Somebody to Love: Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

Somebody to Love: Everybody Loves Somebody Sometime

by Alan Cohen. I had a nasty neighbor who regularly picked fights over all kinds of issues. People drove too fast past her rural home; her neighbors partied too loud; vandals were supposedly stealing from her water line; trees encroached on her property line; and on and on...

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Aloneness and Relationships: Accepting Life In All Its Dimensions

Aloneness and Relationships: Accepting Life In All Its Dimensions

by Osho. It is beautiful to be alone, it is also beautiful to be in love, to be with people. And they are complementary, not contradictory. When you are enjoying others, enjoy, and enjoy to the full; there is no need to bother about aloneness. And when you are fed up with others, then move into aloneness and enjoy it to the full.

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Two Kinds of Aloneness

Two Kinds of Aloneness by Barry Vissell

by Barry Vissell. Too many people are afraid of being alone, afraid of discovering something dreadful about themselves. We see people constantly surrounded by a group of friends, postponing the inevitable confrontation with themselves. We see people rebound from...

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Forgive: Let Yourself Off the Hook

Forgiveness: Letting Yourself Off the Hook by William R. Yoderby William R. Yoder.

If you think of forgiveness as “letting someone off the hook,” you believe that you are doing someone else a favor by forgiving them. After all, they are really guilty and deserve your judgment and condemnation.

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Developing True Heart Connection

sharon Salzberg

by Sharon Salzberg.

Throughout our lives we long to love ourselves more deeply and to feel connected with others. Instead, we often contract, fear intimacy, and suffer a bewildering sense of separation. We crave love, and yet we are lonely. Our delusion of being separate from one another gives rise to all of this pain. What is the way out of...

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Sadness as a Meditation

Sadness as a Meditationby Osho. Sadness can become a very enriching experience. You have to work on it. It is easy to escape from your sadness — and all relationships ordinarily are escapes; one simply goes on avoiding it. And it is always there underneath... the current continues...

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Sing Love Songs to Yourself

Marie T. RussellSinging love songs to yourself may sound like something strange to do but it actually is therapeutic and great for one's self-esteem. The experience of singing love songs to myself first started when I was listening to the radio and hearing all those lovey-dovey songs. My "Self" started substituting...

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Let Someone Into Your Heart

Let Someone Into Your Heart

by Alan Cohen. Most of us have at some time thought or said, "I will never love again." In the wake of emotional pain, it is natural to want to protect yourself. And in many situations it's a good idea to retreat into a cocoon for a period of time while you regroup. The problem is that when you keep your heart sheltered...

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Abandonment Mask Removed

John Randolph Price A consciousness of abandonment may begin in early childhood with the death or divorce of a parent, the father taking a job in another town and seldom seeing the child, or perhaps feeling lost in a large family of brothers and sisters and not receiving enough attention. Other factors to consider...

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Alone Again, Naturally

Lionel FisherOur fear of aloneness is so ingrained that given the choice of being by ourselves or being with others we opt for safety in numbers, even at the expense of lingering in painful, boring, or totally unredeeming company. While many Americans have their solo lifestyles thrust on them -- people die, people go away -- a huge and growing population is choosing to be alone...

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Do You Fear Being Lonely

Richard C. Michael Ph.D.

Do you feel lonely because you do not have family around you? Have you made family a priority because you have a terrible fear of being alone? Let's put loneliness and being alone in its proper perspective. There is a key distinction between being alone and feeling lonely. Being alone is when you voluntarily spend time alone in order to heal your heart by entering deeper into it and discovering more about yourself...

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Beloved Friend

Will Johnsonby Will Johnson. Can a man who longs for a woman to complete him really believe that he needs to do nothing more than lose himself in television sports and drink imported beer while he's waiting for his beloved to appear? If he then walked into a room... would she be attracted to him?

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How to Heal a Broken Heart

Elisha GabriellI recently recovered from a broken heart. The man I had been deeply in love with, and believed was my life-partner, was not in love with me. I decided to take an active part in my healing process. I hurt too deeply to simply leave it to "time". Here is my seven step heartbreak recovery program.

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Exploring The Silence, A Little Bit at a Time

Exploring The Silence, A Little Bit at a Timeby Richard Mahler. A critical step in the embrace of silence and solitude is setting aside the notion that we have to be "doing something" throughout our waking hours. For most of us, this goes against what we have been taught since childhood...

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Harvesting the Fruits & Gifts of Solitude

Harvesting the Fruits & Gifts of Solitude

by Zenith Henkin Gross. Americans are deeply ambivalent about the solitary person in our midst. On the one hand, the lone hero is much admired in national folklore. On the other side of our ambivalence is the belief that to be alone, even temporarily, is to have been abandoned and to be sunk in a black misery of loneliness.

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