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Metaphysical Category graphicMetaphysics simply means "outside of objective experience" -- thus it is subjective experience. Subjective means: arising from conditions within the brain or sense organs and not directly caused by external stimuli.

Consequently, metaphysics has to do with one's personal experience, or one's internal experience of reality. So, rather than being some strange esoteric pursuit, it is simply an  experience outside of the typical sense organs of taste, touch, etc.

Personal Experience of Reality

Since metaphysics deals with our personal experience of reality, it will encompass different things for different people. For many, it has to do with these questions: Why am I here? What is the meaning of life?

For others, it deals with enlightenment or finding one's own path to God or to the Source. Many metaphysicians see all of humanity as "gods in training' and view life from the perspective of being able to create their experience of reality.

Since metaphysics is outside of  the five senses, it will deal with such topics as health and well-being from a non-physical perspective. It looks for the "non-obvious" or the "non-objective" perspective. It is "more than physical". It deals with thought, with projections, with manifestation, with creating one's reality.

Metaphysics: Enlightenment, Karma, Esotericism, etc.

The articles in this section take a look at reality from these different perspectives, and help us clarify such experiences as enlightenment, karma, esotericism, and personal experiences of God.

The Power of Protection: The Light Within Your Soul, Higher Self, and Angelic Teachers

The Power of Protection: The Light Within Your Soul, Higher Self, and Angelic Teachers

by Barbara Y. Martin and Dimitri Moraitis. The light within your soul is what gives power to your consciousness. It gives you the energy to do anything. It gives you the ability to climb the spiritual ladder and enjoy life to its fullest.The truth is that no negative energy can enter your aura unless you...

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Stop Bargaining for Your Life

bargaining your lifeby Andrea Mathews.

Most of us have been taught to bargain with life, instead of taking the direct route to receiving our own souls and the abundance that can be found there. Bargains always include an IF and a THEN. The following are just a very few of the bargains we make with life that keep us stuck repeating patterns that are not only inauthentic, but which build a steeper climb to a fulfilling life...

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Limitless Physical Perfection

Patricia Diane Cota-Robles

For eons of time, prophets, seers, religions and Holy Books have foretold the coming of an Age when Heaven would manifest on Earth, an Age in which Humanity would develop the latent powers within and reunite with our own Divinity, an Age when transformation would occur at an atomic, cellular level, and...

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Enlightenment: What Is It

Don't think about enlightenment as a goal, it is not. It is not a goal; it is not something that you can desire. And if you desire it you will not get it. In desiring a thousand and one things, by and by you come to understand that all desire is futile. Each desire lands you in frustration; each desire again and again throws you into a ditch.

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Born Again & Again & Again

Marie T. Russell

by Marie T. Russell.

Every night and every morning we go through a death of sorts and a rising from the dead. The state of sleep is very much like dying -- one's soul leaves the body for another place. Whether at night we experience teachings in other realms, or alternate lives in other times and...

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Are We Evolving?

Swami Sivananda Radhaby Swami Sivananda Radha. Each culture sees human life as a progression through a series of stages... in an attempt to understand the evolution of human beings. Those people on the outer circle are just holding onto life; for them it is a matter of survival.

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Attention Please: Victory is Yours!

Attention Please: Victory is Yours!by Patricia Diane Cota-Robles. Every world religion and every form of education has tried to teach us Universal Law in one form or another: the Law of Cause and Effect, the Law of Karma, an eye for an eye, reaping what we sow. In more scientific terms: like attracts like, action and reaction, radiation and magnetization.

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Channeling - What is it?

John Payne, author of the article: Channeling - What is it?

by John Payne.

For many, channeling is a new buzz word and it seems that everyone is doing it and many people are talking about it, reading about it and indeed relying upon it. But what is channeling and of what use and purpose is it? Does it have a spiritual role for humanity at this time? Is it a dangerous pastime that can mislead and create...

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Accessing Life Purpose

Hank Wesselman, Ph.D. Among traditional peoples, when a woman expecting a child enters the last trimester of her pregnancy, the shamans of her community place her in a deep state of trance. The shamans then connect with the spirit of the child coming into life, and they speak to it: 'Who are you? Why are you coming into our village? What is your life purpose?'

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The Direct Path

Andrew Harvey

Why we are here? Who and what are we really?. The great mystical traditions are astonishingly united in their answers to these questions; they each claim, in different ways, that we are essentially sparks of Divine Consciousness, emanated by the Divine out of itself, and placed here in this dimension to travel back to conscious union with the Godhead.

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What Is Enlightenment

Prema Baba Swamiji (Dr. Donald Schnell)

by Prema Baba Swamiji.

What is enlightenment? How can I experience it? What books should I read? What is transcendence? What is this nirvana? What is enlightenment? Where does Self-inquiry lead? What is the purpose of religion?

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Esotericism What Is It

Andrew SchneiderEsotericism as a way of life is an art. It is the art of living from the inner reaches of one's being. As art it is based on sensitive, intuitive perception, open to inspiration. And as true art it is a creative way of being, expressive of true universality. But it is also a science -- a science of the soul of things..

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God's Voice: Opening the Door of Communication

God's Voice: Opening the Door of Communicationby Scott Anstadt. Although the Voice for God is always present and available, God will not speak to us until we have invited Him/Her to enter our awareness. This is the first step in aligning ourselves with our spiritual power. It is the only step that we must take on our own, in that it is the step of inviting and calling upon the Holy Spirit, Voice for God, or Universal Mind.

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The Golden Brotherhood of Light

On November 28, 1989, I was enjoying my early morning walk at dawn in a state of gentle meditatory delight when suddenly an awareness broke in upon my consciousness. I stopped to examine it more clearly, and I seemed to look out upon the earth from a new perspective. I "saw" a golden light presence engloving (fitting like a glove) the earth. I asked within, to whoever was revealing this, "What is this?"

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Finding The Master Within

There comes a time in an individual's spiritual evolution when every seeker/person on a spiritual or philosophical quest, must come to the realization that all higher knowledge, higher truth, and all higher wisdom can only be revealed through their own being.

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The Body Cannot Die


by Jon Mundy. At one point the Course In Miracles says: At no single instant does the body exist at all. (T:362; T-18. VIII. 3:1.) On the surface of things, this sentence does not seem to make sense, for if there is one thing that seems obvious it is our bodies. Let me suggest an analogy that may be helpful...

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