Astrology and Human Evolution

Most of us have always been curious about our fate, destiny, and future happenings, especially those of us who have gone through unexpected times of turbulence and despair for which often there is no rational explanation. These experiences shatter our security, a state, as living creatures, we always strive for. And thus, when we recognize our vulnerability to situations beyond our control, we tend to take refuge in anything that offers us hope to regain the feeling of security and stability.

A lot of people easily despair when they meet unexpected situations and cannot cope with them. Some are driven to severe depression, losing control of their lives since they just can't understand "why them?" Others who are perhaps a bit optimistic turn to religion to seek refuge; while still others look for those who could help them understand why they are surrounded with certain unique and undesirable experiences putting them through a very difficult time.

Interestingly, sooner or later, most of these people somehow do survive, although their lives now are transformed to a different level or phase or setting in their lives. Having lived through these experiences they start believing in destiny, fate, and external mystic forces affecting their lives. As a result, it is no surprise that some of us are very curious about what lies in our future and seek consultations from people who can help: psychics, astrologers, and the like.

Astrology has been around for a long, long time. During the ancient period of Greek and Indian civilizations it was extremely popular. Astrologers were well respected. Today astrology doesn't quite enjoy that status for a variety of reasons. For one, with the advent of scientific progress and development over the last several centuries, for any science to survive its basis must be tested and verified.

Astrology, unfortunately, over these years has been neglected as a thing of the past and labeled as a satanic practice. Apparently it is perceived as a negative force that causes one to lose control over his life. As a result, it has primarily remained in the hands of those who are unable to treat and respect it as a science. It never had a chance to bloom and to further develop based on research. Thus, mostly it remains mired in skepticism with its orthodoxy tinged. So it's not surprising that the popularity of astrology has become limited to just a passing interest, and at least on the surface, it has been ridiculed and made fun of, perhaps by the very people who are dying to know what lies ahead in their futures.

What I'm fascinated with most about astrology is the possibilities it offers at the collective human experience level. It has the ability to foresee the steps of human evolution. For instance, the exponential technological growth that has occurred in this century certainly affects the way we live today. From a global evolution standpoint, we as human beings definitely have been transformed to a different (and perhaps a much higher) level during this century. The rapid evolutionary growth can be convincingly explained perhaps only through astrology by understanding the influence of planetary motions on our collective human consciousness. Further, with the aid of astrology, the future of human evolution can be predicted, and to some extent, it can provide us the opportunities to avoid pitfalls and use our energies in a positive and harmonious manner to realize the full growth of our collective human consciousness.

You are completely mislead if you believe that astrology will solve all your personal problems. It's my belief that you can benefit from astrology only when you consider it as a means of personal guidance, a source of second opinion, or a way of confirming things that you already had planned. Do not ever let astrology control your life!

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by Jagdish C. Maheshri, Ph.D.

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Jagdish C. Maheshri, Ph.D. is a chemical engineer who has been pursuing his interest in astrology since 1966. He has analyzed and interpreted more than 10,000 horoscopes and has been researching astrology a a science for nearly thirty years. He has discovered a method by which he can accurately time a prediction, the unique Ninefold Progression technique, which can be applied to both the natal and progressive horoscope charts of an individual. His website features his monthly predictions.