Once Upon A Now: Retiring Our Victim Stories

Once Upon A Now: Letting Go of the Victim Stories

Once upon a few thousand lifetimes ago there were pictures carved in stone. They told epic tales of great kings, queens, martyrs, warriors, conquests, wise women, magicians and commoners. Tribes and travelers sat around fires singing and storytelling, passing legacies and prophecies on to each new generation.

Much was lost in translation. Much was misinterpreted, distorted, misrepresented, exaggerated, edited out. This began a long tradition of cautionary tales, romantic and heroic adventures, bloody war stories, whimsical fables, etc.

Then several hundred lifetimes later, all over the world, lots of holy books were written. They contained moral codes woven into myths and truths, all in a great big tumble-jumble. People read these books religiously and based their lives around the tenets within. Wars began over whose story was the best story of creation and over how to best honor the creator or creators. Nobody could seem to agree on how the world began. Or who or what began it. Or why we were here. Or where we were headed. Sound familiar?

Then...life moved at warp speed and industry and technology reached such epic proportions that people reached for their holy books like they reached for old stuffed animals. For comfort. Pages ratty with age. Well loved, often quoted and timeworn. Ideas usually outdated, but familiar. Written in a language of fear, shame, blame, guilt, rage and sorrow. This language became part of the collective DNA like a recessive genetic predisposition to cancer. It was just accepted. It was rarely questioned. It was what was. It was the story of us and we knew it by heart.

Fast Forward To Now

It’s time for humanity to write new parables. New voices. A new language. It’s time for new books. New songs. New pictures. Tradition and nostalgia served their place to bond us and then, to separate us. Fear kept us from grace. It kept us from one another. It kept us from the divine. It kept us lonely and isolated and frightened. Always frightened.

But now it is truly time for clean slates, fresh starts, blank pages. Ancient wisdom in the modern age is an anachronism if it is not seen through LOVE’s lens. If it is still being used to separate us, then it is not truly wisdom at all.

It is simply more of the same old story.

I know, deep within, that our story has a happy ending. This is not head-in-the-sand stubbornness. This is not blind, defiant denial. It is what I know. And—if you are honest with yourself—you know it, too.

We just get scared. And we forget. So we reach for the comfort of those old familiar ways and words. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s part of our story. But it’s not the best part.

That is yet to be written. And it starts with asking new questions…

What if it’s all guided by a higher hand?

What if it’s all unfolding according to a deeper plan?

What if there is no ONE truth but many truths that all blend in a harmonic, cosmic symphony?

What if there is no better or worse, right or wrong, awake or asleep, in denial or informed, white hat, dark hat, good person, bad person, evil empire, simplicity, complexity, posturing, hiding etc., but just degrees of understanding/compassion/love?

What if our frustration/fear/angst/sorrow is meant to awaken, strengthen, soften and shape us into passionate, joyful, connected, clear, laser-beam focused co-creators of our own reality construct?

What If We Change Our Core Questions?

What if we stop asking “Why am I here?” and start asking, “How can I love bigger and be loved more authentically?”

What if we stop asking ourselves how we can make a better living or a better life and instead ask,

HOW CAN I SHINE? How can I show/help/allow others to SHINE?

What if we seek different answers?

What if there are no answers or questions greater than our capacity/directive/privilege/nature to BE whole, happy, healthy, free?

What if we tend to our own vibrational essence instead of getting pulled off focus/center/alignment by what others choose to think, feel, do or be?

What if we serve from a full, overflowing well rather than an easily depleted one?

What if we all join together and create a community, family and society of kindness, caring, being true to our spirits and embodying, embracing, sending, bending and intending our radiance?

What if we rise in love instead of fall in fear? Mmmmmhmmmm.

What If, Indeed???????

I love us all. The questioners, the know-it-alls, the touchy-feely types, the relentless truth-slingers, righteous fear-mongers, airy-fairies, the divas, the martyrs, the black sheep, the golden children. I have been all of those things too. ;-)))) However we see/label/limit ourselves or others is nothing compared to how the divine sees us.

We all have a place. A voice. A purpose. A reason. We are ALL in this together.

WE hold the pen and the keyboard and the chalk and the microphone. WE hold the key and the power and the words and the music and the silence. WE are the storytellers and the storyweavers and the storylivers, storysingers, storypainters and the storygivers.

Tell the story of now. Speak it with love. Weave it with hope. Sing it with light. Paint it with joy. Storyboard the future and watch it emerge better than you can possibly begin to imagine. Unleash the past from its shackles. The past wants to be free of its own heavy burdens.

Tell the story of you-now. Us-now. WE-now. Let “them” and THEN rest. The “they-sayer naysayers.”

“Their” story/time/day/way is over. Ours is just beginning. Make it a good one. A global love story. With a happy beginning, middle and end.

Retiring The Victim Violin

Victimhood really is an addiction. It’s insidious and pervasive. And it’s arrogant. We do not have the blind ignorance of previous generations. We know that blaming and finger pointing keeps everyone small and stuck. We know better. We. Know. Better.

We know that personal accountability is all you get. The “woe is me” game is SO over. You can keep playing the sad-sack sympathy-seeking violin. But nobody will listen anymore. And that is a blessing. Because if the whole world kept inviting each other to an endlessly looping pity party, we would all wither and die.

So retire the victim violin. It’s time. For all of us. We know better. Feel. Go within. Rage and cry and free yourself from it ALL. And then let go. Move on. And get a new tune. Or not. Up to you. Nobody is a hero or a villain in our life story unless we give them that power or assign them that role.

We like to try and make exceptions or loopholes to this universal rule. We like to think we are exempt. That our own unique victimhood is somehow worse than another’s. We cling to it like a pacifier. Because then we don’t have to do the inner healing work.

We say “I’m strong because nobody was ever there for me. I had to do it all by myself.” We call the people in our early lives controlling, narcissists, emotionally-stunted abusers. And we keep swimming and seething in resentment. Or we whitewash it all away with false forgiveness. And it’s still always our choice.

We can stay in blame and shame. Or we can move to a new level of freedom. Empowerment means you see and recognize your inner victim when he or she arises. You thank her/him for playing. You embrace the gifts and lessons. But then you consciously and deliberately move in another direction.

©2016 by Courtney A. Walsh. All Rights Reserved.
Reprinted with permission of the publisher,
Findhorn Press. www.findhornpress.com.

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Dear Human: A Manifesto of Love, Invitation and Invocation to Humanity by Courtney A. Walsh.Dear Human: A Manifesto of Love, Invitation and Invocation to Humanity
by Courtney A. Walsh.

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