How to Let Go of Fear and Transform It Into Peace

How to Let Go of Fear and Transform It Into PeaceWe can deal with blatant discrimination through legal channels and receive some corrective action, but these kinds of compensation cannot heal hearts. Our goal is deeper healing. We want nothing less than total release from the pain and fear that racist conditioning breeds.

Why Are Our Stories Worst-Case Scenarios?

Why Are Our Stories Worst-Case Scenarios?When we believe whatever our story­-telling brain fabricates, we are pushing our own buttons! As we listen to this sort of mind chatter, our survival alarm quickly esca­lates to higher levels of activation. Then our upset reactions seem completely justified!

How To Release and Eliminate Fear & Anxiety

How To Release Fear & Anxiety, article by Jonathan ParkerToday many fears seem woven into the very fabric of our society, such as fear of terrorism, fear of epidemics, fear of a bad economy, fear of commitment, and fear of losing a job, as well as fear of being separated from people we love, fear of loved ones dying, and the all-encompassing fear of the future...

The Real Reason Clowns Scare Us

The Real Reason Clowns Scare UsThis Halloween may be the scariest in a long time. Facing the usual huge crowds of zombies, witches and vampires, deep down, many of us most fear running into one of the “killer clowns” that have been spotted in creepy places across the world over the past few months.

Have A Tough Time Sleeping?

Have A Tough Time Sleeping?You work late and finally crawl into bed absolutely wiped out. But you can’t fall asleep because your mind is still racing. Oooo! You finally do fall asleep! But then you wake up in the middle of the night. You can’t go back to sleep, so you get up and...

Once Upon A Now: Retiring Our Victim Stories

Once Upon A Now: Letting Go of the Victim StoriesIt’s time for humanity to write new parables. New voices. A new language. It’s time for new books. New songs. New pictures. Tradition and nostalgia served their place to bond us and then, to separate us. Fear kept us from grace. It kept us from one another. It kept us from the divine. It kept us lonely and isolated and frightened. Always frightened.

Helping Kids Cope With Stress

Helping Kids Cope With StressChildren are not as adept as adults at understanding complex emotions like stress, and aren’t likely to be able to tell you when they have too much on their plate. A child who is stressed out isn’t likely to appear so. Rather, their anxiety is often portrayed through a series of signs, which can be physical, emotional, or behavioral.

Emotions Leave Older Adults Open To Being Swindled

Emotions Leave Older Adults Open To Being Swindled"When emotionally aroused, either excited or frustrated, older adults may be more susceptible to being victimized by scammers than are younger individuals," says Ian H. Gotlib. "In the present study, they were more likely to want to pay for an item advertised misleadingly, regardless of how credible they believed the advertisement was."

How to Surrender Your Self-Doubts Completely

How to Surrender Your Self-Doubts CompletelyWhen circumstances in our lives are too overwhelming, chaotic, frightening, or out of our control, the best response, based on courageous wisdom, is to release the circumstances. This is not always easy, but it can be done. This exercise will help you give form to your feelings and provide you tools for surrender.

What Causes & Stops Panic Attacks? Understanding Agoraphobia and PTSD

What Causes & Stops Panic Attacks? Understanding Agoraphobia, Panic Attacks, and PTSDSomeone with panic disorder does not know how to turn off the false alarm process once it gets going and must endure a terrifying experience of unknown duration, even if there is nothing apparent to fear. We all take in squintillions of units of information daily. Our brains have to filter data so that we can conduct some what rational lives without being overwhelmed.

Diving into Our Fears and Overcoming Them

Diving into Our Fears and Overcoming ThemMy first spiritual teacher told me a phrase that echoed in my head for months; “You don’t know what love is because you’re stuck in your fears. Face your fears and you will begin to know what love feels like.” I sat with these words, realizing how many fears controlled my life and my happiness. I had never realized how afraid I was deep inside...

How To Get Your Stress Levels In Check

How To Get Your Stress Levels In Check

Personality undoubtedly influences people’s experience of stress. Those who have perfectionistic tendencies (obsessional) and those with a tendency to put the needs of others ahead of their own or seek the approval of others (dependent) are particularly vulnerable to stress. Having these personality traits is not a bad thing...

You've Got to Believe Me

You've Got to Believe Me

Are you worrying about how something important to you will turn out? I know the answer. You’ve got to believe me. I see so many people stuck, confused, or fearful about what will come next. Eventually they somehow handle their issues, and the universe gives them a hand with the details...

Freedom From Fear

Freedom is such a powerful word, yet do we really know what it means? For years freedom was tied to the concept of slavery... having the right to have no one 'own' you. In Civil Rights, freedom meant being able to be considered equal to all others regardless of race, color, or gender. Then as the women's movement got into swing...

Prepare and Let Go

Many of us worry about some big things that are yet to come or might never come. We worry about finances, natural disasters, emer­gencies, terrorism and acts of war, health, and aging, among other things. Some things we have a capacity to prepare for...

Failure of Security

by Mariana Caplan. We want life to be secure as much as we want our plans and expectations to work out. We want to live happily-ever-after. We want life to conform to our wishes, to make us happy, and to protect us from human suffering. In the end, we want life to protect us from itself, and the idea of security offers us that false consolation.

Afraid of Fear?

If you'll pardon the levity, most of us are afraid of fear. We think it's a bad thing. Because so many of our experiences with fear have been negative, we fail to see fear as positive or useful. It is both. Let me repeat: Fear is positive and useful.

Discovering Resiliency

Worry has an anxious and unfocused quality. It skitters subject to subject, fixating first on one thing, then on another. Like a noisy vacuum cleaner, its chief function is to distract us from what we really are afraid of. Worry is a kind of emotional anteater poking into all corners for trouble.


There are so many ways that we can apply courage in our lives. Courage to speak one's opinion, to stand up for what is right, to face tough issues head on, to pick oneself up after an injustice, and to not necessarily do as everyone else does. Courage to be true to oneself.

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