Why We're All In This Together

To Go From Hatred to Empathy, Ask: What Is It Like To Be You?Normal is coming unhinged. For the last eight years it has been possible for most people (at least in the relatively privileged classes) to believe that society is sound, that the system, though creaky, basically works, and that the progressive deterioration of everything from ecology to economy is a temporary deviation from the evolutionary imperative of progress.

Shifting Out of the Age of Fear into the Aquarian Age

Shifting Out of the Age of Fear into the Aquarian AgeMemories and responses to living are passed through your genes from one generation to another. Limited thinking, encouraged and taught to your ancestors, is imprinted in the cells of your body. Everything you deal with in daily living is recorded and stored in your physical body, and just because you do not consciously remember your experiences does not mean the cells of your body forget.

Mothers That Make Time For Themselves Reduce The Chance of Postnatal Depression

postnatal depressionOne in three women will experience significant depressive symptoms in the first five years after giving birth. But new research has found if mothers regularly take time for themselves in the first six months after giving birth they’re less likely to get postnatal depression.

How Many Miracles Do You Get?

How Many Miracles Do You Get?A coaching client reported that years ago when she became pregnant, her doctors told her that the baby would not survive. She and her husband prayed fervently for the child’s well-being, and the baby was born healthy and went on to live a happy life. Since that time she had a few miscarriages, and now the couple very much wants another child. “Do you think we each get a certain allotment of miracles, and when we use it up, we get no more?” she asked.

And Finally... Being Free from the Fear-based Ego

And Finally... Being Free from the Fear-based EgoI know what it’s like to live my life on that runaway train. One day I’m nervous about a deadline. Then I meet the deadline, everyone’s happy with my work, and I’m immediately anxious about money . . . or a conversation I need to have . . . or a hundred other things that are waiting in the wings to keep me in a constant state of anxiety.

The Real Cause of Addiction Has Been Discovered And It's Not What You Think

The Real Cause Of Addiction Has Been Discovered And It's Not What You ThinkIt is now one hundred years since drugs were first banned – and all through this long century of waging war on drugs, we have been told a story about addiction, by our teachers, and by our governments. This story is so deeply ingrained in our minds that we take it for granted. It seems obvious. It seems manifestly true.

A New Beginning: Doing Things Differently

A New Beginning: Doing Things Differently

What many people don’t realize is that in the journey of life we can head in only two directions: toward well-being and away from it. Your emotions indicate where you are going. If you are feeling bad, it means you’re thinking thoughts that are taking you away from well-being and moving you toward distress.

Our Choices Predict Our Future

Our Choices Predict Our FutureWe're often told to live in the present, yet then we're told to set goals and plan for the future. Which is it? "...imagine you’re driving a car. As you look through the windshield you’re looking into the future. As you’re sitting in the driver’s seat you’re in the present. If you look..."

Do Beliefs & Biases Rule Our Life?

Do Beliefs & Biases Rule Our Life?

by Eldon Taylor. Uncovering our biases is an important step in discovering ourselves. Evaluating the words we choose, what they mean, what they imply, and how we use them is an exercise in self-awareness. Whether we repeat a “blonde” joke, a sexist expectation, a racist definition...

What is Real? What is Reality?

Over the years, I have read many wonderful books on the subjects of spirituality, philosophy, and personal growth. These books usually paint a beautiful and inspiring picture of reality.  But often, after the inspiration of the book had faded, I found myself asking, "Wouldn't it be wonderful if reality were like that?"

Life's Most Powerful Things

Thought-power is creative power. It is the power that sparks action. Action, then, becomes directed behavior that produces an identifiable result. Good results come from good thoughts. Good thoughts are like a good foundation that is unshakable and permanent. Things do not appear without a thought having first given "life" to them.

Creating Using Visualization

Losers visualize the penalties of failure. Winners visualize the rewards of success. Today, we are going to talk about creative visualization, that is, the technique of using your imagination to create what you want in your life. There is nothing new, strange, or unusual about creative visualization. You are already...

Whose REALITY Is It Anyway?

Whose REALITY Is It Anyway?"The weekend is over and tomorrow it's back to reality!" "You've lost touch with reality!" What exactly is reality and whose reality are we talking about? I saw a bumper sticker not too long ago that said "Question reality". I agree. I think reality should be questioned and challenged and maybe even done away with...

What To Ask For

I know a man who prayed to receive checks in the mail. Then he did. Unfortunately, they were social security checks addressed to the previous tenants of his apartment. He would have done better to pray to recognize himself as a prosperous being living in an abundant universe that meets all his needs in wondrous ways.

The Missing Tube

A Course in Miracles asks us to keep our priorities in order. Spirit first, matter second. People before stuff. Love before fear. Leo Buscaglia noted, We were born to love people and use things, but we learn to love things and use people.

We Need Women - Now

Now is the time for women's equality in Congress and at all other government and corporate decision-making levels. With men, we get rhetoric, more problems and no answers -- but lots of excuses. I am convinced that we need women's realistic, common-sense approach to the needs of modern America.

Cause and Effect

All things in existence have a cause. Everything in the universe was caused by something else. Throughout the ages, our great spiritual and philosophical masters have taught us that if there is a certain effect you desire, there are certain causes that must be initiated to manifest that desire. If you wish an apple tree, you must plant an apple seed.

Awakening the New Human

We live in interesting times. In addition to everything else going on in the Western world, there's a spiritual awakening quietly taking place, and right at its heart lies the discovery of that program within us -- a program that when experienced directly, has the potential to precipitate undreamed-of levels of personal transformation.

White Picket Fences

Failure isn't something I enjoy -- not that anyone really does -- but some of us are very hard on ourselves when it comes to failure, while some shrug their shoulders and go on. I valued public perception over my inner peace and individual needs.

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