Healing Is Feeling: Becoming Whole and Complete

Healing Is Feeling: Becoming Whole and Complete

I wish this book to be a gift to those of you who are coura­geously willing to now let go of struggle and victimhood and come into creating heaven on Earth and the expansive vistas of uncon­ditional love and conscious co-creation. Therefore I will not be going in depth into those aspects of the ancient Egyptian teach­ings and terminology that are not relevant to moving into the new harmonic of expanded unconditional love and compassion in this glorious present time.

The reason that I choose to stick with current terminology and work with the spiritual energies of the moment is obvious. There is no point in regurgitating the frequencies of the last 13,000 years of the Age of Darkness or sleep—the Age of Pisces. This Age of Aquarius is dawning, expanding, and impulsing you to wake up to a full activation of your DNA from 2 helix to 12.

The harmonics and frequencies of this age are facilitating the release of fight or flight, struggle, victimhood, blame and shame, and intense sacrifice (all Age of Piscean paradigms). The darkest hour comes before the dawn, therefore, currently, many of you are experiencing intense states of the above mentioned Piscean paradigms in order to hope­fully experience them, get fully fed up with them, and then choose love, simplicity, harmony, and peace instead.

All creation either evolves or devolves. You are once again in a cycle of the waking up of consciousness. Therefore it is time to move forward, in love and trust. Come out of your minds and heads into the realm of your heartfelt states of being. In other words, open the “Parachute of the Heart.” Dealing with feeling, your feelings, is best done in a safe, preferably protected sacred space and with people and in places where you feel free to open up. All of Earth is sacred.

Attention + Intention = Manifestation

Feeling your feelings requires balance, non judgment, and wis­dom. By invoking the angels and ascended masters, you can allow your emotions (energies in motion) to be expressed and released safely and without the judgment of your mind. As you do this, you become more creative, light, and free to move and participate in life.

Awareness is key. Another word for awareness is conscious­ness. You are creating from your conscious, subconscious, and unconscious minds. To become aware of subconscious and uncon­scious states, it is essential to meditate, to chant, to be quiet, be in nature, to eat lighter foods, and to know that you know.

A very powerful way to heal subconscious and unconscious unhealthy thoughts and patterns is through being initiated into the Reiki and SKHM systems. Another very powerful and simple way is to repro­gram the unconscious and subconscious through connecting to a good hypnotherapist. I cannot emphasize the importance of awareness in your life enough as you move through changing times, systems, and structures of your reality.

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Emotions like anger can be safely and appropriately released without causing harm to self and others through dancing, painting, writing, or even using a pillow. Unless you clear your emotional body and safely release suppressed and repressed emotions that you judge as being bad, there is no healing.

Becoming Whole and Complete

Healing Is Feeling: Becoming Whole and CompleteThe word healing means “making whole and complete” as the wise Native American people knew. Everything in the universe goes in a circle. Your manifest reality is made of sacred spirals of energy. The seasons go in a circle and the planets orbit in a circle. In fact the illusion of the circle is a spiral with everything changing and either going upward or descending through the spirals.

In healing you are stepping onto an upward spiral with all obsolete (energies) being transmuted to the higher frequencies as you ascend. Nothing is ever destroyed, but merely transformed or rearranged. When we let go of thoughts, the energies holding the thoughts are transformed to new ideas and paradigms.

As the Course In Miracles says, everything is either love or fear, and fear is the absence of love.

Stress is nothing but fear. You, my chil­dren, have become attached to your stresses as an art form! However, you are beginning to realize the deadly effects of stress and tension to your mind, to your body, and to your spiritual being.

As you understood in ancient lives in the temple of Isis, the Goddess is about Being. This is the time to become a Human Being and release your attachment to doing, rushing, and busy-ness. Healing is about Being. As the Bible says, “Be Still and Know.” The word Pharaoh means “Being and Becoming.” The pure Pharaohs of ancient Egypt were high level spiritual initiates who brought down to Earth this vibration of pure Beingness for humanity.

From Fear to Love

We will discuss fear in great depth in this book. It is only going through fear and coming out the other side into love that creates magic in your reality. Ultimately fear is an illusion and love can­not be destroyed. The definition of fear is excitement out of time.

To release something you have to first understand it and feel it for a moment. Another way to understand fear is as an absence of love. It is time now to come out of the paradigm of “fight or flight” and embrace the new frequencies that are bombarding your reality.

It is therefore important now for you to question everything so that you can come out of your cozy cubby holes and the limita­tions of what you think is possible, into using greater and greater parts of your brain, including the right and left hemispheres. Your manifestations are becoming more and more instantaneous. Just to remind you, “As you sow, so shall you reap.” Why not choose Gardens of Eden?

Healing is about taking responsibility and letting go of blame and shame. Remember that in your reality everything is a mirror. In Egypt we call it “the Mirror of Hathor.” Instead of trying to fix the problem from the outside, go to the root (your inner reality) and examine how you feel, think, or perceive the issue.

Healing Is Not About Fixing Others

Healing is definitely not about fixing others. As conscious healers it is important to remember not to force one’s own agenda onto another’s healing process. Sometimes the Mirror shows very traumatic or bizarre realities of the movies of our lives, but no mat­ter how unacceptable the movie is on the mirror, if it is reflecting the screen of your life; it is yours. This may be a subconscious or unconscious co-creation that your mind is unaware of. Own your creations.

Breathe, feel, and then choose more consciously what you would like to see yourself attract and manifest into your life.

©2010 by Rashmi Khilnani. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission. Publisher: Rainbow Ridge Books.
Subtitles by InnerSelf.com

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The Divine Mother Speaks: The Healing of the Human Heart by Rashmi Khilnani.The Divine Mother Speaks: The Healing of the Human Heart
by Rashmi Khilnani.

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About the Author

Rashmi Khilnani., author of: Shiva Speaks--Conversations with Maha Avatar BabajiRashmi Khilnani was born in Chandigarh, India and spent the first six years of her life in Cairo, Egypt. She went on to study and teach with world-renowned avatars, gurus and teachers and became a specialist in energy medicine. She is on the forefront in bringing the ancient Mystery School teachings of Egypt, India, Tibet and China, as well as the teachings of the Essenes, into current time and making these wisdoms simple and accessible to people at all levels of soul journeying. Rashmi is the host of 2013 and Beyond with Jeremy McDonald heard monthly on Blogtalkradio.com. She is the author of The Divine Mother Speaks, and Buddha Speaks. You can visit her website at www.rashmikhilnani.com


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