My Personal Journey with the Ancestors

My Personal Journey with the AncestorsWhen I was seven years old, my father’s father died from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. His death rippled through the family, particularly affecting my grandmother and his sons. As a child I was shielded from much of this impact, and before this moment I had never...

How To Make Mothers' Day Special For Mom

How To Make Mothers' Day Special For MomWhether your mother lives in her own home, with you, in a facility, or a long distance from you, there are many things you can do to make Mothers' Day a special day for her. * Plan to spend loving, compassionate, quality time with her. * Engage her in discussions about her past and where she is now in this stage of her life...

Cleansing Family Emotional Clutter & Genetic Footsteps

Cleansing Family Emotional Clutter & Genetic FootstepsThe intimate connection we have with family gets embed­ded within our very being long before we can utter a word. Much of this initial wiring occurs in the right hemisphere of our brain in the first ten to twenty-four months of life. That’s when our brain begins to develop an emotional and social program.

Family: Fact and Fiction, Myth and Mystery

Family: Fact and Fiction, Myth and MysteryFrom whomever or wherever we come, our present is, in good part, made up of the stories of our past. These stories can be thought of as the twigs and string and odd detritus that holds our families together, and in each of these stories, at least one of these “unpredictable personalities” wants to take wing and fly.

Forgive Your Parents and Release Yourself from Prison

Forgive Your Parents and Release Yourself from PrisonLove works when we envision anyone bathed in it and project it to them. It works even for those whom we rightfully expect should love us, we assume love us, and of whom we can list 5,328 reasons showing how they haven’t. Love is what forgiveness is about. These words apply, most of all, to our parents. Are you rebelling already, saying, “No way! Not in a million light-years!”?

How to Heal a Painful Family Relationship

How to Heal a Painful Family Relationship

by Mary Hayes Grieco. Our relationships with parents, children, siblings, and spouses can be very complex puzzles of love and frustration — we can’t live with them and can’t live without them. We often have long-held patterns and painful feelings related to our sense of worth...

Father & Daughter: The Most Important Relationship

Father & Daughter: The Most Important Relationship, article by Tom Sturges

A father’s relationship with his daughter is the most important relationship that she will have in her life. It is, in my opinion, the basis and template for all the relationships that she will have with all the men in her life. Teachers, coaches, boyfriends, bosses, fathers-in-law, sons, and grandsons...

What is Family Karma?

Of course, your ancestors can and do leave behavioral and attitudinal legacies that help you actualize your innate potentials. Mingled with ancestral legacies we discover blessings as well as curses. You can take a major step toward maturing when you can see and accept both the good and the bad in other...

Abuse & Incest: A Healing Journey

I was sexually abused - for 8 years. By my brother. There it is, out in in the open for everyone to know. No lies, no stories, just the truth and me. I am tired of secrets and hush hushes behind the door. It happens, and no one wants to talk to about it. Can you imagine the furor that would have been caused if I had come forward and said, as the daughter of a protestant minister, that I was being sexually abused by my own brother.

Gifts From Your Family of Origin

Your life journey began with your parents or primary caregivers, and your childhood experience of gifts, hurts, and disappointments: these became the very foundation of your ideas about love and pain.

Caregiving -- A Gift that Heals

Caregiving --  A Gift that Heals

People have told me many stories of difficult mother-daughter relationships that healed through caregiving. Their stories have given me the gift of healing. Forgiveness, compassion, acceptance, and love grow through empathy for and understanding of the experiences of others...

Family: Different Roles, Similar Lessons

The family unit is a complex mixture of personalities who come together to learn, heal, and love. It is the first place we begin our Earthly journey. Family is instrumental in helping us fulfill our soul's purpose by helping us learn karmic lessons and providing an environment in which we can develop our gifts and talents.

Creating Togetherness with your Family and Loved Ones

Creating Togetherness with your Family and Loved OnesJohn Bradshaw underscores the importance of family connection. He emphasizes acceptance and "loving your own crooked family with your own crooked heart." Just as Mormons celebrate Mondays as Family at Home Night, we can rethink some of our commitments and create time for what's truly important.