13 Strategies to Help Alleviate and Heal Your Sinusitis

picture of a woman blowing her nose

Inflammation in the sinuses, called sinusitis, creates head pain, facial tenderness, eyeball aching, and even a sensation that feels like the teeth are long. These symptoms make sinusitis sound like a type of torture, as any sufferer will confirm.

Cancer Meditation and Cancer Medication: A Powerful Combination

picture of colorful fireworks in the sky

Each cell has its own biological clock that controls its individual rate of repair, replication, and death. Cancer cells are part of your body. At one time, they functioned perfectly well. For mostly unknown causes, a cell of any tissue type may...

Learning The Art of Non-Violence and of Dog Training

image of a dog and puppy touching noses

Nonviolent dog training allows you to create a partnership with your dog using gentle persuasion based in kindness, respect, and compassion. This gentle persuasion is what the nonviolent dog training is all about. In this method, you use gentleness with a flexible yet non-compromising attitude...

Transformation: Taking Back our Power from People and Parasites

Transformation: Taking Back our Power from People and Parasites

I believe that both Lyme disease and parasites are teaching us to love ourselves, claim our power, toughen up, and strengthen our boundaries on all levels. After one has worked with clearing on an energetic level, then we can proceed to the physical treatment... 

How Many People Get Long Covid? And Who Is Most At Risk?

How Many People Get Long Covid And Who Is Most At Risk?

Tens of millions of Americans have been infected with and survived COVID-19. Thankfully, many survivors get back to normal health within two weeks of getting sick, but for some COVID-19 survivors – including my patient – symptoms can persist for months.

3 Technologies Poised To Change Food And The Planet

3 Technologies Poised To Change Food And The PlanetAgriculture’s impact on the planet is massive and relentless. Roughly 40 per cent of the Earth’s surface is used for cropland and grazing. The number of domestic animals far outweighs remaining wild populations.

Dieting May Slow Metabolism But It Doesn't Ruin It

Fruits and vegetables on a dinner plate that looks like a bathroom scale.

While there are many reasons why this weight regain may happen, some popular claims online are that it’s because dieting permanently wrecks your metabolism. But while it’s true that dieting slows your metabolism, it also improves your metabolism in many positive ways.

How AI Can Now Learn To Manipulate Human Behaviour

a face made up of bits and pieces of data

Artificial intelligence (AI) is learning more about how to work with (and on) humans. A recent study has shown how AI can learn to identify vulnerabilities in human habits and behaviours and use them to influence human decision-making.

How Vitamin and Mineral Supplements Give You A More Effective Defence Against Disease

man drinking clear liquid from a cup

Older people have weaker immune responses and are known to respond less well than younger adults to many vaccines, including the seasonal influenza vaccine. This is partly down to frailty, which cannot be easily remedied, but can also be due to deficiencies in vitamins and minerals – known as micronutrients.



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