El Niño Is Over, But It Has Left Its Mark Across The World

El Niño Is Over, But It Has Left Its Mark Across The WorldThe 2015-16 El Niño has likely reached its end. Tropical Pacific Ocean temperatures, trade winds, cloud and pressure patterns have all dropped back to near normal, although clearly the event’s impacts around the globe are still being felt.

Has Climate Change Really Improved U.S. Weather?

Flooding in Houston, April 18, 2016. Laurence Simon/Flickr, CC BY-SAAccording to a new report published in “Nature” on April 20, 2016 by Patrick Egan and Megan Mullin, weather conditions have “improved” for the vast majority of Americans over the past 40 years. This, they argue, explains why there has been little public demand so far for a policy response to climate change.

Study Predicts El Niño For Late This Year

Study Predicts El Nino For Late This Year

A new study shows that there is at least a 76 percent likelihood that an El Niño event will occur later this year, potentially reshaping global weather patterns for a year or more and raising the odds that 2015 will set a record for the warmest year since instrument records began in the late 19th century.

US Winter Warmer and Wetter So Far

Febuary Climate Summary

After a record year in 2012, will 2013 continue the trend? According to the February State of The Climate summary from NOAA, this winter has been warmer and wetter in much of the continental US. We will have to wait for the March summary to see if temperatures topple the record for March of 2012.

Australia's Floods Return

Australia Flood

Australia ramped up its military response to deadly flooding in the country's northeast Tuesday, as troops prepared for a massive clean-up operation following storms which killed four and left thousands of homes swamped.