The Importance of Your Daydreams and Mind Wanderings

The Importance of Your Daydreams and Mind WanderingsOur attention is affected by the ultradian rhythm that alters our attention span every 90 to 120 minutes throughout the day. Mind Wandering naturally occurs at the end of this cycle, as well as after any intense cognitive task. Mind Wandering is our mind’s way of forcing us to give it a rest.

Why We're All In This Together

To Go From Hatred to Empathy, Ask: What Is It Like To Be You?Normal is coming unhinged. For the last eight years it has been possible for most people (at least in the relatively privileged classes) to believe that society is sound, that the system, though creaky, basically works, and that the progressive deterioration of everything from ecology to economy is a temporary deviation from the evolutionary imperative of progress.

How To Redefine Aging and Stay Involved In Life In Any Way We Can

Looking Forward to Aging and Being My Future SelfWhen a growing percentage of the population lives past one hundred, we will see what happens to the psychological and spiritual direction of our culture. As we move into the future, we will be redefining aging. After we battle the cultural attitudes that try to define us and attempt to stall us out, we will be staying involved in life in any way we can...

How Should We Measure Well-being?

How Should We Measure Well-being?Opinions differ on the definition of well-being. Yet there’s a growing consensus that it cannot be reduced to material consumption and that other aspects of life, such as health and good social relations, are essential to being well.

Living Life with Change in Each Moment

Living Life with Change in Each MomentChange is a necessary part of living. Many of us use planners to lay out the course of our day. Then, plans change — someone cancels a meeting, or the car won’t start, or the kids get sick. You couldn’t predict that something else was going to happen, but it did. So, you...

Protecting Yourself From Negative Energies

Protecting Yourself From Negative EnergiesMost people don’t know that they need to protect themselves from negative energies around them. Most people on this planet do not even think in terms of ‘energy’ at all, which is strange, because everything on this planet is a form of energy, and we use these different forms of energy all the time!

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Understanding The Limits Of Empathy?
Understanding The Limits Of Empathy?
by Daryl Cameron, Pennsylvania State University; Michael Inzlicht and William A. Cunningham, University of Toronto
To Go From Hatred to Empathy, Ask: What Is It Like To Be You?
Why We're All In This Together
by Charles Eisenstein