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The Dance of Divorce

Richard Carlson

While listening to the radio today, I heard someone suggest that the best way to deal with divorce was to never have one! I suppose there is some truth to that; however, it's a bit unrealistic. In America, close to 50 percent...


Can Love Make You Whole?

Julie Tallard Johnson

Unfortunately, many of us get lost on our way to find wholeness and happiness — we get lost in search of the perfect Other instead of seeking our whole and true self. When you depend on a romantic relationship to make you feel okay or whole, you can get into trouble...


Taking It Personally

Marie T. Russell

A while back, in the spirit of wanting things to be "better", I rearranged the furniture in the office. The changes were a little unconventional, yet  the layout was more efficient and would lead to a better functioning of the office. People often have a resistance to change, especially when the change is thrust upon them without giving them a chance to make a choice. So, the reactions of my co-workers was not really a problem. The "problem" was my reaction...


Developing the Wisdom of the Heart

Phil Lane Jr. A wise elder once told me, "Grandson, the longest road you will ever have to walk is the sacred journey from your head to your heart." Another elder said, "We will never solve the many critical and life-threatening issues before us solely through the intellect; for every problem the intellect solves it creates ten more."


Abuse & Incest: A Healing Journey

I was sexually abused - for 8 years. By my brother. There it is, out in in the open for everyone to know. No lies, no stories, just the truth and me. I am tired of secrets and hush hushes behind the door. It happens, and no one wants to talk to about it.


Bisexuality or Homosexuality

Shepherd Hoodwin

Your soul has no gender. Each soul has varying percentages of male (focused) and female (creative) energy, but everyone has both male and female energies, and each soul can relate energetically to any other. The soul in this sense is bisexual -- it can take either side in a creative act. This flexibility is the natural state of the universe.

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In my intentional community I am bringing this research to the members and we are experimenting with dyads applying the skills revealed in the couples' studies.