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Spirituality category graphicSpirituality is very personal and each person will have their own definition of what it means to them. For some people, spirituality equates religion, for others, spirituality is an internal experience and perspective on life.

Spirituality: No Rules, No Dogma

Whereas each person may have their own definition of spirituality, there are no rules, no dogma to follow. Mostly it has to do with a personal and internal connection with what each person feels is their source or their creator. It is the inner space where they connect with their guidance, and the highest and best aspect of their being.

While a religious person will attend church services, a spiritual one may not necessarily do so, as one can be spiritual without being religious.  (Unfortunately, sometimes, one can be religious without being spiritual as well.)

How Does One Become Spiritual?

How does one become spiritual? Many of the master teachers through the ages, such as Jesus, Buddha, etc. etc. have propounded the same wisdom: Love thy neighbor... Do unto others... What we have come to call The Golden Rule.

While there are many religions, spirituality is "one". While it is "one", it is not so in the sense of being "the only one". Spirituality can encompass the teachings of multiple religions, many teachers, and many paths. It is "one" in that it connects everything together, and sees that we all are beings of light, living on planet earth in a common experience, and that we are all one.

Guidance for Spiritual Living

The articles in the "general spirituality" category focus on a spiritual way of life and perspective... always with the goal of being the best person you can... one for all, and all for one in our journey of life. The goal of the articles is to empower you, enlighten you, and generally assist you on your path to inner peace.

Grace and Purity of Heart: Becoming Whole-Hearted

Grace and Purity of Heart

by Rashmi Khilnani. Keep moving on the spiritual path from the lower truth to higher truth, until you come to that place deep within you, one that is silent, that is peaceful, and that is pure beingness and beyond judgment. As you progress, keep letting go of the many impurities that get stuck to the so-called religious and spiritual paths and “isms.”

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Embracing the Spiritual Life and Taking Full Responsibility

Embracing the Spiritual Life and Taking Full Responsibility

by Sara Chetkin. Nowadays, many of us consider ourselves to be on a spiritual path. Whatever it is we do to enrich this area of our lives, we always want to make sure that it is producing a desired outcome. For example, has your spirituality led you to be more honest with yourself? Are you digging deep within and uncovering the untoward, the hidden, the “dark” side?

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If You Meet Your Ego on the Path, Don't Kill It; Heal It Instead

If You Meet Your Ego on the Path, Don't Kill It; Heal It Instead

by Jason Shulman. The vehicle that enables us to live as who we are—that is, as individual personalities in finite bodies who are simultaneously manifestations of Spirit beyond life and death—is the human ego. While problematic in its unhealed state, the ego in its healed state is the best vehicle we have for bringing us to the gate of enlightenment.

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What Is Spirituality?

Spirituality graphicby InnerSelf Staff.

Spirituality is very personal and each person will have their own definition of what it means to them. For some people, spirituality equates religion, for others, spirituality is an internal experience and perspective on life.

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Experiencing God's Love

Mother Clare Watts, author of the article: Experiencing God's Love

by Mother Clare Watts.

Nothing will ever be more transformative and life-changing than having your own powerful and direct experience of God. Such an experience changes all your speculation about what is real and what is of value into first-hand knowing. No one else’s...

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What Is Zen

Mel AshWho are we really? What is really the meaning of Life? How can we attain lasting happiness in the face of our seemingly endless troubles? These questions are basic to our lives, and it is from these questions that the practice of Zen has its birth. Zen can be the compassionate scalpel that removes the layers of accrued opinions, beliefs, and...

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Experiencing Sufism

James Dillehay

It is said that when the student is ready, the teacher may physically appear and guide them in their transformation until the time when the teacher is seen everywhere. As a result of working with a Sufi teacher, enhanced perceptions and awareness bring about deep understanding, inner contentment, healing and...

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Accessing Spiritual Direction

Wayne W. Dyer

Who or what grows our fingernails and beats our heart even as we sleep? Who or what is behind the movement of the winds, which we feel but never see? What is this force that keeps the planets in place and hurls our world through the galaxy at a breathtaking speed? Spirit is what I have chosen to call the formless, invisible energy which is the source and sustenance of life on this planet. This force, no matter the name we give it, can...

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Ego vs True Self

Vincent Cole

There comes a stage in spiritual development when you will experience the conflict between the fears of the ego and the power of spirit. An ego-based identity seeks only that which strengthens it. All else is seen as a threat. Therefore, in the beginning, as you take the next step in evolution, you will feel a conflict, a division within yourself as a new way of being struggles to emerge.

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Empowering the Human Spirit

When we cheer the spirit of the true athlete, what we applaud is a demonstration of all of the significance's the word spirit entails for us: courage, tenacity, commitment, alignment with principle, demonstration of excellence, honor, respect, and humility. To inspire implies filling with spirit...

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The Battle For God

One of the most startling developments of the late twentieth century has been the emergence within every major religious tradition of a militant piety popularly known as "fundamentalism." Its manifestations are sometimes shocking. Fundamentalists have gunned down worshippers in a mosque, have killed doctors and nurses who work in abortion clinics, have shot their presidents, and have even toppled a powerful government. It is only a small minority...

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Gazing at the Beloved

Will Johnson

Most of our spiritual traditions tell us that, as humans, we are miniature reflections of God and that we have been created in God's image. If this is so, then it would follow that a more direct way to look upon the face of God would be to sit and gaze at an actual person, a real flesh-and-blood human. If you can truly see another and be seen by the other, you begin to see that he or she is an embodiment of the Divine, and you begin to feel...

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Hanging On to Old Values

Dan JosephIf I'm having difficulty opening my mind to a new perspective, I often find it helpful to look at how much value I'm placing on my old ways of seeing. Sometimes we invest very heavily in our old perspectives, without even knowing it. On one level, we want our minds to be healed...

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Being on The Path

Astrid Fitzgerald

by Astrid Fitzgerald. We all know from experience that we cannot be a better person, a more loving individual, let alone a fully realized being, simply by intention alone. Spiritual seeking is a commendable activity in and of itself but spiritual seeking that is undisciplined and aimless will not...

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What is God: A God Beyond Words

And on the eighth day, man created God. Who else but man would donate only a mere three letters of the alphabet to the power behind the universe? Three letters do not bear much weight in light of a God who is attributed with creating a world, saving its people, and providing a life everlasting. Many would profess to say that God in fact is not the name they would use at all to depict their own conception of a higher being. Nature, the Great Spirit, Allah, Buddha, Goddess, Jesus Christ, no Christ, the earth, so many names...

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A Guide Named Joe

A Guide Named JoeLike many people on their spiritual path, it was some time before my spirit guide revealed his name to me. I must admit I thought it rather curious when he told me his name was Joe. I asked if he were an angelic being, or perhaps a saint, but he said I could just address him as Joe. Being a no-nonsense, down-to-earth kind of a person myself, I reasoned that was the type of guide I would attract. As you may have noticed, many metaphysical people tend to ask one another...

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Revitalization of Spirituality


Hank Wesselman, Ph.D. It is of interest that the current spiritual reawakening is mainly happening outside the carefully patrolled borders of our organized religions. It appears to be cutting across socioeconomic levels of achievement and status, and is transcending cultural, political, and ethnic boundaries as well. Although it's possible to do this in the church or the temple, the zendo or the mosque, the challenge is to accomplish it out in the world at large

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Accessing Divine Love

Divine Love is the needed energy for our planet to heal itself. There are so many well intentioned people and factions who think that they have the only right answers. They are often willing to fight and be mercilessly cruel to prove that they are the most Holy. Sometimes it's necessary to stand up to...

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Dirt As A Spiritual Path

Once upon a time there was a Lodgekeeper who managed a mountain resort. Many people visited the area to hike and enjoy the natural splendor of the mountain. One day, a guest checked in and after getting settled, he told the Lodgekeeper he was going out hiking. The Lodgekeeper advised him to...

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