Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth

Using Dreams and Active Imagination for Personal Growth

by J. M. DeBord. Somewhere in every meaningful dream is the potential for per­sonal growth. Your dreams give you clues about their meaning through the settings, characters, sym­bols, actions, reactions, and especially resolutions. The resolution of a dream is often...

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Prophetic Dreams: A Crinkle In Time Giving Advance Warning?

Prophetic Dreams: A Crinkle In Time Giving Advance Warning?

by Ann Bolinger-McQuade. In the wake of disasters, multiple reports of prophetic dreams and oracles often surface. Immediately after the Titanic sank, dozens of people reported canceling their trip because of dreams that foretold of the sinking. It makes you wonder how many others had...

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Telephone Telepathy: Can It Be Influenced?

Telephone Telepathy: Can It Be Influenced?by Rupert Sheldrake. In his book The Lost World of the Kalahari, Sir Laurens van der Post described how Bushmen in the Kalahari Desert in southern Africa were in telepathic contact far beyond the range of sensory communication. On one occasion, when he had been out hunting with some Bushmen...

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Obeying Your Intuition Can Bring Up Emotions, Fear, Doubts, Criticism...

Obeying Your Intuition Can Bring Up Emotions, Fear, Doubts, Criticism...by Jude Bijou, M.A., M.F.T. Aligning with your gut feeling can cause unexpected emotions to arise. The trick is to handle them constructively so you don't get derailed. That means being ready to experience your sadness, anger, and fear so you don't question your decisions. There's extra insight in finding out...

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Animal Dreams: What Do They Mean?

Animal Dreams: What Do They Mean?by Robert Moss. The condition of animals in your dreams often reflects your situation in regular life. You see an eagle confined in a birdcage, unable to spread its wings, and you’ll want to ask where, in your waking self, you need to claim space and freedom to fly. You see a lion napping on your porch...

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Mind and Matter: Is The World We Live in Real or Virtual?

Mind and Matter: Is The World We Live in Real or Virtual?by Françoise Tibika. The most enigmatic aspect of quantum theory is that the observer cannot be separated from the observed. Both are needed to “create” what we commonly call reality. If one is ­missing, reality vanishes. Without an observer no reality can be created; matter remains just waves, waves of probabilities...

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Clutter & Storage: Does Your "Stuff" Support Your Soul's Expression?

Clutter in Storage: Does Your "Stuff" Support Your Soul's Expression?by Barry Dennis. Everything we bring into our lives, we will eventually have to get rid of. As our awareness grows, we see that everything we surround ourselves with and spend our energy on has a direct effect on our soul. Everything. So unless you really need something or you are very clear its presence supports your soul’s expression...

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You Are Psychic: Lifting The Veil on Sensitive Intuitive Awareness

You Are Psychic: Lifting The Veil on Sensitive Intuitive Awarenessby Sahvanna Arienta. I think it's time to take some of the mystery out of the mystical. The first step is to understand that everyone is born psychic, although most people are at a loss when it comes to understanding or using this remarkable ability...

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The Many Voices from Within: The Ego vs. the Sage

The Many Voices from Within: The Ego vs. the Sageby Marcus T. Anthony. How can you distinguish the voice of the ego from that of the Sage? There are recurring themes, which tend to give the ego’s game away. Take a look at the list below, and note the...

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Dreamers As Shamans

Dreamers As Shamans by Robert Mossby Robert Moss. The dream will teach you how to recover and nourish your soul. We stand at the edge of such power when we dream and remember to do something with our dreams. Consider the meanings of the words for “dream” in different languages...

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A Gift from Christmas Angels

A Gift from Christmas Angelsby Kimberly Ripley. I usually made myself crazy with the holidays and had vowed to simplify that year. I had done my best to stick to my promise, and by the Saturday two weeks before Christmas, I felt that I really had a handle on my holiday preparations. Gifts had been...

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Lemuria, Spirituality & Telepathy: How It Is All Connected

Lemuria, Spirituality & Telepathy: How It Is All Connectedby Doreen Virtue, Ph.D. From time to time, spiritual renaissances occur. In the last days of the 20th century, many people opened themselves up to spiritual and/or religious concepts. Many scientists embarked on a study of spirituality and related topics during that time...

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Without a Paddle: Listening to Our Inner Promptings

Without a Paddle: Listening to Our Inner Promptings

by Barry Vissell. You just never know when that little inner prompting will come… and how important it is to listen to it when it comes. You might call it the inner voice, intuition, divine guidance, or anything else, but one thing is guaranteed: things will not go well if you ignore it! Our inner voice helps to...

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Discovering Aspects of the Self by Looking in a Tarot Mirror

Discovering Aspects of the Self by Looking in a Tarot Mirror by Robert Mossby Robert Moss. We will call this game Tarot Aspects of the Self. The game is about learning to recognize which aspect of your personality tends to take charge in the presence of a particular person, situation, or assignment. This can be startling, embarrassing, or confirming. It is often a game changer.

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Dreams & Dreamtime: Walking Between the Worlds

Dreams & Dreamtime: Walking Between the Worldsby Linda Star Wolf. As far back as I can remember, my Mammy taught me to talk about my dreams in the morning; we would discuss them and consider what they might mean. We talked about dreams coming true and being able to see into the future with dreams...

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Turn Your Home into a Temple for Your Soul

Turn Your Home into a Temple for Your Soulby Xorin Balbes. Every time I enter my home, I feel as if I am walking into a sacred temple, a place where my body, mind, and soul can rest from the busy day. I have consciously organized my SoulSpace so that it makes me feel cared for and supported. It allows me to...

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Is Your Mind Making Scary Movies?

Is Your Mind Making Scary Movies?by Guy Finley. Who you really are, your original Self, doesn’t come loaded with worry, regret, fear, resentment, or, for that matter, any other self-limiting states that can grow where darkness gathers. Let’s make this perfectly clear: No self-limiting thought or feeling – not one – is original equipment...

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Working with the Symbols & Symbolic Language of Life and Dreams

Working with the Symbolic Language of Life and Dreamsby Kaya. As we grow spiritually and the more we work with the information we receive in dreams, we accept the idea that our parents represent parts of our soul. One day, with the concept that our life is like a dream, we have such an understanding of...

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Best of 2011 InnerSelf.com

The Best of InnerSelf: 2011As we look back on 2011, we are grateful for the blessings as well as the challenges. We thank all the authors, publicists and publishers we work with to bring you, our readers, inspiring and enlightening reading material.  Here are the ten most popular articles of 2011:

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Giving the Gift of Life

Giving the Gift of Life, article by Marie T. Russellby Marie T. Russell. At Christmas, we usually focus on giving to our loved ones, to those close to us -- family, friends, co-workers. We give to those we love or who love us, or in some cases to those that we feel we "have to" give to. Yet, in how many cases is our giving truly unconditional? When is our gift not a "give and take", an exchange, a sharing?

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Traveling the Dreamscape: Lucid Dreaming

Traveling the Dreamscape: Lucid Dreaming by Marie D. Jones and Larry Flaxman.by Marie D. Jones & Larry Flaxman. Although some dreams certainly seem to symbolize life challenges or fears, not all dreams have the same “feel.” Many times the imagery represents something in our waking, conscious state that needs to be confronted, or even changed.

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What Is Your True Nature?

What Is Your True Nature? article by Rob Preece.by Rob Preece.

When we begin to explore the nature of the mind we will inevitably encounter the wild and uncontrollable aspects of our normal, some­what overcrowded, habitual mind. Only with guidance and skillful practice will we begin to recognize that the mind has an undercurrent of clarity and luminosity that is...

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Spider Solitaire & Intuition

Graphic for article by Marie T. Russell: Spider Solitaire & Intuition

by Marie T. Russell.

Oftentimes, we hesitate using our intuition because of the "risk" of being wrong. What if the "voice" we're hearing, or the hunch we're getting is wrong? In some situations, as in chemo or not chemo, operation or not operation, change jobs or not, divorce or not, it's a "life-threatening" or life-altering choice. However, if...

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Learning to Trust Yourself

Deborah King, author of the article: Learning to Trust Yourself

by Deborah King.

Another big stumbling block along the path to shamanhood involves your ability to trust yourself and the process, even while undergoing experiences... [which] may not be pleasant, yet could be very necessary for your growth. Becoming your own shaman requires lots of trust, but not blind faith. You have to trust your...

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Preventing Cancer using Dream Interpretation

Preventing Cancer using Dream Interpretationby John D. Goldhammer, Ph.D. Researchers studying the relationship between dream content and the onset of disease have discovered a particular type of recurring dream that often comes long before cancer becomes apparent. Their research suggests that: "Cancer can be seen as a 'growth' process  . . . taking place incorrectly in the body rather than in the...

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Ways to Increase Your Clairsentience

Doreen Virtue, author of the article: Ways to Increase Your Clairsentience

by Doreen Virtue.

Some people are naturally oriented toward picking up the kinds of messages that come as emotions, gut feelings, hunches, and intuitions. This is especially true if you are sensitive to emotions in yourself and others. Yet everyone can become even more attuned to...

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Palmistry: Hands Hold the Answer

Kathryn Andries, author of the article: Palmistry -- Hands Hold the Answer

by Kathryn Andries.

My visit with a palm reader helped me change a lifelong pattern of indecisiveness and a belief that I would have to choose between a career and family. Holding my left hand she explained that my inner, emotional side was communicating to me to slow down and enjoy life. My right hand was communicating a different...

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Dream Messages on the Cancer Hot Line

Wanda Easter Burch, author of the article: Dream Messages on the Cancer Hot Line

by Wanda Easter Burch.

Between 1996 and 2000 I was a telephone hot line volunteer for an organization that put survivors in touch with people newly diagnosed with cancer. The sharing of dreams on the cancer hot line became a wonderful healing exercise for the new patients. Often we talked about dreams that conveyed messages...

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What is Luck? Coincidences & Synchronicities

Goldfish graphic from the article:Coincidences & Synchronicities by Marie T. Russellby Marie T. Russell.

I love how the Universe (a.k.a. God, Creator, Divine, etc.) works. Things just work out sometimes amazingly perfect. Actually, I don't know why it's amazing, other than we've been brainwashed (trained) to expect the worst instead of...

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Living Authentically: Follow Your Dreams

Living Authentically: Follow Your Dreamsby John D. Goldhammer, Ph.D. As we move deeper into the twenty-first century, we find ourselves in the midst of a tremendous and extraordinarily difficult transition from a world fragmented into often hostile groups and ideologies to a world where people are united by their common humanity. Our dreams hold the potential to transform the...

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Testing and Validation

Mary Ann Morgan

One of my children brought to my attention a TV program that he was watching. On the program, a scientist was testing individuals who had gifts similar to mine. My child said, "Mommy, you need to call that man so you can help him with those studies. "As a mother who believes in the intuitive capabilities of her children, I...

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Communicating with Animals

Marta Williams, author of the article: Communicating with Animals

by Marta Williams. Animals are always trying to get through to us. They are constantly sending us intuitive messages that we aren't aware of. However, in spite of ourselves, some of those messages are getting through. When you think your dog might need some water, and you check and find the bowl is empty, chances are...

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The Power of Imagination & The Importance of Honoring It

The Power of Imagination & The Importance of Honoring Itby Robert Moss. When have you said to yourself, "It's only my imagination"? I've said it at a moment of strong intuition — intuition that subsequently proved to be correct — that lacked supporting evidence in the moment. I've also said it when I've had a glimpse of a wonderful future — and then betrayed that vision by diverting my energy to listing all the reasons it cannot be...

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Awareness & Intuition

by Nancy C. Pohle and Ellen L. Selover.

Nancy C. Pohle

Ellen L. SeloverOur physical senses -- hearing, sight, taste, smell, and touch -- are powerful receptors, able to retrieve immense amounts of information every second. They send signals through the nervous system to the brain, which then processes and...

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Dreaming Our Way to the Heart of the World

Robert Moss

by Robert Moss.

In my brighter vision of what is to come, our society will be guided by dream helpers. Their constant work is to help those around them to use dreams for guidance and healing. It is recognized that dreams diagnose problems before they manifest...

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Psychic Protection for Being Safe

Julie Tallard Johnson

Psychic protection is the ability to create a safe place within and around yourself, so you can freely be yourself. It is a shield you create to deflect the negative or unwanted thoughts and energy of others and to prevent you from losing your energy...

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If A Tree Fell

by Starbuilders. If a tree fell in the woods and someone was there to yell "TIMBER!", there is no doubt that the tree would make a noise, and when it hit the ground, someone would be there to hear it. But how about the classic question that asks, "If a tree fell in the woods and NOBODY was around to hear it, would it make a sound?" That depends on how you want to define "sound."

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Is Your Home Your Ally?

Is Your Home Your Ally? by Denise Linnby Denise Linn. Your home can be your greatest ally in helping you to achieve your potential. This is true because your home is not only a reflection of you, but in its deepest sense, it also has the power to mold you and shape your future. When you implement changes in your home, you will notice that often your life is...

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History and Mystery of Tarot

 by M. J. Abadie. Over time, the Tarot cards have had their ups and downs, falling from popular interest only to be once more resurrected by those in search of the deeper meanings behind their complex symbolism. As the saying goes, "Truth will always out." The Tarot has experienced a resurgence in the past two decades.

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Handwriting Analysis

by Frances M. Shea. When people realize my specialty is handwriting analysis, the inevitable question is, "What can you tell me about myself?" The answer is everything! Everything your subconscious is silently saying can be seen quite clearly! Handwriting is as revealing as a three-dimensional portrait, a hologram of body, mind, and spirit.

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Feng Shui At Home

by Terah Kathryn Collins.

Terah Kathryn Collins

Feng Shui focuses on enhancing the harmony and vitality of your environment. Surrounding yourself with things that lift your spirits and deepen your love for life is a primary goal. Surround yourself with only those items that pass the "I love this!" test. Ch'i is always enhanced by your joy, inspiration, and creativity.


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