The Great Shift: 11:11, 12.21.12 & 13:13

The Great Shift: 11:11

Clocks I see lately always seem to have triple digits on them, and I’m seeing these triple digits (4:44, 5:55, etc.), as well as 11:11, everywhere and all the time these days. How is that possible?

Mythology: Clues to the Nature of Things

There are clues to the nature of things to be found in mythology. The ancient Egyptian version of the Alpha and Omega (beginning and ending) is one being they called Atum (Ra). According to the old teachings, our goal is to become more god-like, and Atum began the becoming. His name literally means “all” and “nothing,” “beginning and ending.” In these ancient teachings, the philosophy of the oneness of all things (and nothing), combined with a profound, simultaneous beginning and ending, is actually pretty inescapable.

Today, we also have computers as a reminder of this oneness. One is, of course, “the beginning,” but in computer talk of zeros and ones, one means “the end.” 11 therefore, might mean both, the beginning and ending. 11:11 seems to reinforce that by representing the two meanings with two 11s. Also, no matter how you look at it, forward or backward, we have a simultaneous “beginning and ending.”

Two elevens also seem to hint at a reference to our dualistic world. If we were little bits of information or code in the program of life, 11:11 might be thought of as the glitch that gives us a peek at the rest of the program. This is all guesswork, but 11:11 does seem to jump right out at you.

What's Important is Happening Right Now

Are we in the eleventh hour of this 3D game? The frequency of seeing those little 11:11 wakeup calls sure seems to hint that we are. Actually, I’d guess that we’re more like in the last 11 seconds of the 11th hour. However, what’s coming isn’t ever nearly as important as what is right now. For many, the future — like all unknowns — throws them into the trap of fear. Sometimes it’s better not to prophesy, but just look at the wondrous changes in the works — in the world, and in ourselves.

Generally, people are getting more communicative and sensitive in exactly the way many believe the ancient Mayans predicted. The presence of 11:11 in our consciousness seems like an element, or a least a symbol, of this new communication.

What Happens on December 21, 2012?

The Long Count of the Mayan Calendar ends on December 21, 2012 (12.21.12). According to the Navy’s Astronomical Applications Department, the winter solstice on 12.21.2012 will begin at exactly at 11:11 A.M.! I suppose it could be coincidence, but it sure feels like another of those increasingly frequent hints or reminders that we’re all part of something much bigger than anything we know, so perhaps we fit into cycles we’re just beginning to understand.

On December 21, 2012, the north pole of the rotational axis of the Earth will begin to point to the edge of the section of space that we’ve come to call Aquarius. This will be the actual beginning of The Age of Aquarius, a time of peace and enlightenment that will last for 2,160 years. Then, there are five more astrological houses that also promise peace and prosperity.

The Great Shift: 26,000 Year Cycle

It seems that as long as the Earth’s axis points toward the center of the galaxy, which it does for half the trip around the Precession of the Equinoxes (or about 13,000 years), it’s like standing in the sunlight, as enlightenment fills our consciousness. Then, as the Earth’s axis begins to point away from the center of the galaxy, mankind seems to fall asleep spiritually, and things become more negative. At the 26,000-year mark (after one complete trip around the Precession of the Equinoxes), serious changes almost always occur.

...If we look back 26,000 years ago to when the Earth was pointed in the exact same direction as it is now, we see that Cro-Magnon man roamed the Earth. Stepping this cycle down further, it’s interesting to consider that perhaps the 260-day gestation period for a human in the womb correlates to a 26,000 year gestation period of a human species.

Emergence of a New Human: Homo Luminous

It’s also interesting that so many believe that a new sort of human is developing right now. Many have been talking for years about the special abilities of what they call the Indigo or Crystal children. The Incan elders have also recently announced the emergence of what they call “Homo luminous.”

Some people are quick to point out the differences in the extraordinary abilities of the children they observe. However, the point here is that people are suddenly, and for the most part unexplainably, changing.

Paul Dong and Thomas E. Raffill wrote a book in 1997 entitled China’s Super Psychics. It documents studies of children who demonstrated an ability to see flawlessly with their ears, nose, mouth, hands or feet. Omni magazine did its own follow-up on this. They went over there, took a page out of a book at random, crumpled it up, and put it in the armpit of one of the psychic kids, who then read every word on that page. Their report on their study was released in their January 1985 issue.

My favorite story in the China’s Super Psychics book is the account of an audience of several thousand who were all given a rosebud before taking their seat. A little six-year-old girl walks out on stage, waves her hand and all the rosebuds open up simultaneously.

Human Genes: Still Evolving After All These Years

A March 7, 2006 New York Times article, “Still Evolving, Human Genes Tell New Story,” written by Nicholas Wade, begins: “Providing the strongest evidence yet that humans are still evolving, researchers have detected some 700 regions of the human genome where genes appear to have been reshaped …”

Western researchers have generally only been interested in the 10% of our DNA that regulates biological and emotional traits. They call the other 90% — which includes those parts that have been identified as having been “reshaped” — “junk DNA.” Yet, this “junk” has been recently shown to respond to thought, intent and sound, all of which brings us back to the “intelligent design” theory that was thrown out shortly after Darwin made his debut.

Thoughts, Words & Emotions Affect DNA

In The Science of Peace, Dr. Glen Rein demonstrates how negative emotion causes DNA to contract, while positive emotion causes it to expand, which enhances healing.

Examples of how DNA responds to thought and words are as endless as the examples of how humans are very quickly evolving in ways that take our experience of the world to a whole new level.

Dr. Rein’s research into how emotional states affect our very DNA makes me wonder about the implications of some classic psychological advice (loosely translated): “The most important things to have are faith, hope and love; and the greatest of these is love.”

I don’t think I’ve ever heard better guidance on how to prepare for the new, evolved world than that! It comes from I Corinthians 13:13. Hmmmm… Do you suppose that chapter and verse could be a clue to anything — an intelligent presence, a cycle, a powerful unseen causality of some sort?

The Great Shift: Inspiration & Hope

11:11 stimulates our imagination and hope, just as these times test what we really choose to see and believe. 11:11, 13:13, and 12.21.12 may mean nothing to some people. To others, they may be symbols of the doorway to a greater reality. To a few of those, the faith, hope and love that those symbols inspire will be found to be reliable keys to that doorway to the infinite.

I’ve heard kids say, “It’s “time to make a wish,” when they see 11:11 or repetitive numbers on a clock. “Out of the mouths of babes …” I don’t know exactly what’s going to happen at the end of the Mayan Calendar any more than I know what’s going to happen at 11:11 today. However, my wishes are ready!

This article is excerpted with permission from the award-winning book:

The Big Fake-out: The Illusion of Limits
by Hunt Henion.

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About the Author

Hunt Henion, author of the article: The Great Shift: 11:11, 12.21.12 & 13:13

Hunt Henion spent over forty years constantly studying and contemplating the workings of life. First, he was initiated into Transcendental Meditation.  Then he practiced Buddhism; then studied Eckankar, “the religion of the light and sound of God,” serving as a member of their clergy for six years.  He finally earned his PhD in Religious Studies. Combining traditional research with specific questions asked through a trans-channel have resulted in four books in the last five years. Visit his website at

InnerSelf Editor's Note: Just as a fun bit of info: As I started to work on preparing this article to be posted online, I glanced at the clock on my computer. It said 11:44. Then I checked the word count for the article, and it was 1441 (11 44, juxtaposed differently). I love it when I see the Universe playing along...


The Great Shift: 11:11

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