Beyond Fear: Meditation to Release Fears One by One

Beyond Fear: Meditation to Release Fears One by One

The master, who you desire to become, you already are. It is actually a mental state you reach after the illusions are removed and higher-level thinking replaces them.

Fears are the biggest blocks that keep people from achieving the level of mastery they desire. The subconscious mind draws to us whatever we think about. Fear is a very strongly energized thought and has a lot of power to create undesirable conditions in our lives. "Like attracts like" and if you are always thinking of fearful things, the very things you fear will be attracted to you. You control your attitudes by what you think. The important thing to remember is that you are in control, this is mastership. Circumstances do not control your thinking, you make the choice. An effective exercise to eliminate fear is visualization.

Meditation to Eliminate Fears One by One

Allow me to lead you through a meditation to eliminate one of your fears. First, I want you to identify the fear you want to eliminate at this time. You can choose a different fear the next time you practice this exercise. In your visualization pretend that you have already mastered the fear and see yourself doing the thing you feared without being afraid. Now let's enter the still state to eliminate the fear you have identified.

Assume the meditation position. Close your eyes and take a deep breath through your nose and hold it three seconds and let it out of your mouth very slowly.

We are going to start progressively relaxing your body, beginning with your feet. You may use some other relaxation technique instead of this one, if it is too difficult for you.

I want you to tense the muscles in your feet. Do this now! Curl the toes, tense the feet muscles, now let them go and feel the muscles relax. Pause. Now tense the muscles in you legs and thighs, now relax them. Feel them growing very relaxed and limp. Pause, now move up and feel the wave of relaxation moving into the stomach area and just simply will those muscles to relax and let go. Pause, now your chest area, tense those muscles and release them, let them relax. Now tense your back muscles, arch your back and tense the muscles. Now release and let go. Now make a fist with both hands, tense and squeeze the muscles in your hand, your arms and shoulders. Now release them and relax. Now you are in a calm and tranquil condition.

Feel your whole body very relaxed. You are comfortably relaxed, enjoying the peace and tranquility in this beautiful paradise in which you will find yourself.

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Repeat these words out loud after me. I am still. Now listen to my words and know that you are entering into a very still state and becoming very very relaxed. You are comfortably drifting into a deep relaxation, replacing deeper and deeper letting go more and more. Let all of your tensions simply melt away. Your muscles are switching off now. Your nerves are switching off now. Now say out loud after me. I am still. Now visualize yourself going into your inner sanctum... where there is a specially designed lounge chair. When you sit in this chair you instantly go into a deep relaxed state of stillness. Now sit in your specially designed lounge chair and you fall into a deep relaxed state.

Describe the fear out loud you have identified and print it on the screen of your subconscious mind in the large letters. Now write the word FEAR below the description of the fear you have written on the screen of your subconscious mind. On the arm of your specially designed lounge chair there is a destruct button. It will unleash tremendous energy that will disintegrate whatever has been written on the screen of your subconscious mind. In a moment you will push this button and see a blinding flash of white light disintegrate all the words off the screen.

As you do this I want you to say the word "cancel" out loud three times with emotion, after me. Then I want you to see the word cancel fading from the screen. Fading, fading, fading, gone. You are left with a pure white screen. Now the words I want you to see on the screen, written in a beautiful golden light, are love, calmness, and peace. Think deeply on these words until they sink deeply in your consciousness.

It is now time to return to the place where we are doing this meditation. Count with me out loud 1, 2 coming up to 3, feeling wonderful and good, 4 coming fully alert, 5 eyes open alert, aware, and awake here and now.

Beyond Fear: Meditation to Release Fears One by OneStretch out as you listen to my words. This meditation is a powerful and effective one to remove any kind of fear. It is important that you visualize the screen completely blank after you push the disintegrate button and say the word cancel. The blank white screen is an indication that you have erased that fear from your subconscious mind.

Have no apprehension that this meditation did not work, but go about your daily affairs believing that it is gone.

Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Noble House. ©2003.

Article Source

In My Father's House
by Gus Fowler.

In My Father's House by Gus Fowler. In this new age of self-discovery, author Gus Fowler effectively blends Christianity and the doctrines of the Rosicrucians to create a guidebook that helps readers with the actualization of their innermost dreams. He offers the perfect prescription for individuals who wish to reconnect with God as they search for personal and spiritual fulfillment. He provides step-by-step instructions that enable readers to put "thought into action" while focusing on the use of positive techniques such as relaxation, meditation, and creative visualization. The illuminating and inspiring ideas found within the pages of "In My Father's House" can improve the human condition one person at a time.

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Gus  FowlerGus Fowler, a member of the Ancient Mystical Order Rosi Crucies, was employed by the Department of the Army for 31 years. He holds a B.A. degree in Economics from Howard University, a M.A. degree from Oklahoma University, a Ph.D. in Economics from California Coast University, and a Ph.D. in nutrition from Donsbach University. His publications include Getting What You Pay For (1982) and several others on economic and health issues. He operates his own business in Washington, D.C.


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