starting their own small business. Statistics show that 8 out of 10 new businesses fail within the first three years. However, following these basic principles will give you a better chance of success...

Managing Money & Investment Mistakes

It's so much easier not to deal with serious issues like death, taxes, and money. Unfortunately, they're a part of life. When it comes to money, we all make mistakes. And, surely there are more than ten mistakes to be made. But if you're nimble, you'll not only avoid these mistakes, you'll probably avoid others as well.

Money is a State of Mind and Flows in Channels

Money is a State of Mind and Flows in Channels

What is money if not a state of mind? If we view money as an energy, naturally flowing to us as we earn a livelihood, then we should be concerned with the quality of the service we give to others and the amount money will flow.

Our financial smarts erode quickly after age 60

It must be someone’s idea of a joke. If so, it’s a cruel one. Consider: We ask older Americans to make complicated financial decisions about Social Security, Medicare, retirement distributions and more — just when they are losing their fast ball.

Don't Say A Word!

Don't Say A Word!

When we decide to go on a diet, or quit smoking, etc. we tell our friends. We think that this will help us attain our goals more easily. After all, we told our friends and family, so we try harder to succeed... Well, new research shows that the opposite is true! You're better off not saying a word! Read this article to find out more.

Tracking the Financial Bogeyman

One of the most important weapons to use against your financial bogeyman is tracking. Simply put, tracking involves noting all the money that comes in and all that goes out. Every time you spend or receive money, you will write it down, whether you’re paying with cash, check, or a debit or credit card; whether you’re...

Financial Recovery

Twenty-seven years ago, I lived at a prestigious address in the exclusive neighborhood of Pacific Heights near the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. If you’d seen me then, you may have thought, “Wow, what a success!” But, as we know, appearances can be deceiving. The truth was that I was flat broke. Bill collectors were...

Are You a Winner? Are You Ready & Willing to Win?

Are You a Winner? Are You Ready & Willing to Win?

by Marie T. Russell. Every year, I watch the Academy Awards. As I think back upon those evenings, I realize that much of the Academy Awards can be a reflection on our own attitude towards winning and losing, and also to our attitude about success -- whether we are talking about success in our careers, relationships, health and fitness program...

How to Develop Spiritual Balance

Q: In your tape series "Loving Relationships" you explain how females have a natural spiritual balance. You also mention that when women figure that out and stop trying to compete with male energies, they will begin to know their power. Do you have any thoughts...

Generating Abundance

by Paul, via Penelope Ashton. It is true that money should never be used as the only yardstick for accomplishment, but it is useless to pretend that is not so. That may change in the future, but for the now, money is the measure to be used as an exchange of energy. As always, the end result to strive for is balance...

Enhance Your Career With Self-Discovery of Higher Consciousness

Higher Consciousness Throgh Self-Discovery

by Stuart Wilde. Our life's journey of self-discovery is not a straight line rising from one level of consciousness to another. Instead, it is a series of steep climbs and flat plateaus that take place within our spiritual perception and psychology. The plane of day-to-day existence that...

How Riches Come to You

by Wallace D. Wattles & Dr. Judith Powell.

When we say that you do not have to drive sharp bargains, we do not mean that you do not have to drive any bargains at all, or that you are above the need to deal with your fellow human beings. We mean that you will not need to deal with them unfairly. You do not have to get something for nothing, and you can give to every person more than you take from them.

Bridging The Values Generation Gap

Bridging The Values Generation Gap

by Rebecca Barnett. Our parents teach us right from wrong, though sometimes our grandparents or an exceptional teacher makes an impact. These values become integrated in all you do and carry into all parts of your life. Today, work has become the main connector in our search for values...

Visionary Mustard Seed

I was asked to write a short article in which I both explain how I came to be a publisher of spiritual, self-help, and natural health books and disclose my publishing mission. The story itself is quite fascinating. Behind the chronological storyline is the unseen thread of spiritual intent which was the invisible weaver...

The Power Of Passion

Why Geniuses Have Genius: The Power of Passion
What geniuses do is straightforward enough — they recognize their gifts, and then they fully and completely embrace their craft. These people have achieved success because they surrendered fully and completely to their passion. Their first and utmost priority in their life is their work, and they give themselves to it without question.

The Floating Fig Miracle

I was famished. I had not eaten for many hours . I began to feel anxious about not being able to get anything to eat until the next day. Somehow, I reasoned, I would be taken care of; even if I had to go without food for a while, my heart was full. I surrendered my sense of struggle and remembered...

Difficult Behavior in the Workplace

Difficult Behavior in the Workplace

by Kathleen Hawkins. In the process of living, people may feel frustrated, angry, depressed, or other emotions that we might consider difficult. This behavior can thwart or complicate our best intentions at work. How can you keep a positive perspective when less-than-professional behavior bogs down business? Here are 12 ideas...

Fears of Managing Money

by Frederick S. Brown. Many of us are terrified of handling our money because we don't believe we can do it well, and to do it wrong would jeopardize our very existence. On a deeper level we know that money is not the source of life, but our egos don't, and they drive us to act as if it were. They imprison us in self-doubts and prevent us from...

Wilde About Abundance

by Stuart Wilde. If someone in a store undercharges you without realizing it, is it best to own up, or thank the universe for delivering more abundance? In the eyes of the universe, is it dishonorable not to pay back money you owe? What are the most sound investments to make in the coming years?

How I Found My Own Life Path

Career Management, life path,career choice, life change

For many dissatisfaction with career or current employment is leading them to search for a new path or direction. John Benson shares his experience and insights on this process. Though no doubt a lifelong process, my journey toward a metaphysical perspective began to accelerate in late 1988, in response to my employment situation...

Business, God, and Magic

I made a decision to turn my will and my life over to the care of God, as I understand God. That's it, in a nutshell -- at least for me: Just keep turning it over to God, asking to do God's will. That's the one simple solution. Whenever you have a problem, turn it over to God...

Competing for Life

Competition has become so much a part of how we work, live, and love that it is difficult to consider a life not based upon it. We are so immersed in our toxic competition to be successful that those who are not driven by this obsession are seen as 'out of it,' not fully engaged in the game of life, or even cowardly.

Values in the Workplace

Values in the Workplace

by Lenedra J. Carroll. An understanding of values is essential in business operation: not as a semantic discussion about the difference between a value and a principle or a quality, but rather as discussion about what we value. What do we value and how are those values operating in our families, our work, or our communities?

What Is Wealth?

Wealth is something we create. It is not merely there, waiting for us to find it and lay claim to it. Thus we see that it isn't only that we attract money to us: We attract energy, which then manifests itself in the form of money.

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! by Marie T. Russell

It is good to have a fresh start on January 1st... this gives us the needed motivation to release our previous beliefs and behaviors. Although the difference between Dec. 31st and January 1st is only one day, our psyche measures it as a major milestone in our existence...

Banking On Micro-Credit

Banking On Micro-Credit

by Gail E. Neumann. Sometimes a new way of thinking is required to effectively address old problems which have seemed hopeless, unsolvable. In the Bible it says the poor will always be with us. Maybe... but there's no excuse for the depths of poverty experienced in the world today. It is unconscionable that the poorest in developing countries were actually better off...


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