Yes That's right. InnerSelf is celebrating 30+ years. My goodness the years go fast when you're having fun.

The first ten years InnerSelf was a print magazine, first only in South Florida before going national. Then in 1996, InnerSelf went from print to digital on the internet and a much larger audience. We chose the butterfly for this celebration graphic in memory of the first online logo which incorporated a butterfly sitting atop the end of the word InnerSelf.

InnerSelf's Purpose

For thirty years, InnerSelf's purpose has been to enliven, enlighten, inspire, and inform, as our slogan says, with "New Attitudes - New Possibilities". It is our goal to help readers create those new possibilities in their life, with their family and in the world around all of us. InnerSelf was never about profits but about helping people change their lives. And yes, we do want to change the world... one person at a time.

Number of Lives Touched

Since going online, InnerSelf has had over 70 million visitors and 300 million page views. It has sent over 40 million newsletter and Daily Inspiration emails. And speaking of The Daily Inspiration, it has been editor Marie T. Russell's last task of the evening for the last 15 years to inspire InnerSelf's readers by preparing the Daily Inspiration. Subscribers find it in their inbox the next morning to start their day on a positive note. Marie's goal is to reach each reader personally each day, and judging from subscriber feedback, this is often the case.

Reader Supported & Advertising Supported

InnerSelf's financial support is primarily advertising, reader donations, and purchases on

InnerSelf Store

We will be reopening the InnerSelf store with books, candles, gifts, jewelry, and more. In the meantime, when you access Amazon using this link, we get a commission (approx 5%) of your purchase (at no extra cost to you). It's an easy way to support our work.

Join a Magical Journey

We hope you will join us like the single butterfly who flaps its wings and brings big change a thousand miles away. It's a big goal and together we can do person at a time. Come on board for a magical lifetime journey!

To support our work financially, click here. All donations large and small are accepted with love and gratitude! New Attitudes... New Possibilities

InnerSelf Newsletter: April 2nd, 2017

InnerSelf Newsletter: April 2nd, 2017One thing everyone has in common is relationships... with family, with co-workers, with friends, with pets, with people at the grocery store... This week we look at relationships and how they affect us, just as we affect them. And we look at how to make our experiences better for everyone involved.

InnerSelf Newsletter: March 19th, 2017

InnerSelf Newsletter: March 19th, 2017This week we look at important questions. Not "Who Am I" but more in the area of "Who Am I Being" and  "What Am I Doing"? Who we are being in the moment, what actions are we taking or not taking, how we are expressing ourselves in the world, how we are treating ourselves and others.

Using Your Personal Power To Just Say No

Using Your Personal Power To Just Say NoI haven't bought products from Exxon knowingly in nearly 30 years except for a couple times for fear of running out of gas. My personal boycott of Exxon was proven correct when it was disclosed they were major funders of climate denial.

InnerSelf Newsletter: January 22nd, 2017

InnerSelf Newsletter: January 22nd, 2017

Each week a theme naturally develops for the new issue. We don't start out with a theme or topic, but the articles that arrive or that are selected come together and have their own synchronicity and connection. This week, the theme is stretching beyond our small world and connecting with the world around us

InnerSelf Newsletter: January 8th, 2017

InnerSelf Newsletter: January 8th, 2017As we progress into the 2nd week of 2017, we all continue to revise our vision for this new year. This revision is ongoing, whether we do it consciously or not, since plans change, needs shift, and perceptions are altered by inside and outside revelations. This week we take a look at life through the lens of two steps forward and one step back.

InnerSelf Newsletter: December 25th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: December 25th, 2016This week we look at breaking through barriers of all types... whether it has to do with our belief in ourselves or about how our world works... We're also introducing a new feature this week : InnerSelf Voices starting with blogs by InnerSelf co-publishers Marie T. Russell and Robert Jennings...

InnerSelf Newsletter: December 18th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: December 18th, 2016While we may all wish to focus on sharing love, gratitude and giving unconditionally at this time of year, we may get entangled in stress, not-enough-time, and family dramas. This week, we bring you various tools and perspectives to make your journey a more peaceful and harmonious one.

InnerSelf Newsletter: December 11th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: December 11th, 2016This week we look at holiday stress in particular. You may be going to visit family and feel like the single green leaf amidst all the red leaves as seen in the picture above. You may feel overwhelmed by the energies around you and have difficulty coping.

InnerSelf Newsletter: December 4th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: December 4th, 2016This week we look at courage... the courage to do things differently, to follow our heart, to do the "right" thing, to just be true to ourselves. While these don't seem as courageous as saving someone from a burning building, or jumping into a turbulent ocean to save a child, they nevertheless require courage...

InnerSelf Newsletter: November 27th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: November 27th, 2016As we've all heard, doubtless numerous times, when life hands you lemons make lemonade. The many articles this week can help shed light on our next steps, on how to attain our dreams, and create the life we have dreamed of (or perhaps have not dared dream of)...

InnerSelf Newsletter: November 13th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: November 13th, 2016For those of us living in the USA, it's been a tumultuous week. And for those outside the US, one where maybe you asked yourself, what on Earth is going on??? Reading this week's articles and astrological columns may help shed some light on the energies that are percolating...

InnerSelf Newsletter: November 6th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: November 6th, 2016Once again this week the image accompanying the newsletter is of a boat. Last week the sailboat was apparently in a precarious situation, while this week the boat is securely tied to shore. Let's hope that our ship remains securely anchored as the waves of life may be turbulent this week. In the USA...

InnerSelf Newsletter: October 23rd, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: October 23rd, 2016Forest Gump is known for having said "Mama always said life was like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're gonna get." However, I see life as being the outcome of a box of crayons. Depending on which crayons we pick, we will get very different end results. This week...

InnerSelf Newsletter: October 16th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: October 16th, 2016Sometimes we may feel as if we are walking through a dark tunnel not knowing what is ahead. And we wonder when we will finally reach a place, both physically, emotionally, and mentally, where we will feel good about our life. This week we start off by...

InnerSelf Newsletter: October 9th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: October 9th, 2016At times in our life we may have the tendency to be like the snail and hide in our shell and move forward very very slowly. However, while we may feel safe doing so, we also are stopping ourselves from stepping forth and experiencing all the beauty and love that life has to offer. This week we share with you articles dealing with...

InnerSelf Newsletter: October 2nd, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: October 2nd, 2016This week we take a look at the world's duality/unity dichotomy and how we deal with it. And then there's how we deal with the world inside of us. Much of our behavior stems from old childhood wounds and it affects all aspects of our personal as well as our business life...

InnerSelf Newsletter: September 25th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: September 25th, 2016This week we take a look at communication, from within and from without, and we reflect on our true nature... which is peace. The Editor's Choice articles this week are very powerful and tie in together beautifully (in a mini-workshop fashion). And scroll down for a myriad of additional articles on a wide range of topics.

InnerSelf Newsletter: September 18th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: September 18th, 2016The articles this week look at perfectionism both in our own selves and in our children. We ask ourselves some hard questions: "Are You Struggling for a "Perfect Life"?" and "Do You Suffer from Unrealistic Expectations of Perfectionism and Compulsive Comparison? ...

InnerSelf Newsletter: September 11th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: September 11th, 2016This new issue of InnerSelf can best be resumed by a quote from Pam's weekly journal: "Trusting in the process is one of the tests of this time... focused on helping us heal a lack of faith. This week, the path to this healing leads us through the contentious realms of right vs. wrong... and meanders its way through thickets of worry and mental stress...

InnerSelf Newsletter: September 4th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: September 4th, 2016The times they are... intense (and changing too!). On the East coast (in the USA), we've just gone through a hurricane, lots of rain, and flooding. On the West coast, droughts and fires. And everywhere in between the frenzy of upcoming elections... So how do we navigate through all this mess and confusion? The articles this week...

InnerSelf Newsletter: August 28th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: August 28th, 2016

This week we look at starting anew... making changes in our life... making it better... One of our articles, "7 Ways to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed and Get On With Your Life Already", presents seven practical ways to move forward. Interestingly enough, we also have 7 Editor's Choice articles this week, and all of them present ways to stop feeling blocked and start over...

InnerSelf Newsletter: August 14th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: August 14th, 2016While Franklin D. Roosevelt said "the only thing we have to fear is...fear itself—nameless, unreasoning, unjustified terror which paralyzes needed efforts...", most of us have plenty of fears to go around. So, perhaps we need to brew ourselves a calming cup of chamomile tea (as seen above) and read some of the articles offered this week to help us gain some perspective...

InnerSelf Newsletter: August 7th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: August 7th, 2016This week our authors assist us in making a connection with our inner needs and dreams. Now of course, when the need is as basic as oxygen it's easy to recognize. But for the other choices in our life, sometimes it takes a bit of inner searching and reflection.

InnerSelf Newsletter: July 31st, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: July 31st, 2016Stress is a four-letter word! (Even though it has a total of 6 letters, the last two are repeats... thus making it a four-letter word!)  While we may think of stress as an adult problem, it affects humans of all ages (and animals too). This week we take a look at stress....

InnerSelf Newsletter: July 10th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: July 10th, 2016This week's articles offer different perspectives, suggestions, and ideas as to how to have healthy relationships with children and with the use of time (theirs and ours). Open the newsletter for links to these and numerous more articles.

InnerSelf Newsletter: July 3rd, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: July 3rd, 2016This past week was a challenging one for many people. It was even referred to as "the week from hell" by someone. I'm sure you have your own "horror" stories you could relate. So, in this new issue of InnerSelf, we bring you articles that offer alternatives to the way we may have handled situations that came up recently.

InnerSelf Newsletter: June 26th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: June 26th, 2016This week's articles are best summarized by a quote from Pam Younghans column: "As we expand our hearts, we discover and recover our knowing that love is greater than fear -- that even the darkest room gives way to the light when a candle is lit."

InnerSelf Newsletter: June 12th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: June 12th, 2016As I get ready to complete the new issue of InnerSelf, my heart aches with the tragedy of lost life in Orlando. I chose a poppy as the image for this week's newsletter as a tribute to those who died in the mass-shooting. Wikipedia explains the symbology of the poppy...

InnerSelf Newsletter: June 5th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: June 5th, 2016Walls... Sometimes we sit on them, sometimes behind them. At other times we build them, or tear them down. This week we look at self-imposed barriers, and how to heal them, transcend them, and move on. And of course we have a myriad of additional articles on a wide range of topics...

InnerSelf Newsletter: May 29th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter:  May 29th, 2016Ask anyone about stress and chances are they'll tell you, "Been there, done that!" Of course we've all experienced stress. It's part of living, in one form or another. This week we take a look at stress and offer ways to transform it and even use it to our benefit.

InnerSelf Newsletter: May 22nd, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: May 22nd, 2016This week we take a look at the blessings in our life. And we acknowledge that sometimes they come easily, and at other times have to be worked for. Having spent a good part of the morning in the garden, I can attest to the truth of...

InnerSelf Newsletter: April 24th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: April 24th, 2016Because the articles for InnerSelf are selected and scheduled intuitively, the Universe has a master hand in the divine timing and synchronicity. Every week I see the connection between the energies "forecasted" for the coming week, and the articles that were selected to be shared with you.

InnerSelf Newsletter: April 10th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: April 10th, 2016We invite you to absorb the inspiration in this week's articles and allow yourself to be guided with inner clarity as to who you are and what you need to do in order to live the life that you are inspired to live... and be the person you are inspired to be.

InnerSelf Newsletter: April 3rd, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: April 3rd, 2016"What you do on a daily basis has a cumulative effect on your life and has carried you to this very moment." This week we reflect on our actions and we examine our behavior and its consequences.... Our authors offer tools to assist us in creating the life we desire.

InnerSelf Newsletter: March 27th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: March 27th, 2016This week we reflect on various types of transitions. Some of them are physical, while others are more emotional and mental, and some have to do with lifestyle. The whole world (or so it seems) is transitioning... People are waking up to what is and realizing what could be... and making choices....

InnerSelf Newsletter: March 13th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: March 13th, 2016The energies of the planet (including all its residents) have just experienced The Solar Eclipse: The Beginning of a Several Month Process. As we work through this time with its accompanying stresses, challenges, and rewards, it is good to connect with...

InnerSelf Newsletter: February 21st, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: February 21st, 2016This week we take a look at our beliefs about our own self and how they may be holding us back from reaching our dream. As you read through the articles, you'll get guided through a process to release the blockages to creating the life you truly desire.

InnerSelf Newsletter: February 14th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: February 14th, 2016Ah! Valentine's Day. And you're either a fan of Valentine's Day or you're just NOT! (Neither option is right or wrong, it just is.) So for this issue, InnerSelf has chosen to focus on the relationship that is the foundation of all others... the relationship with your own self.

InnerSelf Newsletter: February 7th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: February 7th, 2016One of our articles this week focuses on Four Crucial Reasons to Keep Your Body Moving. However, it's not just our body that needs to keep moving forward. Our mind, our old patterns, our expectation of our self and of others, our emotions, our fears, all of these need to keep shifting as well.

InnerSelf Newsletter: January 24th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: January 24th, 2016Our future is sometimes seen through a misty veil. We don't know exactly what got us to this point, and where this point will take us. However, there are numerous things we can do to clear the way so we can create a future that is filled with joy, health, and love. This week we lift the veil...

InnerSelf Newsletter: January 17th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: January 17th, 2016This week we delve into our personal power -- the power we have to heal ourselves, and to heal our world. While we may believe we have to work hard to attain this state, perhaps the first step in accessing our power is attained by learning to trust our intuition...

InnerSelf Newsletter: January 10th, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: January 10th, 2016As we move forward in life, whether we are traveling solo or with others, we go in a particular direction. But we are never alone on our journey. Many others are on the same path, or at least a similar one. This week's articles cover many aspects of our earthly journey...

InnerSelf Newsletter: January 3rd, 2016

InnerSelf Newsletter: January 3rd, 2016This week we reflect on the question: "Where do we go from here?" knowing that each step we take affects the next one as well as everyone around us. It's a new year, and while the tendency might be to make grandiose plans for the future, perhaps it is best to...

InnerSelf Newsletter: December 27th, 2015

InnerSelf Newsletter: December 27th, 2015For some, January 1st is a meaningless date while for others it signifies a fresh slate and a chance to make important changes in their life. While the first day of January may be an arbitrary starting point for life-transforming changes, it does carry some helpful momentum since so many people are focused on making changes at the same time.

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