Why You ABSOLUTELY Must Love Yourself And How You Can Do It

Why You ABSOLUTELY Must Love Yourself And How You Can Do ItWhen I first heard of the concept of Self Love, I laughed out loud. I was sure it was the most pretentious and ridiculous idea I’d ever heard. I ridiculed the concept for a good long minute and gave it hell. Then I went back to despising myself (that was so much more “humble” and “honorable”).

Why You Need To Befriend Yourself

Why You Need To Befriend YourselfIt is a paradox that if we cannot open our hearts to ourselves, then we have no foundation for dealing with other people lovingly and compassionately. We've been trained not to ask loving and compassionate questions of ourselves. 

What To Do When Emotional Triggers Set Us Off

Triggers as Teachers: Staying on Your Recovery PathTriggers are hooks that summon emotional experiences of other times when you were frightened, harmed, and helpless. When you succumb to a trigger, you feel a sense of guilt, shame, and failure as you add another layer of fear, punishment, and helplessness to your original experience...

Befriending Yourself: You Are Not Your Enemy

Befriending Yourself: You Are Not Your EnemyThe shift from living with attachment to the judgmental mind to living with kindness is perhaps the most important part of our work with the critic. It requires us to embrace all of who we are — the good, the bad, and the ugly. This can require a radical shift in our inner world...

How To Be Real, Authentic, and Juicy

How To Be Real, Authentic, and JuicyOne of the qualities Buddhists strive for on the path to enlightenment is called “sameness of being.” It means being exactly who you authentically are, no matter who you are interacting with. To be your most authentic self, you must get over your habits of worrying about....

Freeing Yourself from Reactive Thoughts and Ego Concepts

Freeing Yourself from Reactive Thoughts and Ego ConceptsHow can you free yourself from being lost in your thoughts? To understand the answer we must examine the chain reaction of thought. Every thought that passes through your mind sets the background for the next one. Your attention keeps reacting to each thought in a way that makes way for the next. For example...

The Good News and The Bad News

The Good News and The Bad NewsI am writing about you. You; wonderfully flawed, perfectly nutty, beautiful, broken-hearted, powerful you. Would you like to impact the planet and be a part of a positive change? Would you like to feel more at peace with yourself and be a happier human being?

How A Bad Memory Can Actually Br Good For You

How A Bad Memory Can Actually Br Good For YouIt’s not uncommon to hear people wishing that they had a better memory. “If only I weren’t so forgetful”, they complain. “If only I could reliably remember my computer password, and that my neighbour’s name is Sarah, not Sandra.” If this sounds familiar then I know how you feel.

The Sweet Dawn of Renewal after the Dark Night of the Soul

The Sweet Dawn of Renewal after the Dark Night of the SoulRenewal is well described by Beat novelist and poet Jack Kerouac in his line, ‘I saw that my life was a vast glowing empty page and I could do anything I wanted.’ After a smooth transition, renewal brings a gradual sense of stability and certainty after a time of rapid change. As we step towards our dreams...

Rediscovering Yourself When Life Puts the Squeeze On You

 Rediscovering Yourself When Life Puts the Squeeze On YouWhen the six-year-old showed his drawing to the grownups in his life, instead of seeing a boa constrictor digesting an elephant, they thought it was a drawing of a hat. Whenever he showed it to adults, he received the same response. The youngster concluded that none of the grownups had any imagination at all!

The Most Common Issues for Earth Angels: Love, Fear, and Trust

The Most Common Issues for Earth Angels: Love, Fear, and TrustAs you experience being an earth angel, you will discover that the path of service is riddled with deep feelings. We are in service at all times, and we need to set an example to other earth angels. If you are living with dysfunction, and your life is not in balance, you need to seek out a teacher and heal within. We cannot serve others when we are ourselves are out of balance.

Is Your Outer Child a Self-Saboteur and a Bully?

Welcome to Your Outer ChildWhat makes you break your diet, or run up your credit card, or be attracted to all the wrong people? Each of us has self-sabotaging tendencies, the origins of which elude us. Be confused no longer! I’m here to tell you that these behaviors are attributable to a part of your personality that perhaps you didn’t even know you had: your Outer Child.

Widening Your Lens and Reframing Your Story

Widening Your Lens and Reframing Your StoryOur biographies are truly ours to play with, and it is our responsibility to take care with how we do this. If, for instance, you tell yourself an old story that revolves around the notion that no matter what you do, “that’s just the way it is,” and the ending will always be the same, the universe will eventually show you exactly that.

Understanding Karma and Resolving Emotional Wounds

Understanding Karma and Resolving Emotional WoundsIn my years of working with clients and their karmic history, I have chosen to take the meaning of karma out of the duality, that is, the belief that doing good brings good things, doing bad brings bad things. Instead, I use a deeper spiritual meaning of karma—its role as the unresolved emotional wounds...

Shining the Light on The Jewel in the Lotus

Shining the Light on The Jewel in the LotusA website or any new profession, relationship, or step ahead in life is an excellent projective test for where your consciousness lives at the moment. Since life is more about what’s going on inside you rather than what’s going on outside, the best use of outside is to shine light on the inside, so you can progress in your soul’s journey.

Creating Time to Be Alone: A Life-Saving Act

Creating Time to Be Alone: A Life-Saving ActSolitude is the state of being alone and away from others, without feeling any sense of regret, guilt, or loneliness. Spending time in solitude is highly self-nurturing and a practice that we all need to embrace. When we are so busy with the hectic activities of our lives...

Honoring Our Emotions & Examining Our Beliefs & Triggers

Honoring Our Emotions & Examining Our Beliefs & Triggers

When we talk about it on paper, detaching or reducing our level of attachment doesn't sound so dif­ficult. There is no need to complicate anything; we keep it simple, moving from one interaction to another without becoming too attached to any one outcome. But in life it rarely happens this way...

Take The Challenge: Activate Your Goodness

Take The Challenge: Activate Your GoodnessAll my life I wondered, What is my role? I explored this both within myself and with the help of others. I began by asking myself, What can I offer to the world, given my specific skills, life experi­ences, and through the platforms that I will attain?

The Wisdom of Your Discontent Is Chasing After You

The Wisdom of Your Discontent Is Chasing After YouI realized my nagging feelings of dissatisfaction, that little dissenting voice that made me feel like I wasn't in the right place at the right time, or doing the right thing, was all a set of instructions for how to find inner peace in the presence of my emotional turmoil...

Finding Your Inner Goddess

Finding Your Inner Goddess by Jamie Rose

Take out your journal and write the names of two women you admire. Women who for you embody the word "god­dess." For me, this first list might include Michelle Obama and Helen Mirren. If you're...

Why Are We All Ignoring Our Loneliness?

Ignoring Our Loneliness

We need to acknowledge our mutual human suffering. While it is, of course, natural for human beings to talk and communicate with one another, unless we have a good excuse or reason to do so we seem to maintain our typical everyday stranger status with the entire general public surrounding us.

Choosing Another Way: Intimacy With Yourself First

Choosing Another Way: Intimacy With Yourself First

None of us ever truly forgets the nurturing, warm comfort of the womb. We spend our lives trying to re-create that feeling of being held and protected. Nor do we forget the pain of individuation, of leaving Mother and home. We seek throughout our lives to have the separation and the resulting loneliness filled with meaningful relationships...

Tender Words About You: You Are Good Enough!

Tender Words About You: You Are Good Enough!When you live with the belief that something about you makes you weak or not good enough, it is difficult to enter into mutual relationships seeking the best for each person. When you do not see your own belovedness and magnificence, it's difficult to think about being a healthy person, much less imagining a mutual relationship...

Recovering From Childhood's Low Self-Esteem

Recovering From Childhood's Low Self-EsteemPeople with low self-esteem have believed the worst about themselves so strongly and for so long that they readily discard any feedback that contradicts their belief. They are unable to trust compliments and praise and often unknowingly twist such comments to mean the opposite.

The Drama in Our Lives: A Wake-Up Call

The Drama in Our Lives: A Wake-Up CallWe all have times in our life where we find ourselves caught in the middle of dramas or 'impossible' situations. Our first tendency mighty be to find who's to blame and/or how to fix it. However, Alan Seale suggests: "This situation has happened for a reason. It wants to tell us something. The drama is a wake-up call..."

Transformation: Heeding the Call of Love

Transformation: Heeding the Call of Love

Beliefs, dogma, theologies — all the costumes of religion — vary dramatically through time and place. But the call to know love as the ground of our being, and to honor our gift of life through the way that we live it: this does not vary.  Seeking, yearning, tasting and transforming are certainly heart, soul and meaning of...

Blame, Shame, and Self-Responsibility

Blame, Shame, and Self-ResponsibilityThe more we bristle at the idea of self-responsibility, the more likely it is that we were taught at an early age to feel shame. Blame and shame go hand in hand, one giving rise to the other. They both have to do with finding fault, pointing a finger of judgment, and defining something or someone as “wrong.”

I Married My Mirror

I Married My Mirror by Marie T. Russell

Relationships are funny... You go around searching for the 'perfect' mate, and of course, the 'perfect' mate turns out to be not so perfect. What happened? Since everyone is your reflection, you ended up with the perfect reflection of yourself. And of course...

Being A Better Person

"He makes me want to be a better person." As I reflected on this statement later, I realized that this is the best compliment anyone could ever hope to receive. Just think about your own life... Think of the reactions and comments you may have made about others...

Are Emotions Bad or A Gateway to Your Soul?

Are Emotions Bad or A Gateway to Your Self?

We often have the misconception that our emotions interfere with our experience of ultimate peace: that they are the storm that distracts us from spacious calm. There are so many false notions about emotions. We usually learn at an early age that there are "good"...

Being The Saint Next Door

Being The Saint Next Door by Alan Cohen

by Alan Cohen. What if someone close to you turned out to be a hero to millions? The seeds of greatness can sprout anywhere, through anyone. Every great person, from Galileo to St. Francis to Martin Luther King Jr., grew up as a normal person and did normal things with normal people. Probably none of their buddies expected...

Befriending the Shadow

Befriending the Shadow...

by Robert Ohotto. When we don't recognize or accept certain parts of our own nature - positive and negative - we'll project these qualities onto others. Those who anger, irritate, frustrate, and even consciously attempt to sabotage us are our greatest teachers...

Symptoms of Inner Peace

by Saskia Davis.

If you have all or most of the following symptoms, please be advised that your condition of PEACE may be so far advanced as to not be treatable. 1. A tendency to think and act spontaneoulsy rather than from fears based on past experiences. 2. An unmistaken ability to enjoy each moment.

Mastering Unconditional Love

Radiating the resonance of unconditional love is the intention of all those who have attracted this message. You have come forth to teach one another to stay with the love, no matter what the conditions hold.

The Weight Loss Conundrum: Making New Connections

Consider this: 167 million men and women in the United States are on a diet at any given moment. If that many people are trying a solution and it doesn't work, something's wrong with the so-called solution. Contrary to what proponents of expensive diet regimens say, these diets can't work long term, no matter how much willpower you have.

Why Your Life Sucks

If you are losing energy in the form of joy, health, money, or love, you have a leak in your system. There is no malevolent parasite that has invaded your world and is undermining you. Your leak is on your property, and as such you have access to repair it.

Building A Better World -- One Person at a Time

Building A Better World -- One Person at a TimeWe look around at the world's problems and wish they would go away, but they stubbornly persist despite our most heartfelt desires. So we end up living in a kind of ethical haze. It seems that everything and everyone is for sale. Nothing remains sacred.

Do You Know Your A B C s?

A is for acceptance of myself and others. B is for blamelessness and removing blame from my perceptions. C is for compassion for myself and others. D is for detachment and letting others be themselves?

Are You Forcing Yourself?

You might say that not-forcing is the second principle of the Tao -- in Chinese it is called wu wei, and it means literally 'not doing', but would be much better translated to give it the spirit of 'not forcing' or 'not obstructing'. Wu wei when applied to human activity refers to a person who does not get in his or her own way.

Emotions in Motion

'Energy in motion' can be used for good or bad, the same as a pencil can be used to draw a beautiful picture or to poke someone in the eye. I have noticed this especially about anger. I know how I consciously direct my emotional energy is important and I reach some confidence in doing so by feeling my feelings.

How Much Would You Pay to be Yourself?

In the film Being John Malkovich, an unhappy guy named Craig discovers a portal into movie star John Malkovich's mind, through which he can live vicariously for fifteen minutes. Soon there is a long line of people paying $200 to enter the portal and be someone else.

Snapshots From Infinity

If you look in the eyes of a young child, one or two years old, very often it looks as if there is a light on in there. In an adult this light is gone. Where does it go? What happens to it? What is the difference between this child and me that I no longer glow with this brightness?

Altered State -- Altered Life

Altered State -- Altered Life

by Cheryl Canfield. The quest to discover 'Who am I?' and 'Why am I here?' is often preceded by some crisis that serves as a wake-up call and has the potential to propel us, if we're willing, into a more expanded or spiritual awareness. It was cancer that gave me the opportunity to test the principles I had...

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