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Life After Death

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Life After Death category graphicBy now, we've all heard stories of people "dying" on the operating table (or elsewhere) and then coming back with tales to tell of meeting up with their dead grandmother, or with Jesus, or with a bright light. Years ago, these "tales" were considered strange and delusional, and thus not many people shared their stories.

In the past years, many have "come out of the closet" sharing their experiences on the other side of the veil... what happened, who they saw, what they were told. A common thread is the bright light, as well as being told "It's not your time. You must go back."

Visitations from the Other Side

And in the same way, many now feel more comfortable sharing their memories of visitations from their deceased grandmother, or mother, or friend. Some of these visits occur in the dream state, others in the meditative state, and others just in the "normal" course of events.

For those of us who have been visited by someone on the other side, there is no doubt remaining that there is life after death. For those who have not had that experience, reading the stories of others can help shed light on the question: Is there life after death?

 Life After Death: Doubts or Belief?

Articles in this topic category tell of many such occurences and warm the heart, just as they may brings tears... If you've recently lost a loved one, these stories will bring comfort. If you've had such an experience yourself, then reading this will reinforce your experience and help distill your doubts.

Yes, I Talk to My Dead Sister: Communicating with Loved Ones on "The Other Side"

Communicating with Loved Ones on "The Other Side"by Deborah Heneghan. For me, ever since my sister's death in 1987, not only have I grown closer to her, I've also come to see that every decision, risk, adventure, accomplishment, deed, job, presentation, award, relationship, and experience — basically everything in my life — has been impacted and inspired by my relationship with my sister and her heavenly guidance.

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Family Return

life after deathby Carol Bowman. Jenny was eager to talk to me about her five-year-old nephew, who she was beginning to believe was the reincarnation of her grandfather. She hadn't known that it was possible for a child to be the reincarnation of a family member. Now Dylan's strange behaviors were beginning to make sense to her.

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A Visit to the Other Side

by B.J. Wall.

I didn't ever remember hearing about Universal Laws, yet, strangely I understood what they were saying even as it came out of their mouths. These were the guides for the universe created especially for us and I had to know more. I knew this was the truth as I had never experienced it.

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A Body of Thought

I was very close to my father, and very upset when he died. A few days after his death, I turned over in my bed, supposedly still in mid-dream, when a shadowy form appeared. He, for I assumed the figure to be such, was similar to those dark depictions of the spirit...


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Denvers Goodbye

"Looks like this tree could use some water." I looked over at my neighbor, standing 30 feet away, beside the cypress tree my former boyfriend, Denver, had planted the previous spring. His words echoed and rolled slowly across the lawn that divided us. My hands tingled, and I clasped them together to keep them from shaking...

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Grandmother's Angels

What They Saw at the Hour of Death

A testimonial of undying love and the presence of life after death... Curiously, my study of metaphysics did not really begin in earnest until the day of my Grandmother's death, when I became convinced that life did, in fact, continue after "death".

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Spirit Watching Over Me

One day, I asked my dad if he would be there when God called me home, and he promised he would. He told me he would be watching over me. One evening, many years later, Mom called and said that Dad had just died. It was the first time I had lost anyone close to me. I was devastated! I don't believe anyone is ever prepared for...

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