Could We One Day Heal The Mind By Taking Control Of Our Dreams?

Could We One Day Heal The Mind By Taking Control Of Our Dreams?About 50 per cent of us will at some point in our lives experience “waking up” and being conscious while still in a dream – possibly, we may even be able to act with intention in it. Such “lucid dreams” are not only a vivid and memorable experience for the dreamer, they are also of huge interest to neuroscientists and psychologists.

How Ability To Control Dreams May Unravel The Mystery Of Consciousness

 Sleep paralysis. My Dream, My Bad Dream, 1915. Fritz Schwimbeck/wikimediaWe spend around six years of our lives dreaming – that’s 2,190 days or 52,560 hours. Although we can be aware of the perceptions and emotions we experience in our dreams, we are not conscious in the same way as when we’re awake. This explains why we can’t recognise that we’re in a dream and often mistake these bizarre narratives for reality.

Following The Path of Least Resistance

Following The Path of Least Resistance“It seems to me that this dream, since you don’t believe it to be a vision of your future, could just be Spirit talking to you about your present moment in life. I don’t know much about your life, but have you recently traversed a difficult moment where you had to let go of things and surrender to a higher force? Have you had to burn away some beliefs and venture into an unknown land?”

Preventing Cancer using Dream Interpretation

Preventing Cancer using Dream Interpretation

by John D. Goldhammer, Ph.D. Researchers studying the relationship between dream content and the onset of disease have discovered a particular type of recurring dream that often comes long before cancer becomes apparent. Their research suggests that: "Cancer can be seen as a 'growth' process  . . . taking place incorrectly in the body rather than in the...

Dream Recall

by M.J. Abadie.

Although there is no scientific proof that recalling our dreams makes them any more effective, it does seem that in general when we pay attention to things, we are more effective. Recall that the proverb says, 'An unremembered dream is like an unopened letter from God.' This doesn't mean that dreams you don't...