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Louise L. Hay

Affirmations are really anything that we say or think. Our thoughts create our feelings, beliefs, and experiences. Too often they are negative. we say, "I don't want this in my life" or "I don't want to be sick anymore" or "I hate my job". If we want to change or manifest something in our lives, we must state what we do want. We must affirm that we are willing to see ourselves or our lives in a different perspective. Thus, we can change our experiences by first changing our thoughts.

When you first start using an affirmation, it may not seem true for you. If it were already true, you would not need the affirmation. For example, think of what happens when you plant a seed. First it germinates, then it sprouts roots, and then it pokes its first shoot up through the ground. It takes time to go from a seed to a full-grown plant. And so it is with affirmations. Be gentle and patient with yourself.

You may also experience some doubt as to whether you are doing the affirmations correctly or even whether the affirmations are doing any good at all. This is perfectly normal. You see, the subconscious mind is like a filing cabinet -- all the thoughts, words, and experiences you have had since birth get filed away like messages. Think of your mind as having a team of couriers who grab the messages, look at them, and put them in the appropriate files. Perhaps you have been building up files for years with messages such as: I'm not good enough," "I'm not smart enough to do that," or "Why Bother?" The subconscious gets absolutely buried under these files.

Suddenly, when the couriers begin seeing messages that say, "I'm wonderful and I love myself", they respond with, "What is this? Where do we file this? We've never seen this message before."

That's when they call in "Doubt". Doubt picks up the message and says to you, "Hey, look at this. We have no place to file this one -- it must be a mistake." You can either say to Doubt, "Oh, you re right. 'I'm terrible. I'm not good. Sorry, I made a mistake", and go back to your old way of thinking. Or, you can say to Doubt, "Thank you for sharing, but this is the new message. Set up a new file because there are going to be lots of these coming through." By doing so, over time you will change your thinking and create a new reality for yourself. Remember, you are in charge.

Reinforce your new, positive affirmations in any way you can: in your thoughts, your conversations with yourself and others, and by writing them down in this journal, which I created to inspire you on your path to personal growth and healing. You may choose to use the affirmations on each page as a springboard to write your own. Once you find affirmations that are right for you, you may want to put them up on your mirror, on your desk, or on your car dashboard.

Remember: One thought does not mean much, but thoughts that we think over and over are like drops of water -- at first there are just a few, and then after a while you've created a pool, and then a lake, and then an ocean. If our thinking is negative, we can drown in a sea of negativity; if its positive, we can float on the ocean of life.

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A Garden of Thoughts - My Affirmation Journal by Louise L. Hay.Un Jardín de los Pensamientos - Mi Afirmación Diario
por Louise L. Hay.

This article was excerpted with permission of Hay House from A Garden of Thoughts by Louise L. Hay.

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LOUISE L. HAY es profesor metafísica y el maestro y el mejor exitoso autor de numerosos libros [[coma]] incluidos Usted puede sanar su Vida y Empoderamiento de la mujer. Sus obras se han traducido a 26 diferentes en 35 idiomas países de todo el mundo. Louise es el fundador y presidente de Hay House [[coma]] Inc. [[coma]] una editorial que difunde libros [[coma]] audios [[coma]] y videos que contribuyen a los la curación del planeta.

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