How To Experience More Joy in your Life

Where Are The Paths to Experiencing More Joy in your Life?Allow yourself to feel, hear, know, see, taste, and sense the energy transfer that is happening in this moment. With your free will ask yourself this very important question, “Are you willing to experience more joy in your life?” This seems like the simplest of questions and...

Is Truth Overrated? What The Experts Say

Is Truth Overrated? What The Experts SaySeek the truth and minimize harm. That’s how we instruct young journalists to prepare for the profession. Until recently, factual, objective reporting has been the mantra of modern journalism. But is objectivity a relevant concept in the era of fake news, filter bubbles and alternative facts?

Writing to Heal from Hardships and Trauma

Writing to Heal from Hardships and Trauma“I wanted to talk with you because I wanted others to know that when you are out there, writing can help. I still struggle with PTSD...with all of it. But I can tell you, when I was out there — in the middle of a war — the writing helped take the unseen monkey off my back.”

Guidelines for a Life without Judgment and Limits

Reactions, Judgment and Discernment, Life and LimitsEach of us is body, mind, and spirit, and of the three, it is our minds that can limit us. While the spirit is indeed most important, it’s our bodies that communicate messages from Source, because our bodies are solid, substantial forms that only relay truth. The more we listen to them, the better we accurately understand what’s happening in our lives.

How to Live Your Well Life Plan with Greater Efficiency

How to Live Your Well Life Plan with Greater EfficiencyFeeling chronically overwhelmed, beset by obstacles, and short on time can really get in the way of living a Well Life. Obstacles are una­voidable, but these issues can often be effectively managed by sim­ply improving your efficiency. Here are some of the best approaches we’ve found for becoming more efficient and reclaiming your time.

Why Bringing Out Your Shadow Can Be Beneficial

Why Bringing Out Your Shadow Can Be BeneficialAccording to Jung, the shadow is any part of the psyche which remains unconscious. It is not always dark or undesirable. Since the shadow is any part of ourselves that we "send away," it contains parts of oneself which may also be quite pleasing, yet for one reason or another, are allowed neither awareness nor expression.

Twelve Tips for Emotional and Mental Health

Twelve Tips for  Emotional and Mental HealthGrowing up in a difficult family or living in a difficult fam­ily inevitably produces negative consequences of all sorts. These are on top of the other challenges you face — challenges around life purpose and meaning, making a living and paying the bills, getting ill, falling out of love, making mistakes and disappointing yourself, and more.

How A Buddhist Woman Confronted Cancer

How A Buddhist Woman Confronted Cancer I began a course of chemotherapy that was supposed to last forty-eight weeks. The one still point in this turning world was the Buddhist practice I had been cultivating for fifteen years. This practice had steadied me through major crises in my life, providing a reliable base point to which to return, no matter what else was going on.

The 7 Kinds of Clutter Nobody Ever Talks About

The 7 Kinds of Clutter Nobody Ever Talks AboutMuch of the advice about getting rid of clutter seems to start with the cheerfully abrupt command to “Just do it!” But when you can’t identify the underlying beliefs that are causing you to become buried in clut­ter, that’s almost impossible. So I’ve listed a few tough-love strategies to initiate change...

How To Unblock Your Memories & Dreams

How To Unblocked Your Memories & DreamsSome therapists will use "dream interpretation" to help a patient understand himself, but understanding will not cure symptoms. Our goal is to find blocked memories and to cry. The more you cry, the more your mind will heal itself, and when the pain is gone, the understanding will take care of itself.

Rejecting The Deceptive Power of the Ego

Rejecting The Deceptive Power of the EgoOur emotions are nothing more than an extension of the ego's opinions -- nothing more. For the most part, our emotions are theatrical manifestations of the ego's opinions. They are forms of manipulation. You have an opinion and you start cranking the emotion. So we live as prisoners of these opinions.

Please Help Me See This Differently

Please Help Me See This DifferentlyOne of the most helpful tools I have received from A Course in Miracles is the suggestion to seek the Holy Spirit’s help by asking this tiny question: "Please help me see this differently." The very first time I sought His help, I received instant relief from my incessant drive to control whatever had nabbed my attention.

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